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Disneyland Mountaineer in Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

Disneyland Mountaineer172 (20)

Win the gold pin badge on the Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain

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Achievement won on 25 Jan 15
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Posted on 14 February 12 at 14:29, Edited on 07 December 15 at 17:58
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Win the gold pin badge on the Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain

I will confirm this when it unlocks for me (I currently have Matterhorn and Big Thunder completed)

To get a gold pin badge on an attraction you just need to get 5 stars on each chapter of the attraction. You do not need to worry about the "secrets" or mickey coins for this achievement. see my achievement for Portal Master for information on the Mickey coins and secrets.

Solution for Portal Master in Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

Below here I will just outline what is needed for this achievement alone note getting Platinum will net you the gold badge as well but you only need gold for this achievement.

A "Pin Badge" is earned by the averages of your scores in the different chapters of the adventures and is easily displayed before you begin an attraction and at the end before you "exit to the park". The score consists of two main objectives that are tracked at the end of each level.

1.) Gain a "5 star" rating in the level
You gain stars by collecting the required number of coins in each level. (the stars will fill up as you collect coins so you can see your progress on that chapter while you are playing. getting this level in all chapters will earn you the gold pin at a minimum
Note if you are only going for the Gold pins and not the platinum you do not have to worry about collecting the Mickey coins. simply try and collect all the regular coins in all the chapters and get a 5 star rating in all the chapters to get the Gold level pin for the attractions. (i.e.) even if you get all the Mickey Pins/Coins but you have 4 stars on any one of the chapters the highest pin you will get is silver.

2.) Collecting all the Mickey shaped secrets/pins/coins
There are Mickey “secrets” or coins in every chapter of each adventure ride / "Attraction". Collecting them all will boost your pin rating from gold up to the platinum level. (As far as I can tell there are 10 Mickey Coins per attraction divided across all the chapters of that attraction.)

General Tip: The entire game can be played with two players, the 2nd player can jump in and out at will and not effect anything. However be careful that if you drop one player make sure your account is still signed in on the player that is still in the game. 2 players is helpful in most cases because the 5 star requirement does not change that I have noticed even if another player is gaining coins that go in the same account. This also makes attractions where you have to hit x number of targets or get all the dance moves as only one player has to achieve the task and it will count. If you are having trouble try and get someone to stand in and help you out.
I have not been able to confirm if it is possible to get 2 accounts the achievement at the same time however but it would be interesting to know. I will have a 2nd player signed in when i get my last badge but I’m not going to hold my breath. If someone wanted to test this out I would have both accounts signed in all the time while playing.

Critter Country

~ Splash Mountain ~

Chapter 1. Briar Patch and River

You will need a minimum of 2 play thoughts of this attraction. there are two path choices and you need to complete each one “Without Failing” you will know if you have “failed” because the counter will no longer show up on your screen when you pass an obstacle. Note: everything including the water puddles and rocks that are thrown at you will cause your streak to end. also hitting obstacles will cause you to fail. (very annoying in the river portion of the level) so take care as the cut scene in the middle is at least 90 seconds long and un-skippable. gets old very fast. the river is the same every time so just try to memorize where things are. tricky parts are where fox is throwing little crap at you, you can knock these back at him but just be careful not to drift into the side of the river while swinging at them.

Mickey Coins (5)
1.) First path on left (on foot) you must navigate 28 obstacles “Without failing”
2.) Second left path (in the river) you must navigate 8 obstacles (including the crap fox and bear throw at you)
3.) First path on right (on foot, “Br'Er Rabbit's shortcut“) you must navigate 25 obstacles “Without failing” this side is a little harder and the obstacles are closer together.
4.) Second right path (in the river) you must navigate 13 obstacles (including the crap fox and bear throw at you)
5.) You will see one at the end in plain sight inside the cave no matter which paths you take or how much crap you hit.

5 star level: 27,000
The Left paths in both the patch and the river are longer and seem to have more coins, just take your time and try not to get hit by the obstacles as you will lose about 50 coins per hit (not to mention not getting hit is the main way to get Mickey Coins in this level

Chapter 2. Laughing Place

This chapter will also require at least 2 runs but it is not as long as the 1st one and much easier. The gates are easy to see and fairly wide with coins leading you to them
Mickey Coins (5)

“Left Run”
1.) 1st left path you must travel under 6 “Possum Gates”
2.) 2nd left path you will have to pass through 19 “Rock gates”

“Right Run”
3.) 1st right path you will have to “dodge” 4 of the alligators that attack you. The counter on this one is a little screwy as it doesn’t count every one of them so just keep going if you haven't been hit by any of them and you should get it.
4.) Just after the first group of Gators there will be a Goose waving at guessed it just wave back for this one
5.) 2nd right path you can take you will see the familiar “rock gates” same as the left path but you only need 10 of these gates Note: this counter will show up even if you already have this Mickey Coin completed. must be a bug as most others will not show the counter after you have completed a task even if you come back to it later)

5 star level: 29,000
There are 3 parts to this level, the 1st and 3rd parts are “falling” parts. just follow the coin paths and try to avoid the obstacles. the 2nd part is a floating barrel and oar scene. This is where you will get 90% of your coins. biggest part is when you start seeing the glowing mushrooms try to hit them all as they will give you most of the coins in this level


~ The Matterhorn ~

Chapter 1. Bobsled
Mickey Coins (4)
1.) The first Jump you come to that doesn't have a tree there will be a ramp on the right that will take you to the "upper" path. DO NOT TAKE THIS. stay to the left of this ramp and you will go down a little ice slide and there will be a Mickey coin in the middle of a tree you have to jump over
2.) Hit 10 Yeti with your snowballs
3.) Wave back at the mountaineers when they wave at you on your left side before you go down a drop
4.) Near the end of the level the left part of the path will collapse (goofy will fall this way) stay to the right side of the path (where the coins are leading past a Yeti) you will encounter more falling Ice columns. this Mickey coin will be in the middle of the path but a big Ice sickle will block your path so stay to the right or left and cut across behind it to get the coin.

5 star level:44,000
Make sure your focus is on getting the coins in front of you but when the Yeti start showing up throw your snowballs at them as they will give you coins when hit. I was getting around 39-40k until I figured out you can hit them with your snowballs then I was able to get 50,000 so it makes a big difference getting to that 5 star level. I don't think crashing makes you lose coins other than the ones you cannot pick up until your player has recovered.

Chapter 2. Snowball Fight
Mickey Coins (1)
1.) Hit 35 Yeti in one run, pretty easy as they don't move around much and there are way more than 35

5 star level:26,000
Just keep hitting Yeti with your snowballs, this is the only way to get coins in this level. Make sure you duck when they throw some at you because you will lose coins if you get hit.

Chapter 3. Ski
Mickey Coins (5)
1.) Make sure you have a lot of speed when you come to the first major jump (a Mickey snowman will be on the left side but you want to jump off the right side with the coins) This coin will be in mid air amongst a ring of regular coins you jump through.
2.) Take the first 2 rights at the forks and take a left on the next few. this should be on the path (I wasn't paying very good attention when I got this one so if someone could clarify this post that would help as I probably won't start a whole new game just for this one spot)
3.) Hit 7 of the Mickey Snowmen (there are more than 7 so don't worry if you miss a few, there's also a section set up like bowling pins where you can knock out 3 in a row)
4.) After the Mickey Snowmen in the big bowling pin group take every right path you can and this Mickey coin should be next to a rock wall
5.) complete 10 "Star Jumps". Goofy doesn't do a good job of explaining anything but a Star jump is when you jump and put your arms up in the air. I just put my arms in the air on every jump until I got this one. Also i don't think you crash if you pull it back so just hold it all the way through the jump. A on screen counter will keep track of your progress so you will know if you completed a jump successfully or not.

5 star level:44,000
This one gave me the most trouble of the Matterhorn chapters and it took me several runs just focusing on coins to finish it.
The key is knowing where the big jumps are as you can take it slow to grab all the ground level coins but you need a lot of speed built up to make the jumps long enough to get the airborne coins.
Also don't forget that you get coins for landing "Star Jumps" (just hold your arms up in the air after you jump until you land). Also every Mickey Snowman and Crate you smash will give you coins as well.


~ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ~
Chapter 1. Riding the Mine Cart
Mickey Coins (5)
1.) Jump to hit 3 birds with crates when they fly over you
2.) take 4 left paths
3.) Left side near end
4.) Wave to the cow/goat at the top of the mountain (Thanks !) - “ I'd like to point out that you have to slow down a LOT to be able to wave at that goat.”

5 star level:42,000

Chapter 2. Runaway Train
Mickey Coins (5) - “ all five Mickeys are clearly visible on either side of the track, as there are no alternate paths on this level. Just remember to reach out with your arm to grab them.”

5 star level:~42,000


--OOPS it appears I have overwritten my data for the Space Mountain Attraction. I will try to pop the game back in and see what I remember. If anyone has any information please let me know. Thanks!

~ Space Mountain ~
Chapter 1.
Mickey Coins (4)
5 star level:?

Chapter 2.
Mickey Coins (2)
5 star level:?
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