All Stages Cleared (Hardest) achievement in Earth Defense Force 2017

All Stages Cleared (Hardest)

Acquired after clearing all stages in Hardest mode.

All Stages Cleared (Hardest)-0.2
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How to unlock the All Stages Cleared (Hardest) achievement

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    EDF is one of my most favourite games of all time, it's just classic mind-destroying fun.

    But amidst all the craziness, we find 5 difficulty levels.
    This solution is for 'Hardest'.

    One thing you must 100% do is find STRONG weapons.
    Re-farming easy missions on the harder difficulties is needed.

    Depending on your playstyles, you may want to use the Lyzander Z sniper (Obtained after Level 45 on Insane) or the C70 bomb set, both of which do massive amounts of damage. Assault rifles aren't often useful until the very final models, and the shotguns are effectively useless. Turrets are often a lifesaver, avoid the acid/flame guns.

    CO-OP play is also needed, as playing single player allows you to be swarmed without hope of success.

    Don't be afraid to use suicide tactics; On certain missions, allowing your co-op partner to go crazy with Bombs and Turrets can be the only way to succeed, and in some cases, speed up Weapon/Health farming.

    5000+ HP minimum, 7000+ advised. Begin health farming early, to avoid too much of a slog later on.

    Always account for reload times with your partner. Nothing is worse than losing a mission nearly finished due too both of you needing to reload at the same time. Those pesky 20 second reload times can be crazy.

    Always give ground for reloading; Staying in one spot without a gun is gonna get you killed real quick.
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    The important point to getting the All Stages Cleared (Hardest) achievement is this: Get the big weapons and armour first.

    *Big Tip 1: Play the Spider cave (the one where you start at the top, and have to work your way down).
    At the small tunnel entrance where you start, throw Turrets, Explosives, from the platform you are on, and activate them (also use weapons which can shoot down and do damage, eg. the Assault Rifle with recochet bullets that deflect off wall or the acid gun). Since the Spiders are all below you (at first), just throw them and run back into the tunnel you start in and wait, so you can manage any of the Spiders that foolishly enter that narrow space. Detonate explosives at different times from when they're thrown down, to kill Spiders at different levels below you.

    If you have an explosive with a massive bast radious, then this place is PERFECT for it. If you have a co-op partner, have them stay at the other entrance to the narrow cave you're in. They can throw their stuff down to clean up even faster. Once your confident you can venture out, make your way down and you should see some juicy goodies waiting to be picked up. Keep in mind that the level will end if you kill the last spider, so avoid it while you go treaure collecting, then kill it.

    *Big Tip 2: Play the level where you only fight Robots (the one where it's evening time, you start next to a broken over-ground highway to your right and a lots of the buildings are leveled). Shoot the Robots with a powerful sniper rifle or a powerful rocket launcher. Try to level the buildings they walk behind and shoot them from as far as you can. This tactic works well and gives you space to avoid their attacks. Collect the stuff they leave behind.

    *Big Tip 3: Play the beach level where its evening time,and Robots invade by sea (the one where you start on a hill)
    Set up torrets near the edge of the hill to deal with the horde. Wait for them to come close then activate the torrets. Throw any powerful explosives, then fall back as far as you can, and they shoudn't be able to shoot you, but your turrets will be ripping them up. Try not to kill the last one and jump down the hill to collect the stuff.

    *Final Tip: Pay attention to where the enemies come from on each of the outdoor levels. They usually come in hordes in a set pattern. Throw your most powerful Explosive in advance, in the path of these hordes, then shoot the enemies with long ranged weapons, until the horde gets close enough for you to detonate.

    *Remember that higher difficulties give better stuff so try these levels on hard,hardest or inferno.
    Use these places to get some SERIOUSLY POWERFUL new weapon finds. Then you can use these strong weapons, along with your co-op patner (WHO YOU NEED) to do the rest of the Hardest levels.

    Good Luck and have patience...your gonna need both!
  • SecondHALONICKSecondHALONICK625,561
    23 May 2008 07 Oct 2008
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    If you are having trouble I hope this short little guide will come in handy.


    if you are having trouble beating any levels this is what you will need to do.

    Note:this game will take some time to get all of the achievements in, I reached 80 hours play time

    when you are playing the game on any difficulty when you kill enemies most of the time they will drop items (HEALTH,ARMOR,WEAPON,and MEGA HEALTH),
    every time you pick up Armor once and if you beat that level all of the armor you picked up get's added to the maximum amount of Health you can have. Each Armor pick up is 1 or 2 health points.
    The easiest level to get the largest amount of Weapons and Armor is the level titled "Assault". Every Walking robot drops 3 items when you kill them, So just do that level a couple of times to get Weapons and Armor which will Help out Majorly in harder levels.


    you can probably beat easy,normal, and hard mode if you are lucky by your self, once you get to hardest and Inferno its time for some help.
    Now whats you have good amount of maximum health and good weapons you can try some harder levels in co-op mode. Once in co-op mode I would suggest you come up with a strategy and not just run out and die. For example, player 1 will take out the enemies while player 2 takes out the holes and/or dropships. Its all about how you want to play it though.

    3. HAVE FUN
    If you are tired of playing the level "Assault" over and over again to get armor and weapons or just can't beat a level, then take a break. You don't need to get all stressed out about it. Just play in burst on time.

    Hope this guide will help you for all of your achievement needs. -SecondHALONICK
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