The Best There Is achievement in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

The Best There Is

Beat Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.

The Best There Is0
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How to unlock the The Best There Is achievement

  • Rogues83Rogues83190,600
    21 Nov 2011 21 Nov 2011 21 Nov 2011
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    I found that the easyest way to this was to raise the damage to max, lower the time to 30, & take a team of Sentinel with Sentinel Force (Bomb) assist, Vergil with Rapid Slash assist, & Hawkeye with Quick Shot (Greyhound) assist. Now with this team what I did was at the start of the match I would spam Sentinel's laser by hitting H, down H all the while using Vergil's assist when enemys got close & Hawkeye's when ther was a good distance between me & them usualy after 5 to ten seconds of this things would start to go South for Sentinel so I would swap to Hawkeye go into X-factor & spam Quick Shot (Greyhound) at this point if the enemys get to close the best option was to try and do a team aerial combo allowing me to swap to Vergil mid combo & instantly follow up with the Dimension Slash (QCF any 2 attack buttons) mid-air for maximum damage. When fighting Galactus the stratagy doesn't change much except to try & save on using X-factor until you've dispached the Heralds.

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    Emeryamerizoneexcellent guide, only problem i had was i was left with virgil at the end of galactus so just spammed his QCF + AA. fantastic :)
    Posted by Emeryamerizone on 26 Feb 12 at 21:37
    EastXYou should really add some paragraphs to this guide. It's a big wall of text.
    Posted by EastX on 12 Mar 17 at 22:21
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  • Chris PlusChris Plus162,441
    06 Jan 2012 29 Dec 2011
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    You can very often "PERFECT!" matches on Very Hard on your way through arcade mode by using Arthur. Gold Armor Hyper and then QCF+H to throw homing crossbows that lock down any computer opponent you face on any difficulty. It's a good idea to have an assist that can cover Arthur's exit from gold armor. In MvC3 vanilla, I used Sentinel's default assist just as the armor was about to break, to give myself time to change back into gold armor. X-factor lets you throw crossbows faster meaning if you're afraid you won't get two meters before you run out, you should use it.

    I haven't played much UMvC3 yet, so I don't know how Sentinel's damage is compared to what it used to be. He took care of Galactus after Arthur killed the two heralds, and I let my third character get the killing blow. (For the very hard clear player titles.)
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    ZerophymThis worked great along with the other solution's recommendation of setting amage to max and time limit to 30 seconds. Cheers!
    Posted by Zerophym on 10 Jul 12 at 14:40
  • GeoLotusGeoLotus63,033
    16 Nov 2011 15 Nov 2011 15 Nov 2011
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    Select Very Hard when playing Arcade Mode, play through all the matches then beat Galactus and the achievement is yours.

    A recommended team would be Iron Man>Dr. Doom>Chris. This is a projectile spamming team HIGHLY recommended for the galactus fight. When fighting the 2 shadow characters before Galactus, spam Uni Beam (QCF M) and they will go down easy. When fighting Galactus, you want to be in about the middle of the field, and spam your Projectiles (QCF M with Iron Man and Dr.Doom, QCF H with Chris). If he's about to use one of his huge attacks (He'll go into the background and start building power when he's about to use one) use X factor right before he launches it, it will negate all the chip damage you would have taken (Assuming you guard his attack). Use Iron Man's QCF L+M ultra when you have the bars to use it, just make sure he's not about to attack, otherwise you'll take a big hit.

    All in all, the hardest part is getting to Galactus, I recommend simply using your best team if the Projectile Spam team isn't working for you, then try to beat Galactus and if you lose, switch to the above team.

    NOTE: A great substitute for any of the above mentioned is Hulk, X factor+ Gamma Tsunami (QCF L+M Hyper Combo) will obliterate Galactus', or anyone else for that matter, health.

    Good luck.
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    CordoverJust want to add on here as well if I may,

    Change damage to High, And time to 30 second rounds.
    Makes it both quicker, and easier as you dont actually need to fight the entire thing, just need to make sure to do the most damage
    Posted by Cordover on 20 Nov 11 at 06:56
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