High-Score Hero achievement in U. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3

High-Score Hero

Earn 500,000 points in Arcade mode.

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How to unlock the High-Score Hero achievement

    15 Jan 2012 15 Jan 2012
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    I found a very easy way to get 500,000 points in Arcade mode. Using this method I unlocked 'High-Score Hero' on my first attempt on the day I bought the game. There is no detailed explanation or huge amount of skill required.

    Essentially you will be picking three laser spamming characters- Sentinel Force (Bomb) with Iron Man (Unibeam) and Doctor Doom (Plasma Beam) as support. Put the settings to: VERY EASY difficulty, INFINITE time and HIGHEST damage. In each match you will need to do four simple things in this order:

    1. Switch characters 6 times. This will get you 1500 Points a pop.

    2. Perform a Snap Back attack. This will get you another 1000 Points.

    3. If you manage to perform steps one and two without taking any damage (it takes a bit of luck), back away from opponent and spam Sentinel's H and low H laser beams coupled with either support's lasers until two out of three opposing characters are dead. If you do take damage, press Start and return to character select. You won't lose any points from previous fights by doing this.

    4. When your opponent is down to his last attacker and low on health, use X Factor for 2000 points and initiate a double or triple cross over combination to finish the fight.

    Repeat these four steps for the first 6 battles and you should get between 72,000 and 75,0000 Points per fight

    For Galactus, repeat steps one and three (not two) for the two enemies at the beginning. When Galactus himself comes out, here's what I did:

    Switch characters to Iron Man and head in as close as you can get. Activate X Factor and spam low L kicks until his health is about half way down. By this time your gauge should be level 3 or 4. Activate a triple cross over combination and Galactus should die.

    This method takes a lot of trial and error and luck. Galactus doesn't follow a strict fighting pattern so sometimes he might flatten or poke your Iron Man early. Keep trying and you'll eventually have him punch the middle of the stage with his fist three or four times, missing Iron Man. Providing you get a perfect in every match and don't forget to activate X Factor etc, you should have around 510,000-520,000 Points by the end.

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    IAmThatchWonderful tips for it. I didn't even do the snap backs as I'm terrible at them and still managed to get it. If you're having trouble, I chose to drop the damage option to just High so that I'd have to use more Crossover Assists to compensate for my inability to do snap backs. I also used Taskmaster instead of Sentinel.

    To share another strategy for Galactus which may make it easier for some--get into the rhythm with the heralds of holding Y with Taskmaster for a three arrow shot, doing that three times in a row, and then calling in Doom. Keep in that rhythm and you could very easily have three full hyper-combo bars before you have to even deal with Galactus, which means you can hit him right off the bat with the Crossover Combo, and have x-factor left over to beat on him with.
    Posted by IAmThatch#8279 on 24 Apr 13 at 09:07
    MAJIN BOOSHGreat solution. Thank you
    Posted by MAJIN BOOSH on 28 Apr 19 at 23:51
    UnholyHeadbangrI took a long time on Galactus trying to get advancing guards and high health but i ended up with 511K after finally pitching it through 1 and a half KOs . I was careful because i had a attempt before that with only 1 snap back each and finished at 495k Thanks
    Posted by UnholyHeadbangr on 25 May 19 at 06:03
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  • GeoLotusGeoLotus62,695
    16 Nov 2011 15 Nov 2011 16 Nov 2011
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    Annoying Achievement here. To get points, you basically have to apply every technique available. Meaning, using Advancing Guard, Crossover Assist, Crossover Counter, Aerial Crossover, Aerial Counter. All these things will contribute to your "Advanced Defense and Advanced Attack" stats when you earn points. Try to advancing guard constantly, and when you have the bars required, use Crossover Counter (When your guard shield comes up, press towards the opponent and hit the assist button, takes 1 special bar). Only attack by using assists (LB, RB) as it contributes greatly to your attacking points. If you're slick enough, you can always guard or Crossover Counter or Advancing Guard while never taking damage, this will give you MASSIVE points in the end.

    You are graded in this fashion;

    Stability (How much health you have in the end)
    Basic Offense (How many basic combos, specials, and attacks you performed)
    Basic Defense (How many attacks you blocked)
    Advanced Offense (How many Advanced combos, Aerial Crossovers, Crossover Assists, Crossover Combinations you performed)
    Advanced Defense (How many Advancing Guards, Crossover Counters, Aerial Crossover Counters you performed)
    Arcade Mode (The sum of all the above)

    The max in each category is 50,000, so if you played absolutely flawlessly, you would end up with 250,000 at the end of the match. Meaning 1,750,000 is literally the highest amount of points achievable in arcade mode.(This is nigh on impossible)

    A perfect win usually results in 60,000 points a match. With 6 Matches+Galactus, this will NOT be enough to get this achievement. So don't just try to perfect the opponent.

    You need to shoot for 80,000 points a match (You'd have 480,000 by the time you fight Galactus, and you will always get more then 20,000 points from that fight) This can be VERY tough and VERY tedious.

    Okay to go into some detail about earning points;

    Earning a perfect will give you 50,000 in the Stability Category, however getting hit just once will immediately drop you to 20,000, and keep lowering the more you get hit.

    A Crossover Combination is worth 2,000 points in the Advanced Offense category (Note:It does not matter if it was a 2 person or 3 person combination, still worth 2,000 points)

    Using X Factor is worth 2,000 points in the Advanced Offense category.
    (As this is once per match, that means 14,000 points per Arcade Run)

    Successfully landing a Snap Back is worth 1,000 points (Maximum of 2 times per match, so 4,000 a match and 28,000 per arcade run)

    A Crossover assist is worth 250 points in the Advanced Offense Category (This can be earned a maximum of 24 times per match, so 6,000 per match and 42,000 per arcade run)

    A Crossover Counter is worth 2,500 points in the Advanced Defense Category (Making this the most point efficient use of your hyper gauge bars, however it can only be done 2 times per match, so 5,000 points a match, 35,000 points per arcade run)

    An Advancing Guard is worth 650 points in the Advanced Defense Category

    Switching out your character is worth 1,500 points (This can only be earned 6 times per match, meaning you can earn 9,000 points per match, and 63,000 points per arcade run just from switching out!)

    Obviously Very Easy mode is the right choice when aiming for this achievement.

    Make sure you choose infinite time to insure you have enough time to farm your points.

    This guide assumes you know how to perform the advanced mechanics of the game, if you do not check out the other guides or send me a message on Xbox Live and I will be glad to try and assist you.

    All information in this guide was gathered from me studying how the points are awarded, no outside sources used.

    This is a tough one, takes some time but it's worth it. As of 11/16/2011 only 5 people have over 500,000 points, so getting this puts you on the front page of the leaderboard! Good Luck.
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    TryDodgingThisvery nice very nice indeed i shall be reading this at home and winning :D
    Posted by TryDodgingThis on 12 Jan 12 at 09:17
    Ferrara316Successfully landing a Snap Back is worth 1,000 points (Maximum of 2 times per match, so 4,000 a match and 28,000 per arcade run)

    Wouldnt that 2,000 per match?
    Posted by Ferrara316 on 25 Jan 13 at 14:15
    I just got this on my first try using a defensive method, put it to Very easy,game time on inf and damage on lowest... Now you won't kill the AI to quick, I did 2 snap backs per match, 6 changes, 4-5 team aerial combos, 2-3 cross over counters, use Xmode and did a cross over hyper combo finish ( where you call in partners at same time ) and so many advanced gaurds I couldn't keep count... Lowest round score was 82k, highest was 91k.. I had the 500k achievement before I even met galactus.... Final score of 539,535. Rank 78 on leaderboards, Its not a great rank or score, but it gets the achievement done.

    Just putting this out there, as it may be a easier option to some people then going for perfects at same time as snap backs etc.
    Posted on 21 Jan 15 at 02:22
  • Faux News 79Faux News 79230,968
    04 Oct 2012 04 Oct 2012
    8 0 0
    I used this video and got the achievement on my first try. By the way, I'm terrible at this game, so it really doesn't take much skill to get this achievement. This is not my video. All credit goes to KrzyZero on Youtube.
    17 Nov 2011 17 Dec 2012 23 Feb 2013
    4 0 1
    This achievement is actually alot easier than breaking down all the ways to earn points in a match. All you really have to do is just block and advancing gaurd the whole match, when you reach the point where you have no life left just finish off the cpu before you die. Nothing fancy just block every attack for as long as you can. Also infinite time should be enabled so you can get the most points out of every round.
  • ScottyC87ScottyC87125,527
    28 Nov 2011 28 Nov 2011
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    I got this pretty easily actually

    My team was Hulk (easy snapback combo)
    Doctor Strange with his Alpha assist
    Doctor Doom with Plasma Beam

    Snap Back the first character, air combo to your 3rd, team hyper combo while in x factor and make sure you get perfects!
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