Master of Tasks achievement in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

Master of Tasks

Clear 480 missions in Mission mode.

Master of Tasks+0.8
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How to unlock the Master of Tasks achievement

  • IHeartParamoreIHeartParamore1,161,724
    04 Feb 2012 10 Feb 2012 10 Feb 2012
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    The purpose behind me writing this guide is to essentially share some little hints and tips I learned along the way to getting the achievement and to also share the sources of information I used to help me get through each mission.

    So firstly, here are a couple of links:
    VesperArcades UMVC3 videos:

    This has a link to a video for each character, showing all 10 missions being completed, and you can also hear and see the timing of his button presses which helps tremendously. I use a controller, not a stick and it still helped me. So it will definitely help you.

    Mission mode discussion/help/tips etc
    This is a thread full of helpful hints and tips that people have shared whilst going for the achievement etc (even i've contributed a couple of little tips). The OP doesn't seem to have continued to keep the first posts up to date with all the additional info, but if you can't find tips for the missions you're after in his first posts, just use ctrl+f and check all 3 pages with that. There's A LOT of information in that thread, and believe me I wouldn't have gotten this achievement without it.

    Ok now i'll just go over a couple of tricks that are essential to completing some missions:

    Tiger Knee cancelling
    Essentially this is where you cancel a move with a jump, so that you can perform it quicker. So for example, you want to do viewtiful joe's " Air Desperado" hyper, which is "D, D+F, F + ATK ATK" while in the air. But, you want to do it on a grounded opponent. This means you want to do it as close to the ground as possible. The way to do this is by performing the tiger knee technique. All this means is instead of ending the stick motion at F, you follow through to U+F. Basically you're buffering the hadouken motion into a jump, then the split second you see Joe leave the ground you hit 2 attack buttons and the hyper connects. This technique is vital in many missions as a means to OTG with Spencer and Phoenix etc. There are some cases when you want to use the Tiger Knee technique to cancel a launcher into a move, in this case you want to perform the tiger knee motion but at the same time perform the move before the character leaves the floor (examples of this being Strider mission 8 and Magneto Mission 10).

    Using X Factor to your advantage.
    Some missions are rather difficult, however can be made easier by completing it with X Factor activated as it increases the window you have to perform the combos. Dr Strange #7 has a really tight link towards the end. I was trying it for well over 10 minutes, then suddenly realised I could just use X Factor, did, and completed the mission first try. Strider #9 only took me 5 minutes because I completed it with X Factor active. I feel Deadpool #10 and Iron Fist #10 would have been impossible for me without the use of X Factor also.

    Don't mash buttons.
    I know this might sound redundant, but it's an easy habit to get into, and I was doing it a lot more than i realised as it kinda gave me a buffer for some of the timings, but it hurts a lot more than it helps on later missions. For example in Iron Man #10 after the air dash -> air M -> air H, you have to land and launch with S. I think I completed the mission 3 times but broke the combo because the animation for an air S started just before I hit the ground. Essentially, I was starting an air S and cancelling it into a standing S without realising because as soon as I landed the air H I started mashing the A button.

    Finally, just as a rough guide, here's an image of the missions I completed when I hit 480. This is just a little guideline for missions that might be worth avoiding. However it's worth remembering that different people are good and crap at different things. I for example am crap at jump loops, which is why I haven't done Akuma #10, Wolverine #10 took me over 3 hours, and I only did Felicia #10 with the X Factor trick. Other people might find them easy but suck at combos with random dashes in. My point is, it's advisable to try and play to your strengths. Also, don't be intimidated by a mission objective and give up on it before you've really tried. Ammy #10 for example has the same move I think 6 times in a row, and the combo in general just looks a lot more complex than it is. Infact I think I completed that combo before i'd hit the 400 missions complete mark.
    External image

    So yeah, please leave comments/feedback. A thumbs up would also be nice, and if you fancy giving me a thumbs down, please explain why so I can improve my guide.

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    IHeartParamoreAny missions in particular?
    Posted by IHeartParamore on 22 Mar 19 at 10:26
    FrogDog001Man going back to this is rough since I never got the dlc characters. Right now I'm working on X23 mission 9 and it's such a big struggle. I don't even know if it'd be easier with a fight stick
    Posted by FrogDog001 on 16 Sep at 21:37
    IHeartParamoreIt's down to what you're used to. I would barely be able to do any of them with a fight stick. I did them all with a d-pad because after 20+ years of playing fighting games with one I found that easiest.
    Posted by IHeartParamore on 17 Sep at 06:55
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  • SkepticTheGreatSkepticTheGreat412,296
    20 Sep 2013 20 Sep 2013 26 Dec 2013
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    The existing guides for this achievement and are excellent. This is just a corollary. I will point out what I think are the most important things in acquiring this achievement. I found these missions much, much harder than MvC 3 (Vanilla). They’re longer, timings are stricter, some combos require you to do things that are not clearly mentioned in the notation, plus you have to complete so many missions (480 versus 320 in Vanilla)…

    Byakokoko has OUTSTANDING videos which walk you through 17 different characters. He pauses mid-combo, and has text annotations explaining what to do. Very helpful. Thanks to that channel, I was able to finish several tough(er) characters. **I have linked Strider Hiryu's mission mode at the bottom, follow his channel to get the rest of the characters.** There are also excellent text-based guides on the x360a and PS3 trophies pages.

    Vesper Arcade’s Youtube videos are great; this alone wasn’t enough to get me to 480. They’re excellent for observing timings and execution of missions, but they don’t explain things in-depth.

    *Something that really helped me was viewing missions on Infinite Looper While this may seem odd or redundant, it is a good thing for setting a mission mode video at the exact point that you want/need to see. Not to mention, it saved me a lot of time by not having to click back and forth through the segments of a video on Youtube. Take the videos from Youtube and paste the link into the Infinite Looper website. You can then set the video to begin/end at points of your choosing.

    1) Do NOT button mash: Many people start out this way, myself included. Force yourself to break the habit. More often than not, it does more harm than good, as far as making combos whiff. Aside from (the few) combos/moves that require mashing, e.g., Dante 9/10, Vergil 10, it is not advised.

    2) Controller or Fight Pad: There seems to be a big misunderstanding on this issue. Personally, I used a combination of a 360 controller and a Mad Catz Tournament edition fight stick to complete 480 missions. 60% stick, 40% controller... Missions can be done with either or both. If you don't own a stick, don't think you have to buy one to hit the 480 mark. I will say that I found some things easier on a controller and some on a stick. Per example, Viewtiful Joe 8 and 10 took me two hours of practice on a stick. I switched to my controller and got them easily. Modok 10 was tough on a controller, and easier with a stick. In the end, it comes down to preference and practice.

    3) Jill and Shuma-Gorath: Buying these two will allow you to skip twenty tough missions. Not only have these two DLC characters gone on sale a few times, they will save you hours upon hours. They’re well worth the cash. I can not fathom having to do Sentinel 10, X-23 9 and 10, amongst others. I was able to skip over them.

    4) Looking at the combo bar, as opposed to my character actually helped me on some missions. It will give you a sense of appropriate timing. Having said that, it’s important to note that different characters operate at different speeds. You need to adjust your combo execution accordingly.

    5) Similarly, some missions will require you to input a command without being able to wait for a visual cue. Strider’s 9 is a good example. After the Formation B, you need to follow through with the Standing H and the Gram L right away. You cannot wait to see the formation B. Acclimatize yourself to this concept, as it does occur on a few missions.

    6) These are the combos that I skipped: Morrigan 10, Dante 10, Chun-Li 10, C. Viper 10, Akuma 10, Jill 10, Strider Hiryu 10, Firebrand 10, Captain America 10, Deadpool 10, Doctor Doom 10, Super-Skrull 10, X-23 9 and 10, Modok 9, Phoenix 10, Magneto 9, Taskmaster 10, Sentinel 10, Shuma-Gorath 10... Almost all of these combos (save Dante and Taskmaster), have very tricky inputs and/or timings (in my personal experience). I would say this is a good rubric on which combos to skip, but as 'IHeartParamore' pointed out, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Find what suits your play style.

    7) My pick of the easiest/hardest characters (from the ones I attempted):
    *EASIEST: Nemesis T-Type, Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, Zero, Tron, Hsien-Ko Iron Man (#8 has a tricky air juggle, the rest is easy), Nova (#8 has two tight links: After the last Centurion Rush H, remember that it's a two-hit attack. Input the Air H right after he hits with the second attack. Following that, You need to input the Air Super Nova VERY quickly, or the combo will reset.)

    *HARDEST: She-hulk (irregular moves and some things have to be inputted when you can't see your character, i.e., after a hyper animation), Spider-Man (8, 9 and 10 have sections with tight timings. I will admit: I TOTALLY lucked out on 10. It worked after a few attempts. Overall, I would advise skipping this one), Strider Hiryu (Tight timings), Rocket Raccoon 9 and 10 (similar to She-hulk, you have to input a dash command after recovering from his hyper combo. The Oil Bomb also has a tight timing window), Viewtiful Joe (8 and 10 took me forever). I think Joe's are the hardest of the ones I tried. The problem is that you can not buffer attacks with him--the same as Chun-Li. You need to hit the Air M Red Hot Kick right on time, and IMMEDIATELY cancel into the Air H Red Hot Kick).
    Pay very close attention to the timing of the ultimate attacks and the X-Factor at the end of the combo. C. Viper (8). The Air Dash proves annoying. After you get the timing down, the three attacks at the end of the combo require very precise timing.

    The rest of the missions fell somewhere between easy and hard for me. If it's a character's combo(s) that other people skipped on their respective guides, e.g., Sentinel 10, X-23 9 and 10, Captain America 10, Super-Skrull 10 and so on, it's probably for a good reason. Look into this and decide where you want to skip and where you want to strive to finish a mission. Also, as mentioned by others, there are a few tricks that can make otherwise difficult missions easier. Phoenix Wright's 9, Iron Fist 10, Amaterasu 9 and 10 are just a few that come to mind, regarding tricks to lessen the load. Details are on the x360a Mission Mode thread linked above.

    Lastly, keep at it. Do a little each night. Once I cleared 8 missions with everyone, my goal was to complete 2-3 missions a night. Some nights I did more, some less. Pace yourself. Use the online resources and study difficult combos in-depth.
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    FEAR EPIDEMICThanks Skeptic. Got it done because of your awesome guide.
    Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 16 May 16 at 03:34
    SkepticTheGreatYou're welcome. smile Big congrats on your achievement. You deserve it.
    Posted by SkepticTheGreat on 26 May 16 at 05:16
    FEAR EPIDEMICThanks again man. Couldn't believe it when I did it. toast
    Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 28 May 16 at 02:06
    24 Sep 2012 17 Dec 2012
    4 1 0
    One thing to keep in mind while doing amaterasu and vewtiful joe trials is that you can x factor to make a couple of them easier but you can also use their slow down time abilitys before you start the combos to help with some of the more difficult ones.
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