All Stages Cleared (Inferno) achievement in Earth Defense Force 2017

All Stages Cleared (Inferno)

Acquired after clearing all stages in Inferno mode.

All Stages Cleared (Inferno)0
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How to unlock the All Stages Cleared (Inferno) achievement

  • SoulEngineerSoulEngineer414,012
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    EDIT: randomly checked my solutions and this link is broken
    youtube playlist:
    new link:

    Not my videos, but "matrixandraia" has recorded how to solo every level on inferno. It will at least give you insights on how to approach each level and what weapons to use.

    On some of the later levels, you COULD solo it by yourself, but sometimes it is a LOT easier if you just have a second controller around to fire off sets of ZEXR guns.

    For level 32 and 37, I found the Stampede XM and ZEXR-Guns very useful. (Stampede takes out a lot from far away, and ZEXR mops up.)

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    Donietscheapparently there's no real health/stamina cap. Some people speculate that it could be around 50k+ (!) which is the max amount of stamina/health that can be assigned in the "battle" game mode. Other than that, there are many reports of people who farmed way past 10k.

    The only drawback is that your counter will be kinda unreliable past 9999 (once you get hit), but you should still have your stats fully in force.

    I'm missing 3 missions on Inferno right now (wrath, inferno and the last one), sitting around 8.5k health/stamina and I can confirm that probably anything short of 9k+ won't do for these missions, unless you have a second ACTIVE coop player.

    Even by using a second controller to drop turrets, you'll need that much health at the very least (and a bit of luck with drops) to survive up until the very last wave (on wrath) or to take down the UFOs and the giant ants on Inferno.

    I've got to the UFOs on Inferno a few times, but I always fell short because I'm still way too squishy, so yeah... for those levels you need to aim to 9k+ AND use a second controller for turrets. Some people made it through the level in full solo mode, but aside from the boosted stats (past 9k) they will also admit that luck did play a huge role in their runs, so the bottom line is get used to playing coop... solo with a second controller if you can. 6 additional turrets are a HUGE assets.
    Posted by Donietsche on 30 Jun 19 at 23:40
    DadmixCheers thats good info and gives me hope I will complete it.
    Thanks loads for the time you took out to reply.
    Posted by Dadmix on 01 Jul 19 at 08:45
    Donietscheno worries, after all we're all trying to get this done, so the more we share ideas and info the better. Meanwhile, I've gone past 9k (around 9.2k). I died on Inferno with 3 enemies left (the mandatory red guards; I've almost thrown the controller out of the window), so I'm back to farming.

    On the final stage the promising strategy seems to be a dual lysander on the main character (for a fast switch), plus turrets on the second player. I died, once again, because I could have used a few more health points.

    The bottom line here is: before getting insanely frustrated because you almost beat the level (and you died while rushing a health pack), build up your hp. Grind Inferno on normal (if you didn't know already), keep one of two Ufos alive: the number of enemies/drops and the frequency of spawn is better than what you get on mission 8 (which is the favorite farming point of many players).

    Also, I've tried the c70 (plus a weak rocket launcher) strategy on "Wrath" (recommended by some players on other forums). If you place the c70, and then shoot yourself in the air (think of a rocket jump) you have a good amount of invincibility frames. You can then detonate the c70 (fast switch while in the air) without taking damage.

    Mind you, in some cases I still got damage from the c70 (which is an insta-death ofc), but I assume it's due to the fact that sometimes the game registers the damage from spiders/their webs in "funny" ways (for instance, you may have noticed that spiders can shoot through walls... that's an unfixed glitch).

    the weak rocket launcher of course is recommended because you'll take less damage when rocket jumping.

    It may work for some players (test it out, maybe it will seal the deal for you), but honestly for me the turret strategy (with a second player used as a dummy) worked better so far even if I haven't beaten the level yet. At least I see improvements amidst the constant setbacks. I've finally made it to the third wave (and then failed) more than a few times, so that's progress!

    Wrath in my opinion is by far the hardest level of the entire game on Inferno, and there's a ton of luck at play. Even if you place your turrets correctly, it only takes a couple of spiders to ruin your chances.

    So, keep the faith: It's doable but you have to commit to grinding/experimenting different strategies.

    EDIT: after writing this message, I've decided to give it another go. Inferno and Wrath done, only the last mission left and then it's done!

    For Wrath, the XM Stampede plus ZEXR on the main, and two sets of ZEXR on the second player, as suggested by this solution, is definitely the way to go. You need a bit of luck and strategy with the timing of the resupplies once the turrets run off of bullets.

    For Inferno: dual Lysander Z on the main, turrets on the 2nd player. Ideally you will end up with only one Hector before the UFOs. Snipe him (try to have almost two fully loaded rifles when dealing the final blow) and when the UFOs appear quickly snipe them (alternate between the two Lysander quickly). Then place the turrets, and try to keep the turret supplier alive as much as possible. Getting to the final section with both players is of the essence imho.

    If you need any advice for any other level, please let me know, I'll be glad to contribute with ideas and personal strategies while the memories are still fresh.
    Posted by Donietsche on 01 Jul 19 at 09:35
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  • SecondHALONICKSecondHALONICK622,026
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    If you are having trouble I hope this short little guide will come in handy.


    if you are having trouble beating any levels this is what you will need to do.

    Note:this game will take some time to get all of the achievements in, I reached 80 hours play time

    when you are playing the game on any difficulty when you kill enemies most of the time they will drop items (HEALTH,ARMOR,WEAPON,and MEGA HEALTH),
    every time you pick up Armor once and if you beat that level all of the armor you picked up get's added to the maximum amount of Health you can have. Each Armor pick up is 1 or 2 health points.
    The easiest level to get the largest amount of Weapons and Armor is the level titled "Assault". Every Walking robot drops 3 items when you kill them, So just do that level a couple of times to get Weapons and Armor which will Help out Majorly in harder levels.


    you can probably beat easy,normal, and hard mode if you are lucky by your self, once you get to hardest and Inferno its time for some help.
    Now whats you have good amount of maximum health and good weapons you can try some harder levels in co-op mode. Once in co-op mode I would suggest you come up with a strategy and not just run out and die. For example, player 1 will take out the enemies while player 2 takes out the holes and/or dropships. Its all about how you want to play it though.

    3. HAVE FUN
    If you are tired of playing the level "Assault" over and over again to get armor and weapons or just can't beat a level, then take a break. You don't need to get all stressed out about it. Just play in burst on time.

    Hope this guide will help you for all of your achievement needs. -SecondHALONICK
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    The DeadlySpawnIf you have trouble with the harder levels, have a friend play with you in co-op, but make sure he hangs back and stays alive. Snatch the controller out of his hand when and if you die. It's like having 2 lives, and hey, you're better than him, right?
    Posted by The DeadlySpawn on 29 Sep 10 at 03:45
    HateMondaysWhat i've found easiest is to complete every level apart from one on every difficulty and only complete that one on easy, by the time you have done that you should have every weapon or nearly so when you come to do the harder difficulties for that mission you have a choice of decent weapons.

    Granted it takes some time (some levels are much easier in co-op than others) but its worth doing it.

    The only problem with that is you could have every achievement appearing on the same day which may look suspicious but thats the way i've done it and now i only have this achievement left to get.
    Posted by HateMondays on 07 Aug 11 at 04:31
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