Mega Good achievement in U. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3

Mega Good

Surpass the 6th rank of any class.

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How to unlock the Mega Good achievement

  • WEBHEAD 7WEBHEAD 7451,365
    11 Jan 2013 10 Jan 2013
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    Once you move passed the rank of Fighter in ranked online matches, you'll be called a certain type of fighter based on whatever it is that you excel in.

    Stability - Lord
    Basic Offence - Ranger
    Basic Defense - Guard
    Advanced Offence - Scout
    Advanced Defence - Judge

    You'll start at the 9th rank of one these types. Simply continue to play ranked matches getting win streaks and excelling in your type until you reach the 6th rank of it... 6th Lord, for example.

    There is a progress bar under your rank and type so you can see how close you are to ranking up.

    If you're trying to boost this but are having trouble being matched with your boosting partner, just both change the locale on your consoles to a different country where there's likely to be less people playing this online.

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    WEBHEAD 7the progress bar definitely goes down if you go on a losing streak. lose enough, and you'll find yourself ranked right down to fighter again... pretty sure you lose rank even quicker for losing to people who are a lower rank than you. this doesn't permanently f up the achievement or anything,, you'd just have to rank all the way back up again
    Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 24 Jan 13 at 02:45
    Brenin WatsonAwesome, thanks. :)
    Posted by Brenin Watson on 24 Jan 13 at 06:54
    DmCTHREE6Yeah, if you're boosting this it takes about 80 to 90 wins to unlock this if both players start at beginner rank. It took me 85 wins.
    Posted by DmCTHREE6 on 18 Jan at 16:44
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  • R ShobuR Shobu48,570
    10 Aug 2013 10 Aug 2013 30 Aug 2013
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    First off, I'm not a pro at this game. I just learned to play the game overtime, watched how others played, and got the experience I needed to win. I spent a total of 50 hours online, and 119 hours offline on this game until I got the achievement. That's a lot of time, I know. But for some people it might be easier depending on your history of fighting games.

    Since the Rank system has already been explained here, I'll just jump in and give you some tips I used to get this achievement.

    1. The difference between online and offline
    I played this game offline with my brothers and friends. Then I jumped into online, and I found myself getting my ass kicked. Why? Because online suffers from lag (also because I was outmatched 60% of the time). You have to get used to it, and you will have to pay a price. You will notice that your combos will be dropping, your special moves won't execute, and blocking mix-ups will be near impossible. You have to understand that some characters are better for lag than others:
    Hulk, Wolverine, Wesker, Vergil, Sentinel, Doom etc...

    Some characters are incredible offline, but suffer offline due to execution:
    Dante, C. Viper, Magneto, etc....

    Not because Dante suffers from lag greatly doesn't mean that you can't be a decent player with him online. It just means that it will require a lot more work playing with Dante than, say, Hulk.

    2. Learn the game
    By learning the game, I mean learn everything. Learn how to play your characters, learn how OTHER characters play so you can develop a counter strategy, and most importantly, learn how to play intelligently. Understand that some characters are better played offensively, and others defensively. Learn to Snap Back, Team counter, and most importantly learn to call assists at the right time. Do not call an assist randomly as it can result in a "Happy Birthday" where both your characters will be caught in the same combo (1 free character dead!).

    **Make sure to go to Youtube and look up tutorials, combo videos, check out the guides at Shoryuken, and spectate on lobbies.**

    3. Be unpredictable
    By unpredictable, I don't mean random. You have to play intelligently at all times. An example of a predictable player would be a Dante player who just teleports and uses the S attack. Or a Hulk player that abuses Gamma Charge, and his standing H attack. These can easily be punished. To play unpredictably is to play smart. Don't let your opponent get into your head. Change your method of approach, and your method of defense. Example: you play a character that teleports, and your opponent already predicts you always teleport behind him. Mix it up a little and teleport in front of your opponent. Your opponent won't expect it, thus you are playing intelligently.

    4. Know your opponent.
    When you play Ranked matches, you have some options:

    Region: Same/Any
    Rank: Same/Any

    ALWAYS, select Rank: Same. If you select "Any" chances are you will be paired up with an experienced player more often than a noob player. If you select Rank: Same, your chances of getting matched up with the same person over and over are fairly big since. If you keep getting matched up with a person that out classes you, then don't fight. No matter if that person insists, DO NOT fight. Losing will deduct rank points. If you go on a losing streak, you will rank down eventually. Just play against players you have never played against, players you know you are going to win against, and players you have a 50/50 chance of beating. Never fight if you have a higher chance of losing.

    If you find a person that you are most likely to win against, fight them. If they won't learn that you can clearly out class them, it's their problem.

    5. Don't get frustrated
    This can be very hard for some people, including myself. Some days you will just not be in your zone. When you start going on a losing streak, the best thing you can do is stop playing. Don't even go to training mode because by then you will already be in a mental state where winning is rare. This affects your performance greatly, and leads to more loses because you will be desperate to win, and you won't be playing intelligently.

    6. Never give up.
    By never giving up, I mean don't rage quit. Ever. This won't affect your win rate, or win streaks. But it will greatly affect your rank points. You will lose a big amount of rank points if you D/C, even by accident. So not only "try" to not rage quit, just "don't" rage quit. You are better off taking a loss than rage quitting.

    7. Win Rate
    If you manage to have a Win rate of at least 50%, you have a solid chance of making it to 6th Rank. Slowly, but solid. if you go below, just keep on getting those win streaks. Win streaks earn you more rank points. Losing streaks deduct more rank points, so try to keep winning.

    8. Stick vs Controller
    I play with an arcade stick, but everything I can do on an arcade stick, I can do on a controller. It's all about preference.
  • Bigli MezzanaBigli Mezzana69,274
    26 Nov 2011 26 Nov 2011
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    This achievement IS boostable. Both player should set their Xbox locale to the same region as each other, preferably one where the local timezone would be at around 2-3am. Then, one person creates a lobby with Region set to 'Same' and rank set to 'Any'. The other person then searches with Region set to 'Same' and rank set to 'Any'.

    Upon reaching Rank 7, trading wins might not be sufficient. Also, should one person lose enough times they can actually Rank DOWN, impeding progress. I wholeheartedly recommend that both players make a dummy account with a free xbox live gold weekend, and take the losses on that account. Progressing upwards against this account may be slow (not yet done but I'm predicting in the region of 50 wins if you start from rank 7 to 6 without losing) but it's the best method when boosting.

    Tried and tested with these parameters with thanks to Cordover. Every game we're setting up is matching us together within seconds.
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    I am SNAKE EY3SMy buddy and I boosted it last night and I got it with only two loses breaking up an otherwise 87 win streak
    Posted by I am SNAKE EY3S on 10 Jan 14 at 09:31
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