Killer Instinct achievement in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Killer Instinct

Get 500 ranked match kills in any mode.

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How to unlock the Killer Instinct achievement

  • M00SEM00SE454,886
    29 Jan 2010 25 Mar 2010 17 Jul 2012
    12 1 0
    The best way to boost the kills is with two people. Me and safelz got 90-ish kills each in a 30 minute game.

    Map: Lab Rats
    Meet in the centre chamber and throw a grenade at each other. You both get a kill and it goes pretty quickly. Don't stand to closely or you can kill yourself. Also make sure to throw at the same time or you won't be able to throw your grenade off in time.

    It will take a couple games to get to the 90 kills a game but once you do it goes quickly.
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  • BRITISHLEGION93BRITISHLEGION93217,200 217,200 GamerScore
    29 Jun 2008 08 Aug 2009 04 Feb 2018
    10 2 0
    Basically, create a match and get 100 kills a match with another person of 5 matches (100 kills MAX)

    It doesn't take that long to do.

    I almost forgot:- Make sure you set the time limit to 30 minutes.

    Before you give me a negative vote, please explain yourself why you did it and I will be more than happy to improve my solution. Thank You.
  • DaBIGWeaveDaBIGWeave303,793
    08 Jul 2009 05 Mar 2011
    6 1 0
    Best way to Boost the kills in this game if to find a dedicated partner since you will spend about 18 hours total to get the achievement for bot of you that 9 hours each to get the 2500 but for the 500 it should take 3 hours per person and the 100 kills wil take 30 mins

    then set up the game wit these settings

    Map: Lab Rats
    Time: 30 MIns
    Score: 0

    By setting the score to 0 you can obtain about 150 kills per match by doing it this way you also wont have to play as many matches

    Also for the weapons each player you should both choose the gewehr sniper rifle its a one hit kill with a head-shot and if you both pick it you will have plenty of ammo lying about.

    Leaderboards do not track your kills accurately so try to keep track yourself if possible

    Good luck on this time consuming achievement.
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,783,671
    29 Nov 2018 03 Jan 2019
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    I found the fastest way to boost this is with 4 players/ accounts, 2 idling and 2 going for kills. (thanks to boosting partner Healtti for discovering this way with me).

    Start up a Ranked deathmatch on Labbrats, time limit 30 mins (or shorter if you don't want to do half an hour), kill limit to 0.

    Have the 2 idling players/dummies standing on the 2 spawns downstairs, the 2 active players who go for the kills will go upstairs. There are 2 spawns pretty close to one another up here. The idea is to keep throwing grenades at each other. We would BOTH get about 210-230 kills every match, depending on how quick we got the dummies, set up, how quickly we kept respawning and throwing nades and on how often grenades would not kill us.

    Some tips:
    -You can throw grenades via the wall, to save some time every time.
    - There is a respawn glitch which lets you skip some of the 5 second countdown. Upon dieing, press cn_Y to swap character, then change character with cn_LSc, then spam cn_A. If you can't pull this off, it will often only work after 2 seconds (so respawning in 3 seconds...).
    -Try to avoid throwing the grenades near the pillars and the staircase. There are some invisible walls around the pillars. Besides, if the grenade is on a different altitude than you are (at the staircase), you might not die.

    With this method, you should be able to get the kill related achievements done for 2 players in about 12 30 minutes sessions, thus about 6 hours.

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