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A Star is Born

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How to unlock the A Star is Born achievement

  • dfs1402 GHBRdfs1402 GHBR220,245
    01 Jun 2012 23 Aug 2012
    7 1 8
    Similar to other games in the music genre, your performance is graded based on your score. The more points you get the higher your star count will climb. You can get a maximum of 5 stars per event. Each tier has 6 events (4 chants and 2 routines) for a total of 30 possible stars per tier. That boils down to getting 5 stars on EVERY event. This may seem daunting but each event is relatively short and you can play on easy if you like. Below is a list of the events and the score that I had when I got 5 stars. You may be able to get five stars with a slightly lower score than the reference one shown.

    Local (Tier 1)
    1)Defense Attack / 6385 points
    2)Let's Get Fired Up / 6408 points
    3)Shoot For Two / 6505 points
    4)Celebration / 30618 points
    5)Rebound that Basketball /6414 points
    6)That's The Way (I Like It) / 35685 points

    District (Tier 2)
    1)All Right / 6036 points
    2)Come On Let's Score / 5862 points
    3)Dribble Dribble / 14195 points
    4)I Like to Move It / 32403 points
    5)Knock'em Down / 6777 points
    6)Hollaback Girl / 23171 points

    State (Tier 3)
    1)Offense / 12938 points
    2)Action / 10758 points
    3)SINK / 6304 points
    4)Disturbia / 27798 points
    5)Big G Little O / 6480 points
    6)When I Grow Up / 27891

    Regionals (Tier 4)
    1)Be Aggressive / 12706 points
    2)Block Out / 6019 points
    3)Blue and White / 6943 points
    4)Mickey / 36626 points
    5)Color Shout / 13408 points
    6)Starstrukk / 33303

    Nationals (Tier 5)
    1)Hey Hey Can You Hear It / 12552 points
    2)Rowdy / 11683 points
    3)Block That Kick / 6950 points
    4)Just Dance / 26680 points
    5)Jump Up / 10614 points
    6)Shake It / 40,250 points

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    dfs1402 GHBRis not difficult, the game is glitch, stop playing for a day at least
    ps: give it a rest the game
    Posted by dfs1402 GHBR on 08 Jan 13 at 23:11
    SnipedByAGir1Shake It is just an all around nasty song. It took me forever. I recalibrated and everything, the tracking is just not good on this song. You really need to make sure you get perfect on the Blade Clap or you're eukered. Do the train it a few times and eventually you'll be so good and the dumb song it will decide to give you 5 stars ...
    Posted by SnipedByAGir1 on 25 Feb 13 at 17:20
    HiddenPrecisionI just finally FUCKIN DID IT with 39,447 points. That one damn move where you have to do a low X is the biggest piece of shit I swear. It never works only in practice mode.
    Posted by HiddenPrecision on 07 Aug 13 at 22:15
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  • XtowersXtowers528,060
    10 Feb 2014 10 Feb 2014 10 Feb 2014
    3 0 0
    First of all, F**K THIS GAME. Add this title to the list of terrible Kinect games. The overall game ratio might be rather small, but this game can be tricky. I don't think many people would complete it except that this final achievement is worth 200GS and to get it you only need to score just a little bit better on one song, but it is tough! Read on to see how I got it.

    Getting 150 stars is the most difficult achievement in the game. You need to 5 star each routine and chant, 30 total. You can at least 4 star every song in the game probably on your first try. Getting 147/150 stars is super easy, because you'll typically 5 star each event on the first or second try. Getting stars 148 and 149 may give you a little trouble, but they are do-able. For me, the Disturbia routine on easy and the Mickey routine on hard took more than a few tries (You can 5 star Mickey on easy, but this is probably the one routine you'll want to 5 star on hard for the other related achievement).

    The last star that was most difficult for me and everyone else was the fifth star on Shake It on easy difficulty. I read through the other solutions, but my problems weren't with my dance moves. I'm not a cheerleader or a professional dancer, but I can tell you that I was spot on for the majority of the moves which should have been enough for 5 stars. No, I think the problem was more mechanical and had more to do with the angle of the Kinect sensor than anything. Try this stuff out if you just can't seem to 5 star Shake It:

    You NEED to be able to get perfect ratings on your Blade Claps. You need the multiplier bonus a perfect rating grants and you need to use it for successive moves. You retain your multiplier as long as you don't miss a move. The problem with this song is pretty much any move that requires you to cross your arms in front of your body will be missed. The game just can't pick it up for some reason. So you need to start off a multiplier on your Blade Claps as soon as you can and you need to hold on to it for as long as you can. If you can at least perfect most of your Blade Claps and get an 'okay' rating on your other moves (green flash on your cheerleader) you should be okay.

    So what do you do if the game just will not pick up your blade claps? Here's where I messed around with the Kinect Sensor. I noticed that the Kinect was just not picking up my feet very well. On the camera window towards the bottom of the screen in the center I saw the Kinect was seeing my head, torso, hips, and upper thighs, but my feet seemed to be cut off a bit. So I took a thin object (had my checkbook handy) and I stuck it under the back of the Kinect sensor pedestal to tip it forward ever so slightly. Once I did this I started getting perfects on my blade claps. Not sure why it was just this song that was giving me trouble, but it worked for me. You may have to adjust yours more or less, up or down, but just keep adjusting until you can start getting perfects on your Blade Claps.

    One other thing I did was quit out the game and picked it up again a few hours later. I'm not completely sure, but I guessed maybe the game was lagging or running slow due to some cache-related issues. Perhaps the calorie tracking was overflowing somewhere or something. It may have helped me to calm my nerves and get a little rest, too, but I felt it helped just to give it a break. If you're getting nowhere, just turn off the Xbox and try again later. Also, for a fun little treat, dump your calories burned in to Kinect Playfit to get a little closer to this achievement:

    Kinect PlayFit150K Ultra MarathonThe 150K Ultra Marathon achievement in Kinect PlayFit worth 47 pointsBurn 10000 calories

    After all was said and done I burned 605 calories in Let's Cheer, which also counted for this one:

    Kinect PlayFitExplorerThe Explorer achievement in Kinect PlayFit worth 52 pointsBurn 600 calories in each of four Kinect games

    So there's that little extra incentive you might need. I hope this helps you brave lot who decide to attempt completing this game. It wasn't easy, but despite everything this was actually a quick game to complete 1000/1000. Here's a little parting screenshot to let you know it can be done:

    External image

    One other note: You can get 5 stars on any difficulty. Your rating will be the the highest star count for whatever difficulty you complete it on. Cheers.
  • HighT3chR3dn3ckHighT3chR3dn3ck955,255
    15 Aug 2012 15 Aug 2012 28 Oct 2012
    6 4 10
    This achievement is for getting 5 stars on every song in either 2-player coop or single player; training does NOT count. Also, all of it can be done on easy. However, if you're going for completion make sure to do the Mickey song on Hard in the third tier as this is the easiest routine to five star on Hard.

    All the cheers and most the routines are quite easy. However, there are a few that can be somewhat unforgiving. I found Disturbia to actually be the hardest routine as it was quite short and there was little room for error.

    If you're a musical person, the game does its routines in counts of eight. So you'll know where to hit and when to be where if you just count it out. There are a few routines with fully turning steps. Now, as somebody who knows how to count music I was able to figure out where to be and when to be there so these were not all that challenging for me.

    However, should you be having trouble and can't count music simply do a faux turn; as I experimented with this and it worked about 3/4 of the time. What this means is you turn only to the point of being sideways (whether left or right) then you turn back to face the Kinect (left or right). It can't particularly tell the difference between your front and back.

    As a professional dancer myself, here is a tip on how we learn routines. If you are having trouble with a routine just go to training mode. The best thing to do for anybody is to watch the routine once, pay close attention to the trouble spots, then replay the training and actually dance it out. Repeat those two steps until you feel ready.

    The second tip is to make sure your moves are extended. Another words you can't particularly half ass any of the steps. I was trying this for a while but it wasn't working. Once I got into the full extension of the steps I was getting a lot of perfects. If you're not exactly sure what I mean, go to a mirror and look at yourself. Do the Blade Clap slowly and feel what it is like to get a full extension. Arms all the way out, but not locked, any amount of "lock" of the joints will only slow you down. This would be the measure of "stretch" all your moves have. (This may sound rediculous but it works)

    The last tip is the Blade Clap is your biggest friend. Make sure you can get this move EVERY time as it is in almost every dance routine. This way you can get lots of points for this simple move and it's easiest to get the multiplier on.

    Other than that, good-luck.
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    MattiasAndersonDid Disturbia quite easy! lol

    The hardest for me was the first routine in the game so far. Probably because i had just started the game. dance
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 23 Jan 14 at 05:12
    ReaboDistrubia is a problem. I only get perfects on the clap. But the swinging arms and the swim moves never register. Any tip for this?
    Posted by Reabo on 11 May 14 at 20:27
    HighT3chR3dn3ckSorry that's all I got and it's been a while since I've played
    Posted by HighT3chR3dn3ck on 12 May 14 at 01:52
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