Heheh. Not bad. achievement in The King of Fighters XIII

Heheh. Not bad.

Perform 50 MAX Cancels (ARCADE, VERSUS)

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How to unlock the Heheh. Not bad. achievement

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    Best done in Versus mode, two controllers required.

    Notation notes:
    LP=Light Punch
    HP=Heavy Punch
    LK=Light Kick
    HK=Heavy Kick

    A Max Cancel is HyperDrive Mode Super Cancel into Neo Max Special move.

    Start Versus Mode, select a 1vs1 match.
    Select your characters, and a group of options will appear before the match starts, letting you alter the settings.
    For Player 1, or your Gamertag character, select the option:
    Level 5 P HD MAX. This will start you with a full HyperDrive gauge and 5 meter stocks.
    For Player 2, the dummy character, select the option:
    Level 1 HP 50%. This will start your opponent at half vitality.

    I'll use Terry Bogard as the example character, as his Max Cancel is fairly easy to execute.

    When you first start, move over to your opponent and punch him twice with HP to deplete his health a bit. This will guarantee that you get a KO when you hit with the Max Cancel.

    To enter HyperDrive mode, press LK+HP(Light Kick+Hard Punch). When you move, you'll see a streaming aura behind your fighter.
    Once active, the HD meter will deplete quickly.

    While in HD mode, use Terry's Buster Wolf Super Special Move.
    The notation is D,DF,F,D,DF,F+LK or HK
    If you're familiar with Street Fighter, that's two fireball motions

    Once the first hit of Buster Wolf connects, quickly input:
    D,DF,F,D,DF,F + LP and HP simultaneously to execute Terry's Trinity Geyser, which is Terry's Neo Max Super Special Move.
    You should cancel the second hit of the Buster Wolf into Trinity Geyser if done right, and MAX CANCEL will appear on the screen.
    Repeat 50 times, one the 1v1 setting this will maybe take an hour

    Additional notes:
    Choose 1v1 because it's easier to start with a full gauge for the 1st round and an easy KO for the second round. You can do this 3v3, but it involves a lot of meter building after the first round.

    Performing the MAX Cancel will also stack towards these two achievements, as you're using the Neo Max SSMs
    Hey!-Hit with 100 Neo Max Super Special Moves
    And the Final Blow.....-Perform 50 Neo Max Super Special Move finishes.

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    rjcarelloI couldn't get the timing right for this and gave up on Terry's MAX Cancel after dozens of attempts. I tried several other characters, and eventually discovered that this was pretty easy with Mai Shiranui:

    Same setup as above.
    Stand at starting distance from your opponent. (Like when the round starts)
    Press LK+HP to enter HyperDrive mode.
    Perform Mai's Super Special: D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F + LK
    Perform Mai's Neo MAX: D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B + LP + HP

    Number notation:
    Super Special: 2141236+LK
    NeoMax: 2363214+LP+HP

    Plain English:
    Super Special: Quarter-Circle Back, Half-Circle Forward, Either Kick
    Neo Max: Quarter-Circle Forward, Half-Circle Back, Both Punches

    The reason I find this one easier is because after your Super Special begins, you start moving towards your opponent, and that gives you time to start inputting the Neo MAX. Then you can just press both Punch Buttons when you connect. You can cancel into your Neo MAX after the first or second hit from your Super Special, so your timing window is also a bit bigger. I got this on my first try.

    Robert Garcia's Max Cancel also seemed pretty easy because you repeat the same joystick inputs for the Super Special and the Neo MAX. I was also able to get that one on my first try.

    Of course, different people find different things to be easier or more difficult, but I thought it would be nice to post a couple alternate suggestions that worked for me.
    Posted by rjcarello on 03 Nov 13 at 14:15
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