After all, you're just trash. achievement in The King of Fighters XIII

After all, you're just trash.

Get an SS at the victory screen

After all, you're just trash.+8.3
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How to unlock the After all, you're just trash. achievement

  • Faris HiltonFaris Hilton720,168
    01 Dec 2011 01 Dec 2011
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    I found an easier way to do this, which requires only 1 move and no cancelling or messing about.

    -Set the difficulty to very easy.

    -Make sure the timer is on 90 to get the max time bonus per round.

    -Select Arcade mode and select Kyo Kusanagi (First character highlighted in the character select screen).

    -Spam his half circle back HK move (Hurricane kick motion if you are thinking street fighter), Kyo will run towards the opponent and grab them by the throat before exploding his hand all up in their business.

    You will find that in the first match, the computer almost never blocks a single attack, so whenever you do the move and they hit the floor, just do it again, Kyo will begin running and by the time the computer gets up, they will get hit again and again etc....

    3 perfects and time bonus from selecting 90 seconds should get you a score of around 50,000 if I'm correct netting you the achievement in less than a min with minimum hassle.

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    Avaritia AurousThe only issue I have is that you say it is a 1/2 circle, which it is, but you also say that it is the same motion as the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku, but that uses a 1/4 circle. IMO you should remove that part 'cause all it did for me was cause confusion, however I have already upvoted your solution so do what you want.
    Posted by Avaritia Aurous on 15 Jul 12 at 19:09
    mike cupcakeyep all good except for the incorrect comparison to the streetfighter move
    Posted by mike cupcake on 28 Jul 12 at 21:14
    SanadaI was going to correct you about the Street Fighter thing as well, but it seems others beat me to the punch. laugh
    Posted by Sanada on 15 May 14 at 18:18
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  • SteelbathSteelbath71,283
    24 Nov 2011 25 Nov 2011
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    During a match, you're graded on five things: Life Bonus, Time Bonus, Perfect Bonus, Winning Steak, and Max Combo. If you get 400,000 (I believe that's the number) or more, you will be awarded with an SS rank.

    Here's what I did to get it:

    Set the game difficulty to "very easy"

    Picked Kim

    When the match starts, immediately do Kim's QCB+HK special, which almost always knocks them down.

    I then run up to time a crouching HP to hit right when they get up, and then cancel it into his QCB+HK. The computer almost never blocks it, or if they do, they don't punish it - careful to watch if they safe fall because you want to time this simple combo to hit them every chance you get.

    I only got one perfect (no "need" to shoot for perfects on all three)

    When I got enough meter, I went into DRIVE MODE and executed his NEO MAX super which hits (combos) 24 times - good for points.

    And I beat everybody reasonably fast.

    That's all it took, and it popped. You will gain meter extremely fast, so you will be able to land at least 2 or 3 NEO MAX supers. If you see the stuff at the top like "perform 3 jumps" - do it. Don't go overboard because you still want to beat them relatively fast, but doing a couple of them will build your meter really, really fast. Building meter fast = more NEO MAX/SUPER SPECIAL MOVES, which means quicker times and more perfects, if you aren't hit.
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