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Paper Beats Rock achievement in Halo: Reach

Paper Beats Rock

Defiant: Assassinate a player that just exited Armor-Lock in a matchmade game.

Paper Beats Rock0
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How to unlock the Paper Beats Rock achievement

  • TexasHONZTexasHONZ336,502
    13 Feb 2012 23 Nov 2011 12 Apr 2021
    44 5 17

    Play games, when you come to Defiant maps (Condemned or Highlands) now is your chance.

    I'd advise Condemned, it's got tighter spaces that make grenades and explosives more lethal which make people use armor lock more often.

    You want to toss a grenade or just wait for someone to go into a long armor lock. Maneuver behind them as best as possible, but stay back a little so your shield doesn't get EMPed. As soon as they come out of it, move in and hold the bumper. Hopefully you get the assassination and not a beatdown.

    Obviously it's better if you're in a 1 vs 1 duel so interlopers don't kill you as you wait, or you can try to come up behind a different 1 vs 1 duel. A lot of times when about to die, someone will toss a grenade and the other guy will go into armor lock if they have it. And since people tend to stick with their loadouts, keep looking for the same player once you know they're using it.

    A little luck, a little skill and looking for the right scenario.

    EDIT: It's somewhat complicated in that while in armor lock, you can move your cursor around the screen so that you instantly turn as you come out of Armor Lock. This can frustrate getting an assassination vs just a beat down.

    EDIT: Reach is now backwards compatible, I have not verified myself but you seem to no longer need it to be an assassination, a ninja will work as well. Melee from behind, not the animation.

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    J The AltruistLooking to boost before the service goes down.
    Gt: J The Altruist
    Posted by J The Altruist on 27 Feb at 20:06
    Spartan ChronosMessage me to boost this one.
    GT: Spartan Chronos
    Posted by Spartan Chronos on 11 Apr at 20:48
    audgattilooking to do this add me GT: audgatti
    Posted by audgatti on 03 May at 13:34
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  • LuminousOrdoLuminousOrdo275,718
    05 Apr 2014 06 Apr 2014 30 Dec 2018
    32 1 8
    This guide works as of (April 4th, 2016) and takes the updates and playlist changes into consideration.

    (THIS IS A BOOSTING GUIDE) - Because this can only be boosted to be honest.

    (WARNING) - You can get a CT ban for 2 days or 2 weeks for Idle controllers or not getting a single kill. I suggest all players have the (Make It Rain) achievement so CT bans won't matter.

    (PLAYER REQUIRED) (10 players) or (3 with multiple controllers)

    (PLAYLIST) ~Rumble Pit~

    (Step 1) First you have one player preferably a guy with the least controllers DELETE Noble and Anniversary Map Pack. EVERYONE ELSE MUST HAVE *Defiant Map Pack and Anniversary Map Pack Downloaded* to get this Achievement. THE PERSON WHO DELETES THEM WILL NOT GET THE ACHIEVEMENT at least for now.

    (Step 2) Everyone group up and pick ~Rumble Pit~ playlist having 8 spots filled means no randoms

    (Step 3) Pick 'TU SLAYER' 'TU ELITE SLAYER' or 'TU SLAYER DMRS' on *Condemned* or *UpLink* maps when they show up. If they don't show up vote to skip maps, If it still don't show up play any map then after the game ends you get a chance to pick a map again repeat until you find the maps. (DO NOT PICK 'TU SLAYER PRO' BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE ARMOR LOCK)

    (Step 4) meet up have a person use armor lock then assassinate him. Both melee and animation assassination kills work.

    (Step 5) Have the guy that didn't get the achievement Re-Download Anniversary Map Pack other players take a break or try to get other achievements as you wait. someone else will have to DELETE Anniversary then Repeat (Step 1) through (Step 4)

    (Extra) There are many map variants and game types. I don't know them all. I just know anything with the word PRO in it means you don't get Armor lock. Comment any game type/variants you know work or don't work.
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    The Powerful JTI still need it if anyones up for it
    Posted by The Powerful JT on 13 Sep 18 at 19:12
    Anima PuraIt's unbelievable so many years have passed and you still haven't changed the part where you say you need both the Defiant and Anniversary DLC to get this achievement. You only need Defiant and it helps to only have Defiant installed.
    Posted by Anima Pura on 03 Dec 18 at 08:54
    xTCxFor anyone trying for this now we had to uninstall the other 2 DLCs then it came up first try, we tried for hours beforehand with none of them ever coming up
    Posted by xTCx on 31 Dec 20 at 07:37
  • S3M JamesS3M James487,304
    08 Sep 2018 07 Oct 2018 05 Aug 2020
    7 1 2
    I wanted to post a new guide as the previous ones seems to be out of date given the playlist changes. The best way now to get this as of 2018

    1) Make sure all players in you group have the DLC it's free to download now as well
    2) search for the game type "Team Slayer".
    3) Then search for "Team Slayer TU" on Condemned.
    4) Once you are on the map just wait for a player to exit armour lock make sure you don't get hit by the shockwave then press RB when you are close to them. The window to do this is quite small so it may take a few attempts.

    It tooks us about 3 attempts to get the correct map

    Previous guides say you can use the "Uplink" variant of the map. However I was unable to get this achievement on that variant.

    Thanks to EmagDrolBot who helped as well
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    INSTINCT H410If the shockwave hits you, you still get the achievement right ??
    Posted by INSTINCT H410 on 29 Oct 18 at 21:30
    S3M Jamesno from what I understand you must not get hit by the shockwave to get this
    Posted by S3M James on 30 Oct 18 at 18:47
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