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All Alone achievement in Halo: Reach

All Alone

Defiant: Be the last surviving uninfected player in a matchmade Infection game.

All Alone0
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How to unlock the All Alone achievement

  • All the TigersAll the Tigers511,093
    29 Nov 2011 21 Nov 2011
    65 2 21
    This solution is if you're not in a boosting group and want to do it on your own.

    As mentioned previously, you have to do this on a Defiant map pack, most likely Condemned, and you have to be the last uninfected player at the end of a round. You will have three chances each match, so if you get infected early on, don't worry. Calm down and try again, and maybe put the controller down so you don't get frustrated and off your game.

    Here are a couple strategies to help you if you're having trouble. Use whichever one you prefer, or switch between them if you're having a lot of difficulty.

    1.) Safety in Numbers: Find a group of uninfected players who are camping one spot and team up with them. Try to stay as far to the back of the posse as you can, and simply dodge zombies as they mow down the players in front of you. Have your shotgun out, not your pistol--you want to kill people going right for you, not people far away who will take out the other survivors. Do NOT focus on kills or score, just staying alive while watching your allies bite the dust.

    Pros - If you're not good with pistols or judging shotgun distances, other people will "help" you out, and the zombies aren't going for you.
    Cons - If it gets crowded, it also gets hectic. If you lose track of a zombie, it's over for you that round.

    2.) If You Want It Done Right: This is the opposite of the above, where you stay away from all the other players and obvious camp spots. You're going solo, but again, you're NOT focusing on kills. Hide, hide, hide until everyone else is dead. Around corners, above eye-level, wherever you can, and wherever groups of people aren't. Infected will go for big groups for a better chance of getting one before getting gunned down, but they'll also go right for you if they see you alone. If that happens, relocate to a different hiding spot so they'll give up when they can't find you.

    Pros - The zombies will mostly ignore you, because they'll go for the obvious camping spots where they have more chances.
    Cons - You'll have to be good with the pistol, the shotgun, or both. If one of them finds you, more might break off from the horde and overwhelm you.

    And now for general tips on both strategies.

    1.) Besides the Points: As I mentioned, ignore kills, score, and everything that isn't directly related to surviving the horde. Having the most kills doesn't always equal surviving the longest.
    2.) Boom, Boom, Bash: If you're getting rushed, use your shotgun. If there are more than two coming for you, you're shotgun will only be fast enough to take out the first two. Don't even try to fire a third, you won't make it. Instead, after the second shot, immediately melee. It gives you a chance of blocking a sword rush.
    3.) Every Man For Himself: Don't fire your gun unless you are in immediate danger. Let everyone else use their ammo, run low or run out, and get gank'd. Saviors aren't always survivors, and they're not your teammates. They're decoys.

    Good luck.

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    J The AltruistLooking to boost before the service goes down.
    Gt: J The Altruist
    Posted by J The Altruist on 27 Feb at 20:05
    Spartan ChronosMessage me to boost this one.
    GT: Spartan Chronos
    Posted by Spartan Chronos on 11 Apr at 20:46
    audgattilooking to do this add me GT: audgatti
    Posted by audgatti on 03 May at 13:35
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  • LuminousOrdoLuminousOrdo275,718
    05 Apr 2014 06 Apr 2014 11 Oct 2016
    25 0 3
    This guide works as of (April 4th, 2016) and takes the updates and playlist changes into consideration.

    (THIS IS A BOOSTING GUIDE) - Because this can only be boosted to be honest.

    (WARNING) - You can get a CT ban for 2 days or 2 weeks for Idle controllers or not getting a single kill. I suggest all players have the (Make It Rain) achievement so CT bans won't matter.

    (PLAYER REQUIRED) (12 players) or (3 with multiple controllers)

    (DLC/DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT NEEDED) Defiant Map Pack and Anniversary Map Pack

    (PLAYLIST) ~Living Dead~

    (Step 1) First you have one player preferably a guy with the least controllers DELETE Noble and Anniversary Map Pack. EVERYONE ELSE MUST HAVE *Defiant Map Pack and Anniversary Map Pack Downloaded* to get this Achievement.

    (Step 2) Everyone group up and pick ~Living Dead~ playlist having 12 spots filled means no randoms

    (Step 3) 'Pick 'Infection' 'Alpha Zombies' 'Zombie Ghosts' on *Condemned* or *Uplink*map when they show up. If they don't show up vote to skip maps, If it still don't show up play any map then after the game ends you get a chance to pick a map again repeat until you find the map *Condemned*

    (Step 4) have one player on the human team run away from spawn and sit in a corner so no one kills him. Than kill all players on the human team except him. Repeat for each person.

    (Extra) There are many map variants and game types. I don't know them all. Zombies games have multiple rounds so more then 1 person can get the achievement per game.
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    Mikayl VIIwhat is the point in one person deleting the map pack?
    Posted by Mikayl VII on 30 Jun 14 at 11:10
    LuminousOrdoThe odds of you getting the map are very very slim without deleting the Anniversary map pack. I personally tried and 45 mins went by, no map showed up, then one guy deleted the Anniversary map pack and 2 of the 3 maps that showed up first try were the maps you need for the achievement so basically its way faster unless your really lucky i guess o and there's a chance the guy that deletes the map pack will get the achievements at least that is what a person said but i didn't see it myself.
    Posted by LuminousOrdo on 30 Jun 14 at 20:58
    Failure OnlineAlso works on Downlinkned, a variant of Uplink
    Posted by Failure Online on 09 Jun 18 at 18:11
  • Oo 8 B4LL oOOo 8 B4LL oO381,614
    29 Aug 2013 29 Aug 2013 17 Jan 2021
    18 0 2
    EDIT (05/2020):
    look & use the actually summary from:

    - LuminousOrdo ( BOOSTING Guide)
    - All the Tigers ( PLAY Guide)

    ... this should work easy & quick

    like the solutions from "aGundamDownHere" & "Smash fan963"

    - play in "Living Dead"
    - You need the Defiant & Anniversary Maps
    - Noble can be deleted
    (not so much different game types so it should be able to find the rounds you
    need much quicker!!!)

    - need to find Condemned / Uplink / Downlinked

    ...but i just want to add:

    You can get the achievement in most of the different game variants:
    - Infection
    - Alpha Zombies
    - Zombie Ghosts

    EDIT (01/2021): Solution from "aGundamDownHere" deleted / disapeared

    EDIT (01/2016): Solution from "Smash fan963" offline! deleted / disapeared
    Showing both comments.
    Sorry, you mentioned the "Solution from 'Smash fan963' offline!" but I'm not finding this anywhere. Could you please post a link or describe that offline solution?
    Posted on 23 May 16 at 15:44
    Oo 8 B4LL oOi just want to say that the solution from "Smash fan963" was deleted
    Posted by Oo 8 B4LL oO on 05 Aug 16 at 21:04
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