Picasso's Understudy achievement in Pictionary: Ultimate Edition

Picasso's Understudy

Use every tool and color in one Free Draw session

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How to unlock the Picasso's Understudy achievement

  • marklynxmarklynx1,964,086
    27 May 2012 27 May 2012
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    I had a real hard time getting this achievement mainly because the description is not the best and other guides have missed important parts of this.

    This is exactly how I got it:

    Go to FREE DRAW and either open your existing drawing or start a new one.

    1. Start with the 'Draw Tool' and draw a little line with every different tool.

    2. With the Finger Paint picked, go and change to every single color and draw a little line. Make sure that you are choosing all 8 colors and also the sub colors which I have listed:

    Yellow + 4 Sub Colors
    Purple + 4 Sub Colors
    Orange + 4 Sub Colors
    Blue + 4 Sub Colors
    Red + 4 Sub Colors
    Green + 4 Sub Colors
    White + 4 Sub Colors

    I would suggest to double check and re-do the colors in case you did accidentally picked another one. What I did to make sure is selected each of the colors twice!

    Once this is done, in case the achievement does not pop just like for me when I tried this several times, do the following.

    3. Use all of the Draw Tools again and draw a little line with each of them with the last one being the Crayon.

    4. Pick the eraser and choose both of the erasers available to erase a little off the screen.

    5. With the Crayon, draw all 6 Shapes. Size does not matter; however, don't put them on top of the lines that you have drawn since you will need at least one of them for step 6.

    6. Use the Fill option to fill in one of the shapes that you drew. I filled in my box and the achievement popped!

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    KungFuMonk3yGood write up of the solution... just to confirm that this will unlock as soon as you have gotten the stupid game to register you've used everything. Had to do it all several times, just keep the same session going and it should unlock eventually.
    Posted by KungFuMonk3y on 16 Jul 12 at 20:38
    RosshkThe "2 fingers" option by the eraser is not the zoom tool. This is a tool used to "smear" the ink/lead/whatever to create a shadowing/darkening effect.
    The zoom tool is just used as FinderKeeper described, but you don't have to have the 2 fingers selected to use it.

    As for getting this achievement to unlock after everything else failed, I just repeated using the different colors and it eventually unlocked that way.
    Posted by Rosshk on 30 Jul 12 at 22:05
    SmedsGot it first try, just didn't do the smear as Rosshk said. Pick the double fingers tool and just smear over something.
    Posted by Smeds on 15 Apr 13 at 02:58
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  • AquaPrince86AquaPrince86310,146
    03 Dec 2011 03 Dec 2011
    14 1 14
    To get this achievement, go to Free Draw mode in the menu and use every tool and color. Just go down the line, scribbling with each tool. You do not need to use each color with each tool. Keep in mind that each color has four additional variants that can be chosen if you hover over the base color long enough.
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    FinderKeeperI think the reason that the cheevo doesn't pop for some is that they don't actually use the zoom tool when it's selected. It's the two fingers next to the eraser when you click on that category... you can position the two fingers with your stylus, but unless you use the function, it won't count.

    After you select it and position it, make sure to use it: put two fingers (from your actual hand) together on the tablet then spread them apart. That will zoom in on the image. If you want, then place two fingers apart on the tablet and bring them together. That will zoom the image back out.

    I only needed to do everything once, including the zoom function, and the cheevo popped the first time. Also, consider combining this with "Picasso" (spend an hour on one free draw image).
    Posted by FinderKeeper on 09 Jun 12 at 15:00
    AgileDukeI just got it with out zooming in, the 2 fingers smudge for some types of
    Draw tools.I Smudged a line drawn with the blue paint tool on the bottom row
    Posted by AgileDuke on 29 Jun 12 at 21:09
    j69plus1This achievement also took me forever. I followed the guide to a tee also. One thing I noticed when I finally got it on my second try. First off if you feel you have done everything and it still wont pop, just erase the page and start over. Do not start a new game. If you just erase it whatever you did previously is still there. Secondly what I did was, on the colors I made sure the second time that when doing the colors to put the base color first, then the lightest color of the other four next. This way it helps you not to repeat a color twice. Doing this my achievement popped on the orange colors. I must have missed one the first time around. Hope this helps!!!!!!
    Posted by j69plus1 on 11 Dec 12 at 03:18
  • sm182sm182813,112
    19 Jan 2013 27 Jan 2013
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    If you are struggling with this achievement and can't find that last tool that you are missing follow this great video guide created by VidGamiacUnlocked:
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