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I'm Rubber, You're Glue achievement in Gears of War 3

I'm Rubber, You're Glue

As Mauler, kill 10 Gears by reflecting their bullets using your shield.

I'm Rubber, You're Glue0
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How to unlock the I'm Rubber, You're Glue achievement

  • DrShoe1976DrShoe1976307,638
    17 Dec 2011 17 Dec 2011
    71 1 5
    Here is the easiest way to earn this - me and a friend just earnt this each in a total of 10 mins.

    To get this to work you need a friend, and you both need a 2nd controller.

    Both players sign a guest in - it must be a guest, not an offline profile (so press Y to sign a guest in, and choose the 'guest' profile from your profiles list).

    Player A hosts a Campaign Arcade, select Act 2, Casual.
    Player A invites Player B - this will add both Player B and his guest.

    Once the game starts - Player B presses 'RT' to take control of his main account - doing this locks him in as Player 3 - the Mauler.
    Player A is the host, so he is RAAM, and his guest is Player 2 who is the Elite Theron.

    Once you emerge from the E-Hole, start reflecting the COG bullets by holding LT and aiming it like you would a gun.
    You will unlock it once you have started planting for the first seeder, as there will be about 12 COGs for you to use. If you down them - do not worry! They either stand-up for you to try again or they bleed-out and it counts.

    Once Player B unlocks it, quit out and Player B invites the party to his session.

    Repeat the process above for Player A to earn it. Takes under 10mins and works perfectly!

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    M4STOD0NThis is the easiest way. I was about to write this guide too. A lot easier than trying with randoms or getting 4 people together. I helped a mate do this, but we didn't have the time to return the favor to myself. Still waiting for my turn. :P
    Posted by M4STOD0N on 04 Jan 12 at 21:25
    DrShoe1976If you need help, I'm on Gears 3 most days (in England, so GMT). Send me a msg telling me what Cheevo you wannt do and I'll boost it with you - this one literally takes 5 mins.
    Posted by DrShoe1976 on 04 Jan 12 at 23:17
    AG Bucky BarnesBest and cleariest solution +1
    Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 29 Mar 12 at 23:44
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  • GrizzlexDizzleGrizzlexDizzle103,317
    15 Dec 2011 14 Dec 2011 15 Dec 2011
    42 4 9
    This is quite a simple Achievement to get, the only problem is that it requires you to be the Third or Fourth in a online/local match

    The Host is going to be RAAM so he/she will be able to obliterate anything in sight with his/her Kryll Grenades, Kryll Finger, and Big Shiny Knife.

    An easy way to get this achievement is to let the Troika bullets bounce off your shield into wandering COG Soldiers.

    The only Problem you'll have is if A) You are playing with Trigger Finger friends who need to kill everything in sight; or B) Have poor communication between players.

    If Problem A and B Occur (Which they tend to do) You can just reload Chapter 2 and finish off all of the ones you didn't miss.

    The Best thing is that it's cumulative and not in one run. So Be Patient, Take your time, and best of luck to ya

    EDIT: I Would like to thank Unfcnbleevibl for Clarifiying an error i had made; "From what I can tell as i've tried this multiple times with 2 people. The host (or Player 1 if Local) will always be Raam. The 2nd player to join the host's match will always be the Theron Elite. You have to be the 3rd player or 4th player to get the Mauler. And since this game doesn't allow 4 player local co-op this will have to be done online. If you only have 2 people (at the time, like I did), I suggest having the host log in a guest or 2nd account so that it's the Theron. So that when you join, you're Player 3 and get the Mauler."
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    Capt PoopeyNo worries, cheers for the quick response.
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 16 Dec 11 at 04:38
    s34nJ0hn"I wouldn't be surprised if they were added as DLC for Beast at some point in the future though."

    Nor would I. They originally were going to have 20 Beast monsters, then they mysteriously cut it down to 15 in the final release; hence the gaps in the Beast menu. I wonder if some of those missing five are ever going to see the light of day.
    Posted by s34nJ0hn on 01 Mar 12 at 03:29
    GrizzlexDizzleThe next update is going to be a beast update so Cross fingers guys :D
    Posted by GrizzlexDizzle on 01 Mar 12 at 03:54
  • PUMPKIN82PUMPKIN82109,933
    18 Apr 2012 15 Apr 2012
    12 1 3
    ok guys if your are playing this on 4 player arcade then this is how i fiqured it out, it doesnt matter where you joined the game as long as you are not the host. For you to be a mauler it works on arcade points you have to have the least kills for you to beome player 3 or 4 which are maulers
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    SpilnerPlayer 2 and 3 are maulers, 4 is torque bow guy
    Posted by Spilner on 15 Apr 12 at 13:44
    PUMPKIN82Theron elite ( torque bow guy ) is player 2 i know this as me and my frineds played it for hours because i was trying to get the achievement it was only when i realised that it was because of me having the second most amount of points in arcade so to become a mauler in arcade you have to have the 3rd or 4th least of points
    Posted by PUMPKIN82 on 16 Apr 12 at 13:36
    PlagueStallionbeen both second and third place, was theron both times. host was RAAM and mauler (guest controller) both times
    Posted by PlagueStallion on 02 Sep 18 at 02:50
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