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RAAM's Shadow

Foreshadowing achievement in Gears of War 3


As RAAM, execute Minh 10 times in Versus MP (Standard or Casual).

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How to unlock the Foreshadowing achievement

  • RMHigniteRMHignite11,855 11,855 GamerScore
    14 Dec 2011 14 Dec 2011
    77 20 43
    This actually is possible to boost with a little patience and borrowing some techniques we have all used from the past...

    Minimum Requirements:
    * 4 people with a guest account signed in (substitute live players as needed), All 8 people can be in a party chat
    * Split into (2) parties of (4) people each (all party members should prefer each other to increase likelihood of matching
    *All players should set default characters to Minh / RAAM
    * Both hosts search for standard quick match in the playlist ALPHA - This is a 8 player game mode that you can still select what character you spawn as, and has minimal people playing

    We did this last night with great success. With fewer than 350 people playing the game type worldwide, our odds were pretty fair of getting matched up.

    We had to actually do this twice as the achievement glitched out for me the first run. Both times we matched up in under 15 minutes of searching. Both times one of the parties landed a room with all bots, and the other party continued to search until landing in that room.

    Once your in, your can trade matches ad infinitum until everyone gets there execution kills. Shouldn't take more than two matches.

    *whitedragon40k makes a good point: We did use two hosts from the same region, same as Gears 2.

    *Nice Add from fallouthirteen to speed matching up: If one group does get put against all bots, the host of that group can leave the game (thus breaking up the party) and re-join session in progress on one of the people still in the game. Since the party was broken up, the next match will split up the group (some members on both teams). From there just have the remaining people join session in progress on the people in the game and there you go...

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    Pedle ZelnipAs mentioned the alpha playlist isn't available, would be nice if this solution could be updated with modes that are possible to do this in.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 15 Nov 14 at 22:12
    Gladiator291Yo I need this one I got one other person to help so need Some people
    Posted by Gladiator291 on 14 Apr at 17:46
    TalvalinI just started playing the DLC so am happy to help out
    Posted by Talvalin on 09 May at 09:37
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  • demon rpdemon rp220,759
    22 Dec 2011 22 Dec 2011
    39 7 4
    Useful technique to unlock the ach if you do not have more players / friends to use the above solutions.
    Select the game type where, at this moment, there are fewer active players in your area, and try to enter in a game filled of bots, with Minh in the COG squad and you as Raam in other (find this game may take some time, remeber to select Raam as your character in the multiplayer option).
    With a little luck, you can make the 10 executions directly in one game, because it is sufficient to focus only to follow Minh.
    I personally tried this configuration this morning in the Alpha mode and managed to make 8 of the 10 executions needed.
    I hope you find it useful.
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    SA1NT JACOBi've been trying like crazy to get a game with even one person playing as mihn, and the bots never are him when i play! this is soooo frustrating
    Posted by SA1NT JACOB on 12 Jan 12 at 05:45
    Octobot SuperI can't even get into a game with bots, even when there are 0 people playing in my region. The game just hops back and forth between looking for a suitable match, and looking for 9 other people. Are there certain game modes or types I shouldn't be using for this (like ranked, for instance, always seems to have 0 people playing, but I can't get it to work this way)?
    Posted by Octobot Super on 03 Jun 14 at 09:45
    demon rpA lot of time has passed by from this solution, and the conditions to find the match can be changed. If you need, we can try to organize a game sessione, I can be Minh all the time and help everyone need the ach.
    Posted by demon rp on 03 Jun 14 at 09:56
  • Nibcrom LivesNibcrom Lives107,214
    08 Jan 2012 08 Jan 2012 16 Jan 2012
    36 5 12
    The attached video is a boosting method I found on YouTube and explains how to setup the achievement. Credit goes to WeazelthProductions for the video.

    As the achievement states, you must execute (not just kill) Minh 10 times as RAAM in a public multiplayer match, standard or casual, not private.

    Use whichever execution method you find easiest, I found using the Lancer chainsaw execution (hold the B button) the quickest.

    What makes this achievement difficult is finding a Minh to execute, either a person playing as Minh or a Minh bot.

    The method involves getting you and someone on your friends list on opposite teams in order to always have Minh and RAAM in the same match. The video explains the method in detail.

    If you are having trouble joining someone on the opposite team of your boosting partner, try not being in the same party as the person you are boosting with. Also, after you join the other team you can delete your boosting partner from your friends list to decrease the likelihood of switching back to your boosting partner's team.*

    *Thanks to NY Yankees 23 2 for the additional information in the above paragraph.
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    A PhizzleThank you this worked perfectly for me.
    Posted by A Phizzle on 21 Jun 12 at 20:26
    Nibcrom LivesGlad to hear it. :)
    Posted by Nibcrom Lives on 21 Jun 12 at 20:30
    Jakk Dannielzim looking to boost this achievement, GT: Jakk Dannielz
    Posted by Jakk Dannielz on 21 Mar 13 at 16:35
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