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Gladiator school achievement in Dead Island (Xbox 360)

Gladiator school

Survive 15 consecutive waves with each of the 4 characters.

Gladiator school0
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How to unlock the Gladiator school achievement

  • KollektiveKhaosKollektiveKhaos145,569
    05 Aug 2012 05 Aug 2012 18 Jul 2013
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    I'm writing this guide under the assumption you're starting from scratch and playing solo. Though it may not be the case, I'll give hints to how to do it with your own support. Before entering the arena with any character. You may want to acquire 2-3 weapons that are decently strong enough to handle zombies in the main campaign areas in 2 to 3 blows. The reason being that zombies in the arena tend to be weaker. Bring as many medkits as you may already have, but for the purpose of the solution, I'm assuming you have none. It'll be ok because zombies drop them anyway.

    Head to Arena A with the weapons of your choice.
    In the first few rounds - Rack up kills and search for some money to repair your weapons with

    Rounds 5 and higher - The infected appear much more than the walkers, and a good strategy for survival is to camp on the side under the walkway that drops down which meets the middle bridge. Reason being they tend to only spawn on two sides which gives you room to run when needed. Loot thugs and Floaters for 1-2 grand each to repair your weapons and upgrade if needed.

    Round 10 and higher - You'll see more suiciders appear so you won't want to attack every zombie head on. Take out a few and run so you don't get caught in a suiciders blast radius. Take them out from a distance with a gun if owned, or thrown weapon.

    Round 14 to the end - By this time, the horde seems to overrun you. Just keep running in circles and dealing with small groups at a time. Suiciders run slowly along with the other big infected, so take out the fast infected and narrow your types down.

    The achievement pops as soon as you hit your 15th wave with the last character you do it with. Good luck!

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    Minchy MunchkinJust a heads up for anyone experiencing the same problems as FFX Brotherhood. I lost my xbox live connection half through a game and continued to wave 16, but it didn't count towards the achievement. Replayed the same character connected to live again and it popped.
    Posted by Minchy Munchkin on 06 May 13 at 12:31
    KiDLUCiF3RGood guide but just to let people know I was stuck at 3/4 for ages. Played with each character again going to round 16 and the achievement finally popped at the start of the wave. The achievement does say "Survive 15 consecutive waves with each of the 4 characters."
    Posted by KiDLUCiF3R on 30 Aug 13 at 14:49
    Octobot SuperI was getting really frustrated with this achievement; I had no problem surviving 30 waves with a level 50 Sam B, but upon starting a new character and getting her up to level 25, I was still having issues (namely, getting to wave 14 and getting punched to death in two hits while I try to run away and my character inexplicably gets stuck on nothing and can't move). So I poked around and found this little tidbit of advice, which apparently works even with extremely low level characters:

    If you load up Chapter 3 and head into the hotel, you'll come across a bar with 9 bottles of alcohol after walking down a few hallways. What I do is empty all my stuff into the chest at the arena, go to this bar, grab all the alcohol, and reload the checkpoint. Keep doing this until your inventory is full, and head back to the guy at the Lifeguard Tower that gives you molotovs. Load up on these, dump them in the box at the arena, and repeat until you have like 150. The strategy I read recommends also making 30 deo-bombs, but I didn't have the money or patience to farm for those. Instead, since I'm doing this in tandem with the Right 4 Life achievement, I have access to guns, which work well at picking off enemies that the molotovs don't finish off (guns can be obtained right at the beginning of Act II, though I think you need to kill the Ram in front of the church first; there are humans with guns directly south of the church). Anyway, this way makes it a bit easier, though it's dull farming for molotovs.
    Posted by Octobot Super on 26 Jun 15 at 02:42
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  • LukaztroLukaztro100,180
    02 Mar 2014 02 Mar 2014 02 Mar 2014
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    First and foremost do not bother trying this alone in till you have completed "Right 4 Life" You need to be a high enough level to kill Walkers and Infected with one hit.

    Second, if you are playing with a partner - you cannot die for 15 waves. You must survive 15 waves without dying. If you die and you partner survives the wave it doesn't count.

    Make sure to have at least 25 - 30 medkits and a few thousand dollars for repairing weapons. Repair your weapons after each wave.

    I use Arean A (Easy) The cliff and waterfall level.
    Start every wave in this spot --> If you are facing the Repair Table, turn right and walk a few step till you're at the down slope of the pathway, stop here. Now face the entry door in to the arena. The bridge will be slightly in front of you - on the left. And the Repair Table should be to your right.
    This will cause all the zombies to spawn from the direction of the door.
    No zombies will ever spawn behind you or to the side.
    Try to stay in this area at all times. If you have more than 10 zombies left they will keep spawning in random locations and will ultimately surround you.

    Using any weapon with a flame mod will cause all toxic zombies to catch fire, damaging you and making it hard to see. Even after being killed, their carcass will fall to your feet and burn you.

    Pressing the jump button while holding the left stick in a particular direction does a jump dodge. This is very effective against Thugs, Suiciders and Floaters.

    Approach suiciders and once they start to shake - do 2 jump dodges to the back. 2 jumps clears you of their blast radius. Avoid Walkers when near Suiciders. They will grab you and hold you while the suiciders blow up.

    Be very careful with Thugs because they will punch you off the cliff. Do one hit then JUMP DODGE away - rinse and repeat.
    You can cluster Suiciders and Thugs together causing the suicider to explode and Thugs to lose their arms - making them less dangerous.

    Use jump dodge to avoid their puke spit. Careful not to jump dodge off the cliff.
    When attacking them - do a circle around them. They will start puking left to right but you need to strafe behind them and kill them from behind.

    When forced to run try to get them to cross the bridge - the more zombies on the bridge the more chance they'll push eachother off or just fall themselves.

    You will get one Butcher at the start of wave 15. Treat him like and infected and keep moving back while swinging. Remember to try and stay in that original area to avoid zombies spawning anywhere else other than from the direction of the door.

    Good luck! Hope this info helps.
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