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Fancy achievement in Dead Island


Survive 10 consecutive waves using only custom weapons.

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How to unlock the Fancy achievement

  • Aura of HeroismAura of Heroism334,775
    23 Nov 2011 23 Nov 2011
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    This achievement is earned by completing ten waves in a row with a custom (see modded) weapon. You cannot use any other type of weapon, this includes your fists or killing with a kick. Any type of modded weapon should do, but I do believe this achievement is a bit glitched.
    I couldn't use all of my weapons that had modifications on them, so this is my tip: Go into the easy arena and use a single weapon for a few rounds. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it may not count wave one for this achievement, but if you do a few waves with just a single weapon, you will eventually be able to check the progress of this to see if your weapon is going to work for this.
    If you are at a high enough level this should be no problem by yourself in the easy room. I would suggest having at least one melee weapon and one to two guns if you're on your own for crowd control as infected do start to appear in large numbers. You cannot die during these waves, so medkits are also a must. There is a workbench in the arena so no need to worry about your weapons breaking. If you are finding money to be a problem during this, try to get as high up in the waves as you can on easy with whatever weapons you have, since in later waves the special infected typically drop a few thousand dollars and there are enough of them to raise plenty of cash for you. If you do this in co op, not everyone needs to use a custom weapon, as this is only tracked per person.
    If done in the easy arena, there are plenty of good spots, but the best I've found is a ledge next to the bench that is really just a ramp leading up. If you stand near the start of it and slowly back up, you will be able to funnel them without trapping yourself. You can also try using the bridge, but be warned, they can knock you off and since you cannot just kick to guard yourself when your stamina is low as it now costs stamina to kick, you may well die there. Using the one side of the bridge instead of the middle is probably a better idea, since if you stand on the side away from the spawns they will have to cross it and may fall off (this does not ruin this achievement and is quite helpful.)
    Any questions, ideas, or issues comment. Thank you and good luck.
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    Aura of HeroismIndeed, but keep in mind you can also use the other side near the portal since the ramp that provides you a funnel is there. For the most part, I just keep em coming up the ramp until it gets too hot, then book across the bridge. Thanks for the comment.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 24 Nov 11 at 00:06
    Peruvian PoppyCan you use fury and still get the achievement?
    Posted by Peruvian Poppy on 21 Mar 12 at 07:55
    Aura of HeroismI would think not since they use diffetent weapons know what I mean
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 21 Mar 12 at 09:20
    Mr XBobThis is so glitchy, I've tried 4 times now only using my Shock Zed's Demise and Pride Heavy Pistol (only used to shoot the exploding zombies at a distance)

    I know both weapons are modded and count towards the achievement, as I've tested them both during a round and watched the counter go up.

    But pretty much everytime I attempt this achievement, it resets to zero after 4 or 5 rounds. I know I definitely haven't used any other weapons, I've never used rage and I've never kicked.

    I thought the problem may be when a zombie grabs me and I've used LT+RT to get them off, but I've had completely clean rounds without them grabbing me and it's still reset to zero...

    Any ideas guys?
    Posted by Mr XBob on 12 Jan 13 at 23:42
    Aura of HeroismBiggest one would be what level are you on. If your on the chasm then falling zombies will nullify it. Also if anything blows up and kills zombies (such as suiciders or containers,) that'll stop it cold too.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 14 Jan 13 at 00:08
    Tm5kJust got this today on GOTY disc version. Got grabbed a few times and punched them off, had suiciders blow themselves up, blew up suiciders with thrown weapons and even had a few infected run off the bridge. None of that prevented me from popping the achievement using a Short Circuit Zed's Demise.
    Posted by Tm5k on 01 Feb 14 at 22:13
    Aura of HeroismIt's entirely possible that it was patched after I wrote this guide. Thank you for the information TM5k.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 06 Feb 14 at 06:45
    Aura of HeroismIt's entirely possible that it was patched after I wrote this guide. Thank you for the information TM5k.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 06 Feb 14 at 17:10
    TealWolferineI got the same struggle with both xbox an ps4 both the game dead island Achievement/Trophy is very glitchy
    The one named Fancy i meant
    Posted by TealWolferine on 07 Jun at 02:07
    Sazaq213hi i had the same problem that Mr xbob ...
    i left the game and i launched again and when i tried on my second try it was good
    Posted by Sazaq213 on 08 Jul at 02:53
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