All-Purpose Warrior achievement in Turok (Xbox 360)

All-Purpose Warrior

Win 10 public games of each team game option (Small Team, Large Team, Co-Op)

All-Purpose Warrior0
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How to unlock the All-Purpose Warrior achievement

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    This achievement is fairly time consuming and requires some patience.

    Requirements: 2-4 People*
    *It can be boosted with a total of 2 people, however for the sake of co-op, it's best to get 4 people together.

    Small/Large Team
    All parties must search for Small/Large Team matches at the same time to get paired together. Take turns winning 10 of each game type (Small & Large). If you boost in ranked matches, you can also work towards the 500 kills achievement.
    Turok (Xbox 360)Medal of CommendationThe Medal of Commendation achievement in Turok (Xbox 360) worth 232 pointsAchieve 500 player kills in ranked matches

    For Small Team matches:
    Usually end up being Team Deathmatch matches, where players can take turns getting their 500 kills (40 kills/match).

    For Large Team matches:
    Try to get into a Capture the Flag (CTF) or War Games match as those can be completed in under 5 minutes. If you're searching and are constantly being put into Team Deathmatch/Assault CTF game types (These match types take 10+ minutes to complete), quit out to the main menu and then go back into matchmaking. It may take a few tries, but eventually the server will give you a CTF or War Games match.

    These have to be done in "Player Match" and do not count if done in a Private Match. Also, if a player dies at the end of the match and the rest of the party completes the match, the win WILL NOT count for the dead player. A player must be ALIVE at the end of a co-op match in order to pick up a win.

    Familiarize yourself with one of the co-op maps and focus on getting all of your wins on that one map. This helps reduce the room for error as enemies will constantly spawn in the same places. We boosted a majority of our wins on Lost Valley (Co-op Map 1).

    There's a good walkthrough strategy for Lost Valley posted under the "Co-Op 1" achievement.
    Turok (Xbox 360)Co-Op 1The Co-Op 1 achievement in Turok (Xbox 360) worth 81 pointsFinish Co-op Map 1

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    Inferno118It’s up to preference. Map 3 is a solid 5 minutes longer than map 2 so if surviving isn’t a problem for your group, do map 2. Also it’s worth knowing that you don’t need to be alive at the end of the co op games. I was fully dead (skull sign) on one game for sure and it still popped with just 10 wins.
    Posted by Inferno118 on 08 Mar 19 at 05:30
    Also the info on map 3 is incorrect you need to kill all enemies before you are allowed to leave
    Posted on 25 Jul 21 at 22:14
    lB r o IL yNeed this add me
    Posted by lB r o IL y on 20 Jun at 07:31
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    There is an easier way of getting your small and large team games. Have who ever needs the wins party up, who ever is agreed to be on the losing team by him self . The winning party searches for a public game first , once in game lobby have the losing party join. Once the game starts just have the losing team quit out. The winning team should see something that says you have won on the screen. Just do this 10 times of each. For the coop my only advise is have 4 people , you get a couple extra lives and try the level Shadowed Path ( coop #2 ) because it is the shortest.
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    Serious X DevilTrying this method but it actually doesn't come up as team so and so wins the match, does it still count as a win or not? sorry know this is an ancient game so you may not remember, thanks!
    Posted by Serious X Devil on 06 Jul 14 at 18:53
    AdrenalineFiendUnlocked 8/20/2014. Best guide by a long way. Finally got around to running through getting 10 co-op wins. Followed that up with small and large team quit out method. Unlocked with exactly 10 of each, not a bullet fired or a point scored. I searched first to be wolf pack as it seemed more stable that way and it tells you if you got a win. That is important in 10 counts.
    Posted by AdrenalineFiend on 21 Aug 14 at 04:34
    Dr MartyEasiest Map by far is Map 3. No snipers or rocket guys until the end and those don't even need to be encountered. As soon as you leave the exploding facility, hide on top of the right sniper tower (put a wall between you and that one sniper on the far right). Nobody will attack you. Do not run to the helicopter and wait for around 5min.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 01 Mar 19 at 16:41
    16 May 2009 17 May 2009
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    This is fairly easy to boost this with one friend. The way we did it was to do all the co op missions first, then the small team games and then the large team games. Just keep a track of how many wins you have. The small team games are usually easy to boost as nobody plays them and it ends up one on one against your buddy. The large team games are what are harder as everybody plays them, so the best thing to do is try and get your buddy on the other team then at least one of you will get a win
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    MurmuringJASONDo Ranked and Player matches both count
    Posted by MurmuringJASON on 24 Apr 10 at 17:54
    UlteriorDesertAlso, go for ctf as they are faster
    Posted by UlteriorDesert on 04 Dec 10 at 22:39
    FandangalYou might want to add that you can get the wins for small and large team by getting your opponent to quit, I've just unlocked the achievement in a match my friend quit out of.
    Posted by Fandangal on 19 Dec 10 at 13:08
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