Medal of Commendation achievement in Turok (Xbox 360)

Medal of Commendation

Achieve 500 player kills in ranked matches

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How to unlock the Medal of Commendation achievement

  • FoolsAndKingsFoolsAndKings1,085,774
    08 Jan 2012 09 Jan 2012 20 Apr 2012
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    During my time getting this I found 2 maps that worked well.

    Firstly you need a "Capture The Flag" Game that way you'll get 20 minutes of kills, easily past the 40 in a Deathmatch.

    There are 2 maps you need to look out for in order to get a good score.
    A Hard Place & Firestorm.

    A Hard Place.
    Only need 2 people start up a Ranked Large Team Game and hope to get the map on CTF.
    IMPORTANT : Whoever is on Whisky (Yellow) don't move.
    The other player comes over to your base and stand by your weapons. Now the Whisky Player can go and make a cup of tea while the Blue player (Host) just kills and kills. We got over 120 kills in 1 round. The Yellow player will spawn in 2 places, both of which can be seen by the killer.

    With one player using the turret you'll only get around 100 kills, 2nd player spawns near the stairs under the turret.

    We did use other maps and using a sniper rifle and standing on a high point we managed around 70 - 90 kills, but A Hard Place is by far the best.


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    SchiZoPHreNiikzMaps are extremely confusing. What gun is quickest? Any way to cycle through maps/game modes faster to get the one we want specifically?
    Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 03 Feb 17 at 22:00
    FoolsAndKingsUnfortunately not. It's just luck, but It's a far quicker way
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 04 Feb 17 at 05:33
    FivePartTrilogyA Heated Rivalry is also a really solid option. That map has two miniguns that you can set up near the orange team spawns that can farm out the kills for you. Then you can use a sniper to cover the other orange team spawns. It takes a second to get set up just right, but we you did, we were getting 7 kills per minute.
    Posted by FivePartTrilogy on 12 May 20 at 05:51
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    15 May 2009 16 May 2009 23 May 2009
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    The easiest way to do this is find 1 person to boost this with. Both search for a small team game and hope that you find each other. You will rarely get anybody else join you. If you get a small map on assault CTF you can get almost 100 kills each per game. Have one person stand against a wall and line up a head shot on the other person. Have the other person throw a grenade against the wall then shoot them in the head. That way you both get a kill and can boost faster. Got my 500 kills in about 3 hours
  • ZigsterLVZigsterLV558,253
    12 Jan 2019 11 Jan 2019 11 Jan 2019
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    WARNING: your multiplayer ranked kills DOSE'T save. Just like every grind achievo in game you have to go to campaign, press start and make a MANUAL save in there. Then multiplayer kills as everthing else towards you progress saves. This means you dont need to grind all 500kills in one go.

    Easely can be tracked by in game menu- stats -achievments-medal of comendation. Can check it your self, get atleast 1kill in ranked game, finish a game, go to dashboard without saving and what will happend-progres lost, with SAVING progres there.

    How to do the kills, dont waste your time searching maps and modes posted above solutions. Chose RANKRD small team game or large team game to work towards "all purpose warrior" achievment, and click find custom mach. Since they are random any map will work or mode as long as you grab as sniper or bow and 1shot kill enemy from distance in there spawn area. Enemy guy just comes out of hes spawn in shooters sight and dies. Reapeat.
    If you get capture the flag mode even beter cuz can go for 20min for unlimited amount of enemy kills.

    Give a like if it helps and makes thigs clearer! :)
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    LBN Rs1dnt eV1LJust adding comments for people who still might be confused. Just like when you boost Turok campaign achievements and do a kill for, let's say 100 Knife kills. You have to save the game before restarting chapter/reloading checkpoint, otherwise your achievement progress doesn't increase. 100 and 500 ranked kills work the same way, you have to go to campaign and hit the checkpoint or manually save. Otherwise when you dashboard or turn off the game. All your ranked kills will disappear from stats menu and achievement progress (i did over 200 kills, the next day i turned the game, only 21 kills were showing in stats/achievement menu and had to redo all the progress again). So just make sure to load/start campaign, hit start, save, yes and yes(if asked to overwrite). That way you don't need to do all the kills in one session.
    P.s. there might be other achievements that work in similar way I.E: getting a kill with all weapons in Multiplayer, etc.
    Posted by LBN Rs1dnt eV1L on 18 Jan 19 at 18:25
    Posted by ZigsterLV on 19 Jan 19 at 09:31
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