Speedy Solver achievement in Ghostscape (WP)

Speedy Solver

Complete the game within 20 minutes.

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How to unlock the Speedy Solver achievement

  • LoopstahblueLoopstahblue90,254
    30 Nov 2011 01 Dec 2011
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    Speed run walkthrough. I finished in under 9 minutes so it isn't hard if you've been through once or twice.

    Pick up (Crowbar).
    Equip Crowbar.
    Remove boards.
    Go right into Dinning Room.
    Go into Kitchen.
    Pick up (Ladders).
    Return to entrance.
    Go upstairs.
    Go into bedroom and open chest 6294. (Candle 1) (Cellar Key).
    Return to entrance.
    Equip Cellar Key.
    Open Cellar door.
    Open chest 7832: (Candle 2) (Bedroom Key).
    Return to Upstairs Landing.
    Equip Bedroom Key.
    Open Bedroom door on left.
    Open chest 1006: (Pantry Key).
    Return to Upstairs Landing.
    Enter Bathroom (far right).
    Pick up (Candle 3) (Bathroom Key).
    Equip Bathroom Key.
    Open Bathroom door.
    Return to kitchen.
    Equip Pantry Key.
    Open Pantry door.
    Equip Crowbar.
    Open hatch.
    Enter Cave.
    Pick up (Candle 4).
    Return to Upstairs Landing.
    Equip Ladders.
    Use Ladders on Attic hatch.
    Enter Attic.
    Equip Camera.
    Open chest 9385: (Candle 5).
    Take picture of ghost and get (Back Door Key).
    Return to Kitchen.
    Equip Back Door Key.
    Open Back Door.
    Click on furthest screen on right.
    Assemble picture like so:

    External image

    Click on next picture.
    Assemble picture like so:

    External image

    Click on last picture.
    Assemble picture like so:

    External image

    Open Garden door.
    Enter Shed.
    Click on rear panel.
    Tilt phone left and right until light flashes green. Hold until it locks in place.
    Repeat for the other two panels.
    Open chest 5357: (Front Door Key).
    Return to entrance.
    Equip Front Door Key.
    Use key on green arrow pointing to front door.
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    JuicyjamsGreat solution thank you so much! Got it in 16 min.
    Posted by Juicyjams on 14 Feb 14 at 00:57
    LvxGreat guide, got it on my first run going for this achievement!
    Posted by Lvx on 02 Nov 15 at 18:28
    Iron Man TStarkPerfect - 1st run through for me!
    Posted by Iron Man TStark on 05 Jun 16 at 14:53
    definetly dont listen to that stupid idea of turning off the phone it doesn't work other than that one dumb idea great guide and thanks for it
    Posted on 21 Aug 16 at 23:48
    MeuLeuHi you need to upload new pictures.
    Posted by MeuLeu on 07 Dec 17 at 09:26
    Legendkilla X18 mins though that 3rd pic took about 11 mins.
    Posted by Legendkilla X on 11 Mar 18 at 13:04
    RubensXThanks a lot :)
    Posted by RubensX on 01 Mar 19 at 16:05
    NeoMassterThanks, 9mins :D
    Posted by NeoMasster on 07 Mar 20 at 15:23
    Mike PitchGreat solution! 10:13 for me.
    Posted by Mike Pitch on 01 Sep 20 at 18:48
    planchetflawAfter playing through the game twice because I exited out once causing the start-again glitch, I was adamant I would never be able to beat 20m because of that last puzzle skull. But Legendkilla X's comment about 18m with 11m of those being that puzzle made me go for it (I'm not a speed runner) and it's actually really easy haha. I think I got around 11m all up and didn't really have much issue on the third skull puzzle. Good guide! Good comments!
    Posted by planchetflaw on 15 Oct at 06:19
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