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The Vulture achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

The Vulture

Perform 5 Ground Finish in Manhunt during a session as The Brigand (Multiplayer).

The Vulture+0.1
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How to unlock the The Vulture achievement

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    Perform 5 Ground Finish in a single session of Manhunt as The Brigand.

    The Brigand is the female character with the green (default) outfit, a cape, and a spear. On the selection screen she is the 3rd down on the left side (4th down when viewing the characters in the data hub, thanks xXDobleEquisXx).

    External image

    Out of the 4 achievements in the DLC pack this one is, in my opinion, the most difficult. I say this because unless you're boosting this you're mostly at the mercy of the other players doing everything right in order for you to achieve it. Thankfully you can earn this achievement at any level so if you haven't reached level 20 yet you can work on this one while you build your XP toward the "True Templar" achievement.

    Assassin's Creed: RevelationsTrue TemplarThe True Templar achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations worth 58 pointsReach level 20 (Multiplayer).

    I don't know how familiar you are with the multiplayer modes so I'm just going going to assume you know very little and cover all the important information, feel free to skip any part of this that you don't need.

    The Setup
    In Multiplayer mode you'll want to select "Custom Match" (this can be done in a private match also if you have a group of friends that want to play), set it for a "Team" mode and then select "Manhunt".

    If you're not lucky to be the player from your team to select the character you'll just have to keep your fingers crossed that the team leader will pick the Brigand. Alternatively you could try asking them nicely to select the Brigand for you, or you could could team up with some friends who are willing to help you out.

    Performing a Ground Finish
    Manhunt is split up into 2 rounds, during 1 round your team will be trying to kill the opposing team, during the other round you'll be trying to hide from the opposing team. Which team does which first is random. A ground finish can only be done when your team is trying to kill the opposing team.

    To get a ground finish you'll need to wait until one of your teammates makes a successful kill. If you're near by you'll see an X button prompt appear above the victim's body, run up to it and tap X to perform a "Ground Finish".

    You'll need to do 5 of them in the same session, the achievement should pop the instant you finish the 5th.

    Since you have to rely on your teammates to make kills for you to finish off, the best strategy is to identify the best player on your team and simply shadow them. Finish off everyone they kill, and help out by reviving them if they get stunned or locking targets if you identify an enemy.

    If you're teaming up with friends you could all travel in a group and designate who will do the killing and who will get the ground finishes.

    Other Considerations
    Unless the other players on your team are amazing you'll barely have enough time to get 5 Ground Finishes in a single match. This means you'll want to be playing from the very start of the match as opposed to joining a game in progress.

    For this reason even if you find yourself on a team that is playing as a character other than the Brigand, stick with it, to make sure you're there for the whole next match. Also, after a few matches with the same group you'll probably find yourself the team leader and be able to pick the character you want.

    While not the best, I do find that Manhunt tends to be pretty good for earning XP anyway. I was able to get a good chunk of progression toward level 20 while waiting for the right conditions to earn this achievement.

    I welcome any other tips or strategies for earning this achievement. Thanks for reading!
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    MoS x Jameoits not on the 3rd down its the fourth i have all 3 dlc's
    fix and i shall positive vote
    Posted by MoS x Jameo On 27 May 12 at 00:08
    Twistedsymphonyx Jameooooooooo are you sure you're looking at the character select screen in the data hub, as xXDobleEquisXx pointed out above "She's the fourth down on the left on the Character screen in the data hub, but for some reason, the third down on the left when you're actually choosing a character in Manhunt."

    unless of course she changed position again with the newer DLCs (which I don't yet have)
    Posted by Twistedsymphony On 27 May 12 at 13:14
    BigBoy8804I need help getting this achievement, ive tried waiting for the game mode and character to be avalible but could never get the game play right. iIf i could get some help just let me know when and if you can help.
    Posted by BigBoy8804 On 02 Jul 12 at 01:52
    TwistedsymphonyIf you're having trouble I'd recommend finding (or creating) a boost session. Since this can be done in a private match, earning the achievement in a boost session should be relatively easy.
    Posted by Twistedsymphony On 02 Jul 12 at 02:56
    aka KryptonianQuality solution
    Posted by aka Kryptonian On 02 Nov 12 at 23:14
    Solario32Wow, even included a picture of the character to use. Thumbs up!
    Posted by Solario32 On 11 Nov 12 at 17:43
    Oo CRASHTEST oOI was in a boosting session for this and kicked over 20 downed characters and still no achievement does anyone know why
    Posted by Oo CRASHTEST oO On 13 Jan 13 at 02:48
    Twistedsymphonystupid questions but.... were you playing manhunt? Did you select the correct character? Did you get 5 ground finishes in the same round? Those are the only things that should keep you from earning it.
    Posted by Twistedsymphony On 13 Jan 13 at 03:26
    J ROLL 1998Need this
    Gt; J ROLL 1998
    Posted by J ROLL 1998 On 07 May 22 at 20:16
    Scenic Route 16How do you actually selected the character? Every time it picks one for you.
    Posted by Scenic Route 16 On 21 Jun 22 at 07:36
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