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Trident Tested achievement in KS: Season Two

Trident Tested

Hit an albatross on Trident Harbour – A wide tee off could help here? (All difficulties)

Trident Tested0
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How to unlock the Trident Tested achievement

  • Runner7922Runner7922201,300
    07 Jan 2012 07 Jan 2012
    27 1 17
    In order to get this achievement you have to get an "albatross" at hole #16 - Trident Harbour. An albatross is a golf term for 3 strokes under par. Since this hole is a par 5 you have to make the hole in 2 shots.

    It is a difficult achievement and it took me many tries but I finally did it in a single player match, pro level. The importance of pro level is that the flag is roughly in the middle of the green. Conditions were calm. My first shot was with the driver and I aimed for the ledge on the right side of the screen. The trick is to hit the ball with enough force so that it lands on the ledge but goes under the branches of the trees. If hit correctly the ball will bounce and roll down the slope and stop at 297 yards. If there is wind, you can still make this shot by hitting a bit harder or lighter depending on the wind direction. Sometimes the ball will hit some branches and still roll down the hill but if the shot goes into the thick of the trees the ball will stay at the top of the ledge and its game over because there are more trees and bushes that block the next shot.

    Ok so the ball rolls down the fairway and the second shot is 246 yards to the hole. The flag is barely visible so one can aim directly for it. I switched clubs to a 3 wood and struck the ball with medium weight. It bounced between the trees unto the green and into the hole.

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    Lazy with StyleI replayed this game today after several months and got 2 of the golf expansion achievements in like 30 minutes including this one. The explanation is perfect and the video in the second solution shows where you have to stand if you are not interested in reading the text of Runner7922. So you should know what to do here. I will add two more aspects which might help. First of all it is also possible to stand on the right of the ball and hit from there. I had to do it like that because I have a small room and more space on the right. Second, you need to do 2 power shots. On my first six tries I always hit too short. On my 7th try I hit too short with my first shot and then realized how to do a power shot with my second try. When I hit, I turn back with my full upper body, also the head is facing at my swinging arm then and NOT at the TV. After 1-2 seconds I release the shot and swing in the direction of the TV with full power but not overexagerated - nice and smooth and then it is always a power shot. Ball landed exactly at 297 yards like described above in the solution. Then on my 3rd hit another power shot straight to the hole with a 3 wood and I had an eagle. I did these last 2 steps again in my next try and got the achievement with an albatross. It is doable AND repeatable... Good luck!
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 12 Oct 15 at 19:26
    MattiasAndersonYES! Bounced 3 times on my second shot and got the achievement! Took me numerous attempts. Comment above me is good except he is wrong about 3rd shot as you can only get the achievement in 2 shots. (Unless I misunderstood what he meant to say).

    Very good solution!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 09 Mar 19 at 12:14
    Lazy with StyleLooking at my comment above I think I was trying to say this: I figured out how to do a good power swing while finishing the hole with 3 shots in an earlier attempt (which is an eagle - 2 under par but not enough for this achievement). I could repeat these power swings constantly after some practice, thus finishing the hole in 2 shots eventually (with an albatross). Congratulations to the achievement, it's not easy smile
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 09 Mar 19 at 13:58
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  • SaidaiKanpekiSaidaiKanpeki829,852
    27 Sep 2014 27 Sep 2014 28 Sep 2014
    12 0 7
    For those that need a visual solution to get this achievement, here you go.

    Kudos to Runner7922 for giving us the written version.

    Single Player Match
    Single Hole Match
    Course: Trident Harbour
    AI Difficulty: Pro
    Wind: Calm (Recommended)

    Shot #1: Driver club, then aim between the two Maple trees on the far right side using your full strength.

    Shot #2: Wood 3 club, then aim at the flag with all the strength you have. You might need a decent size display to see it properly. If you can't see it try to aim between the trees but slightly to the left.
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    KinectKid333The video is unavailable :(
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 08 Jul at 23:30
    SaidaiKanpekiThanks for letting me know! It should be up again.
    Posted by SaidaiKanpeki on 08 Jul at 23:52
    KinectKid333:) yay
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 09 Jul at 00:49
  • 13 7 4
    I drew this out on MS paint, it is an overall hole layout, and it shows where to hit the ball

    Hope it helps! Feedback is appreciated!
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    sleepydog004yeah i agree with skanker
    Posted by sleepydog004 on 30 Dec 11 at 04:15
    DreboldtI just got it and did it the way xDJNeLLieNeLL said. Just remember to make a slightly crooked angle so you'll hit the trees and the ball will fall down. You'll get a straight shot with no trees og rocks in the way.

    Good luck!
    Posted by Dreboldt on 16 Feb 12 at 14:23
    MattiasAndersonLoved the drawing! lol
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 09 Mar 19 at 10:07
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