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Depot (Co-op) Perfect achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Depot (Co-op) Perfect

Complete Co-op Campaign Mission without failing an objective, no respawns, on default or hard

Depot (Co-op) Perfect0
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How to unlock the Depot (Co-op) Perfect achievement

  • Smeagol44Smeagol44190,965
    11 Mar 2011 11 Mar 2011
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    All the above is correct but it does not mention the helicopter. You need to tag this and let it escape to get perfect and the achievement. In order to do this get someone down low and just round the corner from the helicopter as it hovers unpredictably. Get someone else to shoot the tanker with a sniper from the tracks behind the point of the person at the helicopter. Once this is blown leg it as fast as you can round to the chopper and plant the tracker. Once this is complete let the helicopter escape, clean up and extract.

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    Arsenal MegaI want to add that you can not clear out the depot (killing too many enemies). Our group had the problem that the helicopter flew away by itself once the depot was cleared out without us realizing, and it happened a few times because we spilt in two smaller teams and one team took out all enemies up in the north.

    This means that you blow up the fuel tank first, then the helicopter gets marked by one player who sneaks through a path that is in the south, and THEN you kill all the enemies.
    Do it in that order and it will work.

    And an additional advice, the one who marks the helicopter must not shoot, at all!
    I found it out the hard way when I was at the chopper and before tagging I saw an enemy and opened fire. The helicopter was alerted immediately and flew off.
    So the one who tags must be silent at all times. Don't be afraid when you see enemies, the blown up tank will have them distracted so they won't fire at you, so tag that damn flying machine, after that feel free to shoot all enemies Rambo style.
    Posted by Arsenal Mega on 12 May 19 at 21:24
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  • MtldMtld2,029,495
    23 Jul 2009 15 Oct 2010 15 Oct 2010
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    Here are some tips:

    Start= You want to hit hard on the western side of the level, as many enemies can be seen running towards you at the start. Use topography to your advantage by taking over the west hill and taking down enemies in the middle of the map . Watch out for the ADATS there, by always moving unseen from it (behind rocks). Blow it up and continue to go along the western wall. You'll also be able to take out terrorists in their encampment from afar once you're up the hill.

    Depot (entering) = You can go through the depot coming from the encampment. However, I prefer going through the big hangar that is in front of the depot (watch out for terrorists in there), because from there you can shoot most enemies that are in the open. If you want to get there, backtrack and approach the depot from the front.

    Tanker = I usually blow the tanker without seeing it. I approach the train wagons and throw grenades to the tanker while staying behind cover. Using smoke to create cover is also a great idea, but I played the map with only 1 other player, and we didn't want to bring smoke. Once you know the level, you'll know where and how far you have to throw the grenade to blow the tanker. This is important because terrorists will start pouring to this location, so you want to be in range of good cover for the next part. By staying hidden in front or behind the train, you can kill them without risking your life. The worst place to be when the tanker blows up is in the open in front of it or between the 2 trains (although sometimes luck is on your side ...)

    The rest of the level is a straightforward clean up to the extraction.
  • MegaManSurvivesMegaManSurvives434,623
    07 Sep 2016 11 Sep 2016
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    These solutions are sound but the most important part of this mission is the helicopter. It will leave and leave fast. You need to head straight there and tag it before you do much of anything else. I'd recommend a team of 4 or more and take out the guys on the cliff to the left 1st. Quickly make you way to the right towards the helicopter and get a dude or 2 to run in there n tag it. After that it's easy going.
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