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Gunslinger achievement in Battlefield 3


Get 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons

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How to unlock the Gunslinger achievement

  • LAFTALAFTA564,246
    15 Dec 2011 12 Dec 2011 28 Feb 2012
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    Below are the challenges you need to complete to obtain the ten new weapons in the Karkand expansion.

    10 Revives
    10 Heals

    L85A2 (unlock FAMAS to enable this challenge)
    100 Assault Rifle Kills
    20 kills with Underslung M320. (Can be the separate gun or the attachment)
    Win 5 matches of Squad Deathmatch

    10 Repairs
    1 Infantry Repair Torch Kill

    QBZ-95B (Unlock G53 to enable this challenge)
    50 AT RPG Kills
    1 Enemy Vehicle Destroyed with Repair Tool (Great tip from BadTriangle, destroying enemy equipment counts for this)
    5 Conquest Wins

    20 LMG Kills
    2 Mortar Kills (Beware, you must rank up four times - 40k exp in Support to unlock the Mortar)

    MG36 (unlock QBB-95 to enable this challenge)
    100 LMG Kills
    50 Suppresion Assists
    50 Resupplies (When going for the LMG kills just throw ammo packs for snipers on your team)

    20 Sniper Rifle Kills
    5 Laser Designations (multiple ways of doing this, SOFLAM/CITV seat in a Tank/Laser Painter in Attack Helicopter)

    L96 (Unlock QBU-88 to enable this challenge)
    50 Headshots
    50 Spot Assists (BACK button,)
    5 Knifes (Hold RB)

    Arm 10 M-Coms (Rush)
    10 Flag Captures (Conquest)
    2 hours played on Strike at Karkand

    MK3A1(Unlock PP-19 to enable this challenge)
    10 Kills with PP-19
    5 Kills in DPV Jeep (Transport Vehicle)
    10 Kills in BTR-90 (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) (Best found at the RU deployment or Construction Site on Gulf of Oman)
    2 hours played on Sharqi Peninsula
    2 hours played on Gulf of Oman

    Once you've unlocked all of the weapons remember you need to get 10 kills with them wink

    Edits: As mentioned in the comments section by Cenrail, you don't have to actually unlock each weapon, you can just pick it up from a someone else who dropped it and get the 10 kills needed.

    Also matdan12 mentions, these requirements don't have to be met on the new maps. Any maps will do.

    As Scruffy McGuffy, DBB Klikopedia and BigWorthless confirm, none of the challenges have to be done in specific classes apart from the obvious ones, snipe kills, LMG kills etc Therefore it's best to unlock the complete first tier of challenges first. Try to get 2 hours on Strike at Karkand done so the time starts counting for Sharqi and Oman as soon as possible too.

    If you get the 10 kills with every weapon and it doesn't unlock. Simply get 10 more kills with the Famas in one match and it should unlock (Any DLC gun may work but the Famas definitely does)Not sure why this happens, but it seems to be common.

    If that still doesn't work then you may need to get 10 kils with each weapon in one sitting, It seems that some counts are being reset when turning your 360 off
    Thanks for all the extra tips in the comments, keep them coming and I'll keep adding them in.

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    Mobius EvalonThe best piece of advice I can give is that using revives seems to make most of your kills not count for some ridiculous reason. I was fourth in a rotation of four people to get all the Gunslinger and Close Quarters gun kills and I made everyone use respawn beacons instead of revive each other (as the owner of the server and the host of the session). I was the only one who had the achievement unlock exactly on time. If you know you got a majority of the kills via revives (i.e. boosting) then dashboard and do them all again with fresh respawns via a respawn beacon.

    If you got all of those kills in actual multiplayer matches, then I don't know what to tell you.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 08 Jun 14 at 23:05
    MrSouzaaAll these kills are in public matches without being owner of the server, or friend was entering into public matches and making kills and did not come out and just missing this achievement
    Posted by MrSouzaa on 11 Jun 14 at 13:50
    BulgyDragonZordNowadays if you are boosting for this achievement or playing legit, the amount of kills you obtain towards the related gun can be buggy since even though you already have 10 kills on each of the guns, it is possible that some of those kills aren't registered. So the recommendation when your working on the guns is to get around 12 - 15 kills each to guarantee that 10 kills have been placed.

    However if that doesn't work another method is to log into Battlelog and then look at the weapons that are related to this achievement. That way it will show you how many kills you've exactly got. But the website will not be updated until you have completed the match you have been playing on, so make sure you complete the match before you check your stats on the weapons, otherwise they will all still say the same status as what they we're before. Here's the website login...

    For me and my team we used this method but when I didn't get the achievement, it turned out I needed 1 kill on one of the Support weapons because it said 9. Even though I reckon I got around 17 - 20 kills with it.
    Posted by BulgyDragonZord on 07 Aug 16 at 09:12
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    20 Apr 2013 20 Apr 2013
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    The MK3A1 is pretty hard to unlock, so if you have Premium play some Gun Master. If you do good enough, you will eventually have to get 2 kills with the MK3A1. I thought this was a much easier way to get this weapon than trying to pick it off a dead body or unlock it. It saves you at least 4 hours:)
  • Yurgi WinduYurgi Windu818,260
    22 Nov 2017 22 Nov 2017
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    The quickest way to get the kills with these weapons without unlocking is through Gun Master. This will save a chunk of time. Best way to do this is with 4 players. 1 person will need to rent a server and then you play Gun Master with the different weapon sets as detailed below. With the rented server, to change the weapon set go to presets then create new preset and scroll down the list of options until you find the gun master weapon set. Change it as required then play 5 rounds on that set to get the 10 kills

    The weapon sets needed are as follows, play 5 rounds of each

    Heavy Gear weapon set includes FAMAS & QBB-95

    EU Arms Race weapon set includes L85A2 & MG36

    Snipers Delight weapon set includes QBU-88 & L96

    Normal weapon set includes PP-19 & MK3A1 (you only need to get to level 8 on this rather than 17. You can quit after level 8 and getting two kills with each of the required weapons and it will still count however XP obtained will not)

    This then leaves these two to unlock

    G53 - 10 repairs and 1 repair torch kill (easily done)
    QBZ-95B - this one takes a bit of time, you need to have G53 unlocked to unlock the assignment for this then get

    50 rocket kills
    Destroy 1 enemy vehicle with the repair torch
    Win 5 rounds of conquest

    For the conquest rounds set the required number of TKs to 10% in the map rotation settings and it will be very quick.

    Remember for these last two guns only one player needs to unlock each. Once unlocked play some TDM and each player gets the 10 kills. As previously stated if the players who do not have the weapon unlocked kill the player who does and pick up their loadout the kills will count. Quickest method is team being killed keep respawning next to player doing the killing using a radio beacon (recon class)

    To stop the parachuting in when using tge beacon place the beacon indoors and you will spawn on the ground. Factory on Sabalan Pipeline map is good for this

    Also the server owner can move players to different teams to make it 3v1 with the player on their own getting the kilks. That speeds it up a bit as well giving them 3 to kill rather than 2. To do this hit start, server settings, manage players, select who you want to move, hit A and they will die and re-spawn on other team.

    This method of using Gun Master still takes a bit of time (5-8 mins per round with 4 players) but it means you don't need the 6 hours play time to unlock the PP-19 and MK3A1 and don't need support class to level up 4 times for the QBB-95
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