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Like a Boss achievement in Battlefield 3

Like a Boss

Get a kill with the skid loader

Like a Boss+1.7
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How to unlock the Like a Boss achievement

  • HaloStorm12HaloStorm12320,820
    14 Dec 2011 13 Dec 2011 15 Apr 2012
    104 14 50
    First of all you have to get the kill with it while in the driver seat. Also if it doesnt unlock your first time try again as that has made it unlock for others. The first video is the way i recommend you try first, the second is just someone running over another person in it.

    The skid loader is on wake island. As the description says you can do it by running someone over with it or you could do it this way which may be a little less frustrating. First of (The game mode in the video is set to conquest assault so if some of you are having difficulties getting it try it in that game mode, i got mine in normal conquest though )get in the skid loader and go plant some AT mines under an unocupied vehicle. Now hop back in your skid loader and try not to die, if your lucky an enemy will hop in the vehicle and will explode. This will count as a skid loader kill.

    Good luck =)

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    Athal Ward 088since the game its now backwards compatible I'm looking for people to boost this. Feel free to add me. Cheers
    Posted by Athal Ward 088 on 10 Jan 17 at 19:25
    ParadoxReal8Did they changed the capture point? I looked for the B for a long time until I figured Airfield was C for me... shock
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 14 Jan 18 at 06:44
    TCB77TLCI’m still needing this achievement plus few others. If anyone needs this or other achievements or guns or dog tags, I have a server open. Send me a message online TCB77TLC
    Posted by TCB77TLC on 19 Aug 20 at 19:26
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  • ZymeshZymesh183,683
    09 Jan 2012 19 Jan 2012
    14 3 3
    Use an Engineer class and plant some Anti tank Mines. Go ride the Skidloader and hide while waiting for someone to get killed by your AT mines. When someone gets killed you will unlock this. The main objective is you must register a kill while being the driver. Maybe running someone over or hitting a tank with RPG and then go in the skidloader and hope the enemy tank driver gets killed while inside the burning tank.

    So far AT mines is the easiest one to do rather than running someone over. There is a Jeep opposite the skid loader and thats a good place to plant some AT mines.
    You need to be the driver and not killing while hitching at the back or front.
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    canicaTHEE!!!! BEST WAY AND EASY WAY TO THIS CHEEV. I read this post, tried it 2min later and presto on the first try. I set some at mines got in the loader drove to some place I was able to hide. 5min later a victim appeared. Pop goes the achievement. Do as this post says. And wait for some Moron to fall in the trap
    Posted by canica on 26 Mar 12 at 07:39
    rangersfan414Doesn't work anymore.
    Posted by rangersfan414 on 12 Apr 13 at 15:53
    rangersfan414Just got it off a roadkill though.
    Posted by rangersfan414 on 12 Apr 13 at 15:55
  • HoMeRSiMpSNHoMeRSiMpSN56,456
    11 Mar 2012 22 Mar 2012
    12 4 4
    I tried the AT mines trick several times, but never could get the timing down. So what I did was this. I used the Engineer class with the Explosives specialization, and equipped mines and the SAM launcher. I then placed a bunch of mines around likely choke points and near the jeeps. I then drove the skid loader past the hangers and down to the beach (on the longer arm side of the island). I then jumped out and equipped the SAM, jumping back in every minute or so to keep the loader from auto destroying. I just waited until a plane or chopper came close enough to lock-on, and fired then jumped back into the loader. The 2nd time I used this technique I got a kill with my 2nd SAM (the Apache had already been damaged by a F35). Using this techinique will amplify your chances since you still have the mines out.
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    s3bb86the idea with the sam is great, but i would recommend not to leave your skid loader until you acutally see a target. it maybe a bit frustrating, if you wait outside for an air vehicle and in the meantime, someone hits your mines = no achievement ;)
    Posted by s3bb86 on 04 May 12 at 11:38
    HoMeRSiMpSNYeah that is a good point. I was about maybe 60% out, 40% in, but spending more time in will amplify your chances...
    Posted by HoMeRSiMpSN on 12 May 12 at 03:23
    SkeletonotelekSI attempted this, fired the SAM and got immediately back in the Skid loader, it credited the kill to the SAM. I'm not sure if this has been patched or something but it doesn't work.
    Posted by SkeletonotelekS on 06 Sep 13 at 23:08
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