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Marvel: Vengeance and Virtue

The betrayer achievement in Pinball FX2

The betrayer

Defeat the betrayer Loki on Thor! (Single player only)

The betrayer+2.8
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How to unlock the The betrayer achievement

  • Hoofy RogersHoofy Rogers236,859
    09 Jan 2012 09 Jan 2012
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    Wizard mode achievement.

    Complete the 5 main missions which are started by hitting the URU middle hole 4 times ( 3 to unlock the gate and 1 hit in the rainbow bridge).
    For descriptions on defeating each of the missions just have a look at the guide in the rule sheet section under help & options. (If enough people require It I don't mind adding some tips on each of the missions)

    You should get the hang of these missions enough so that your able to complete all 5 on the 1st or 2nd ball ideally.

    Once these are all complete the final wizard mode is a multi-ball mode meaning no time limit. You need to be pretty good at keeping multi-ball's going however, as it's surprisingly tricky on this table.

    The 1st goal is to hit all 7 ramps/orbits in the order in which they flash. The order is random, but it doesn't nominate another shot until you've completed the current flashing shot. It's surprisingly awkward to pull off some of the shots as you need to concentrate on keeping the balls live also.

    Once you've hit all 7 shots you simply have to sink however many remaining balls you have in any hole. This part is easy in comparison.

    If you fail you have to redo all 5 missions so this can be a frustrating endeavour.


    Take advantage of the initial ball-save and ignore 2 of the 3 balls and just go for the shots. If you can get a couple of successful shots off during this it puts you in a good starting position.

    Other than that just practice keeping all 3 going for as long as possible. The likely hood is however that you'll get most of the shots with only 2 as it's very hard to coordinate 3 balls.

    Good luck and let me know if there's anything else you need help with :D
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    SpKXmasSpiritI was close! Went 5 of 7 in literally no time and then pretty much pissed down my leg and fumbled a couple balls pretty amateurly.. ah well, good to experience it
    Posted by SpKXmasSpirit on 10 Aug 12 at 10:29
    DSmooove6I hate this achievement. Seriously. I am like 0-for-20 when getting to the final mode. Finally got the Ymir loop only to have the ball continue to the S-I-F thing and drain right down the middle. Horrible Achievement.
    Posted by DSmooove6 on 13 Sep 12 at 18:05
    OtoGiSanI agree with DSmooove6. This has been one horrible achievement and probably the hardest I've tried to go after. Coming real close to giving up and I don't want to...ugh! cry
    Posted by OtoGiSan on 06 Jul 13 at 06:51
    OtoGiSanFinally got the damn thing after 2 months! Def. the hardest achievement besides Cookie Jar imo
    Posted by OtoGiSan on 19 Jul 13 at 00:45
    zyxomma100I still don't have this stupid achievement, and note how I have the first comment on this solution. Ultimo and Cookie Jar have nothing on this.

    Ugh, I hate multiball wizard modes.
    Posted by zyxomma100 on 16 Jan 14 at 04:41
    ukinsproUltimo is a breeze compared to this, have 6 achievements left to do and this wizard mode is by far the hardest. Probably failed wizard mode 50+ times before finally got it.
    Posted by ukinspro on 11 Mar 14 at 23:39
    XI AlphaMale IXThis cheevo is definitely rough. I don't find the missions particularly hard at all, though, so at least I should get plenty of shots at wizard mode. I'm about 0 for 5 on the final mission, but can get to wizard without too much trouble. If this is the hardest achievement, then this game will fall to me.
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 06 Jul 14 at 04:13
    BoltThrower1066Just got to the final mission for the hundredth time and one ball got stuck just to the left of the serpent ramp opening. Got all the ramps done with one ball and locked it, pretty excited thinking I could jolt the other ball free. But no matter how hard I shunted the tilt it was truly stuck!!!!!!! Iron man and thor, my last two achievements, will be the death of me angry
    Posted by BoltThrower1066 on 06 Jul 14 at 09:45
    BoltThrower1066In case anyone doesn't know (I only just found this out off Zen Studios Forum) pressing launch while your over halfway up the Serpent ramp opens a hole that puts you on the top left flipper. Then press launch when your going through the Ymir ramp and it smashes you automatically through the Armour ramp. Hopefully helps while doing final mission!
    Posted by BoltThrower1066 on 17 Jul 14 at 04:53
    bmlortzIt took me 60+ tries to get this (Meaning I got to the Final Mission that many times). Here is some of my advice.
    As you learn the table, get familiar with playing the Surtur and Dawn of the Dead multiball modes. Consider them "practice" for keeping 2+ balls in play.
    Always go for the Odin's Gift extra ball (hit the right ramp after hitting the small circular target next to the Rainbow Bridge target). If the Rainbow Bridge is open, but the Serpent ramp (right ramp) has the lightning flashes, there is a chance you can get an extra ball.
    The first time I completed all of the ramps (about my 30th time playing the Final Battle) I had totally forgotten that I had to sink the balls into the holes. I was wondering why the achievement didn't pop (while kicking the 2 remaining balls around the table) until I noticed the Display telling me to sink the balls...and then I lost one.
    Anyway, I'm finally done with this table, at the time of this writing, I'm the 77th player to do it. Hang in there, it can be done!
    Posted by bmlortz on 29 Jun 15 at 10:08
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