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Bring Magneto To His Knees achievement in Pinball FX2

Bring Magneto To His Knees

Spell out X-MEN and finally conquer Magneto on X-Men! (Single player only)

Bring Magneto To His Knees+0.9
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How to unlock the Bring Magneto To His Knees achievement

  • bmlortzbmlortz193,738
    01 Nov 2015 27 Dec 2015 02 Feb 2016
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    No offense to JonC1971's guide, but some of the details are a bit sparse...

    The Executive Summary:
    Light all X-MEN letters
    X = Gather all X-Men: Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Storm. Then start the Phoenix Multi-ball mode.
    M = Defeat the 4 Magneto Missions: Brooklynn Bridge, Pheonix In Peril, Capture Magneto, Magnetic Frenzy. Then start the Final Clash multi-ball mode.
    E = Defeat the 3 Super Villians: Juggernaut, Mystique, The Blob. Then start the "Defeat the Sentinals" mode.
    N = Upgrade 3 X-Men abilities: Cyclops, Colossus, Storm. Then start the Omega Mutant mode.

    Shoryuken to the Chin's X-Men Table Guide

    The Nitty Gritty:
    Gathering the X-Men:
    There are 3 ways to complete a "Gather The X-Man" mission
    Unite ramp, Cerebro Hurry Up, Bioscan
    UNITE ramp: Hit this ramp 6 times (Once for each letter, and a final time to activate the mission) Afterwards, you will have a 10(?) second timer to hit one of the X-Men ramps. Whatever ramp you hit will collect that X-Man. Because this timer is short, I usually would try for the "difficult" X-men, and if time ran down go for the easy ones.
    Cerebro Hurry Up: Hit the Storm ramp to send the ball to the Cerebro drain, this will fill the letters to "Xavier's Gift". Usually two hits can activate it, sometimes more are in order. Once activated, a hit up the Unite ramp with start the mission. The Cerebro mission will select a previously unobtained X-Man for you to collect. You have approximately 20(?) seconds to collect this X-Man. Note: When activating the Cerebro mission you reset the UNITE ramp back to zero, therefore, if you are close to activating the UNITE ramp, you may want to activate that collection method first, and then follow up with the Cerebro mission.
    Bioscan Award: The Bioscan mission is activated by hitting the Colossus ramp 4 times, then hitting the Hidden Sink Hole. Due to the rarity of activating this mission, much less obtaining the award, I have no real advice on how to accomplish it. However, if you do activate the mission, and then hit the proper target, there is a chance you will automatically collect an X-Man. Another award is an Extra Ball, so this may be a worth an attempt (out of ALL of the times I played, I collected only 2 X-Men, and 1 Extra Ball).
    "Gather The X-Men" Final Mode: Once all of the X-Men are lit up, hit the Unite ramp to start the Phoenix Multi-ball mode. Once this multi-ball mode is finished, the "X" will light.

    Defeating the Magneto Missions:
    Brooklynn Bridge: You will most likely activate this mission a lot more times than you need to. Start this mission by hitting the Cyclops ramp 4 times. You have 60 seconds to complete this mission. Once started, you first need to build an Ice Bridge by hitting the Iceman ramp 3 times. If you hit the Unite ramp, you will roll back one Iceman ramp hit, unless you have hit one of the Colossus bumpers first. Most other X-Man ramp hits will pause the countdown timer. After 3 Iceman ramp hits, a Unite Ramp hit will complete the mission.
    Pheonix In Peril: Hitting the Jean Grey ramp 4 times will activate this. The ball in play is captured and another ball is launched. Use this second ball to free the first, thus activating a 2 ball multi-ball session. This is a standard theme for a few missions; first hit either the Iceman ramp or Unite ramp, then hit one of the Magneto targets. Once the final Magneto target is opened up, you can easily (relativly) activate the "Power Of Love" extra ball. Therefore, trapping both balls before you obtain the mission completion can help a great deal.
    Capture Magneto: The most diffcult part of this mission is its activation. Hitting the Hidden Sinkhole is usually accomplished by a late flipper hit from the upper left hand flipper. Once the Hidden Sinkhole is hit twice you can attempt to Capture Magneto. First you use a skill shot to charge the ball with Cyclop's power. Next, you have to clear the three shields that Magneto has contructed across various ramps and loops. There are two countdowns for this mission, one for the amount of time the ball is charged, and another for the overall mission. If the ball runs out of power, hit the Iceman ramp to get another chance to charge the ball. Once activated, this mission is fairly easy to complete.
    Magnetic Frenzy: This mission is activated by clearing the Magneto targets and shooting the ball into the Magneto sinkhole. When going for these targets, if you hit a target that has already been hit, Magneto will trap the ball and throw it in a random direction. Sometimes, this direction will look to be Straight Down The Middle (SDTM), but a correctly timed flipper action will save the ball. Once this mission is activated you have to hit the Iceman or Unite ramp and then hit the Magneto targets. On the upside, this mission will hold your progress up to a point. One letter of Magneto will light up for each successful Ramp+Target combo, up until the final three letters. Therefore, if you complete, MAGN, the next time you activate the mission, you will only have to deal with three more Ramp+Target shots. Unfortunately, the table does not continue with fewer than 3 letters.
    "Final Clash": After lighting up all 4 Magneto missions, the "Final Clash" sink hole becomes available. Regardless if you complete this mission or not, the "M" light will light up once the mode ends.

    Defeat the 3 Super Villians:
    Juggernaut: This is another mission that you will most likely activate multiple times. Hit the Iceman ramp 4 times to activate this mission. Afterwards, you will have to hit the Iceman ramp a total of three times before various timers (30 second timer or count down from 5 million points). Once you hit the Iceman ramp the final time, the Wolverine ramp is activated to lock a ball.
    Mystique: Hit the Wolverine orbit 4 times to activate this mode. You have 60 seconds to complete this mission. Mystique is hidden behind one of the X-Men ramps. Her location is randomly selected as well as unknown to you. You have to keep hitting the various X-Men ramps until you discover her. When this mission starts, be ready. At the start of this mission it is the easiest time to hit the Cyclops and Storm ramps. You have 60 seconds to find the proper ramp. Once Mystique is found, the Wolverine ramp is activated to lock a ball.
    The Blob: Hit the Nightcrawler ramp 4 times to start this mission. You have to hit the following ramps in order, with a 20 second timer for each shot. Cyclops Ramp, Iceman Ramp, Storm Orbit, Unite Ramp. Fortunately, the ball will teleport to a helpful start position after the completion of a successful shot, so this is not as hard as it sounds.
    "Defeat the Sentinals": After each super villian ball is locked, this 3-ball multi-ball mode starts. You have to hit each ramp and then finish with a shot up the Unite Ramp, while keeping a minimum of 2 balls in play. Once this is completed, you have to do it again to beat this mission. Fortunately, win or lose, once this mode is done you will light the "E".

    Upgrade 3 X-Men abilities:
    When Cyclops, Colossus, or Storm are activated (as covered in the first section of this guide), you will then have the chance to upgrade their powers. How you upgrade each superhero's power is detailed below.
    Cyclops: Get a Super Skill Shot. To get into this mode, you need to hit the Iceman ramp.
    Colossus: Hit the Colossus bumpers a total of 25 times.
    Storm: Hit the Storm Spinner enough times so the letters underneath the Storm Spinner all light up.
    "The Omega Mutant": Hit the Unite ramp once to start a 25 million point countdown. Hit the Unite ramp again to stop the countdown and collect the points. Finishing this will light up the "N".

    Here is a 32 minute YouTube video of a very impressive player, Capta1n0bvious3, collecting all 3 achievements for this table:
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  • JonC1971JonC197166,261
    20 Feb 2012 04 Mar 2012
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    Each letter has a set of objectives that need to be completed.

    X - Gather all seven X-Men. It's the same thing you do to get the first achievement, but you need to get all seven, instead of just three of them.
    M - Beat all four of the missions. Activating them is the tricky part.
    E - Beat the three submissions. Same as "M", the activation is the tricky part.
    N - Complete the character upgrades for Storm, Cyclops and Colossus. You must gather the characters first (see "X"). The upgrades are pretty simple. You just need to hit a certain part a number of times (spinner, bumpers and bridge ramp).

    After you complete the objectives for that letter, you enter into a mini-wizard mode. (If you complete the "M" wizard mode or complete the "E" wizard mode twice you will get the other achievement for this table.)

    Here is how you start up the four missions for M and the three missions for E.

    M - Missions
    1.) Hit the Jean orbit 4 times to start up the multiball mission.
    2.) Hit the Cyclops ramp four times to start up the mission.
    3.) Hit the three Magnito targets, which will drop the gate. Now hit the drop down target and then hit the hole to start up the multiball mission.
    4.) Hit the hidden hole below the bumpers twice to start up the mission (tricky shot).

    N - Missions
    1.) Hit the Iceman ramp four times to start up mission.
    2.) Hit the Wolverine orbit four times to start up mission.
    3.) Hit the Nightwalker orbit four times to start up mission.

    Good luck! This table is not easy.
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