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3-Ball Wizard achievement in Pinball FX2

3-Ball Wizard

Defeat Magneto during Final Clash or destroy 2 Sentinels on X-Men! (Single player only)

3-Ball Wizard+1.8
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How to unlock the 3-Ball Wizard achievement

  • FiscalCliff2013FiscalCliff2013115,346
    30 May 2012 30 May 2012
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    You have two options, but they both balance out to being very difficult.

    OPTION A: Defeat all the Magneto missions (very hard) and then defeat Magneto in Final Clash (very hard)


    OPTION B: Defeat Juggernaut, Mystique, and Blob's side missions (not too difficult) and then defeat two sentinels (incredibly hard)

    I went with Option A, but your results may vary.

    --OPTION A--
    After you beat the fourth Magneto mission, Magneto opens up that hole in the playfield. Hit that to start Final Clash, a 3-ball multiball that turns out to be kind of a reprise of the four Magneto missions, but all at once. Magneto blocks 6 lanes with his metal squares and removes the bridge. In no particular order, you must:
    1. Rebuild the bridge with 3 Iceman ramp hits. I don't think UNITE ramp hits destroy the bridge in this mode, so this one's basically a gimme.
    2. Dissolve all the metal barriers. (There's one on every ramp and loop except Iceman and Colossus.) Any of your three regular, uncharged balls will melt the barriers, so this one's no problem either.
    3. Hit 20 ramps. It takes some time. Don't look at the LCD display to see what your progress is...concentrate on keeping balls in play and hit ramps when you can.
    Once you've completed those objectives, Cyclops says something about how you have an opening against Magneto. Now you have to do exactly what you did in the "Phoenix in Peril" mission: hit either the UNITE or Iceman ramp, then hit the Magneto barriers, then one of the ramps again, then the inner barrier, and then sink at least one ball (more for bonus points).
    That doesn't sound too bad, but remember, by the time you get to the end of this mode you'll be all out of ball saver. It's really tough, and if you screw up, you have to beat all the missions again...not easy. Having Nightcrawler and/or Jean Grey providing outlane kickbacks going into this mode is a huge advantage, so try for that if you get a chance.

    --OPTION B--
    Lock the third ball via the Wolverine loop to start this mode. I have to admit I've only beaten one's really, really hard. This is another 3-ball multiball, but objective #1 is to hit all 7 of the different team members' ramps and loops. Cyclops and Storm are both pretty tough if you're juggling multiple balls. Then you hit the UNITE ramp, and then something else -- I don't remember -- until Cyclops says "That's 1 sentinel down!" and then you're expected to do it all over again. (NOTE: Maybe if you beat 1 sentinel and then fail, you can restart the wizard mode by beating the side missions and beat 1 more sentinel for the achievement? I'd like to know if anyone's tried that.)

    Bottom line: Go with option A. It's a lot less frustrating, and if you sink 2 balls in "Phoenix in Peril," you light the Extra Ball, which is great. Either way, though, it's a lot of work.

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    zyxomma100Good guide. I agree that Option A is probably the one to shoot for.
    Posted by zyxomma100 on 03 Jun 12 at 13:49
    Autobot ScoutHello, FiscalCliff2013:

    I would like to answer to your question related with Option B. The player is allowed to fail the three ball mode and restarting the times needed to defeat two sentinels in a single game.

    Kind regards!
    Posted by Autobot Scout on 20 Apr 14 at 18:26
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  • ukinsproukinspro1,322,681
    28 May 2014 30 May 2014
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    As you should know by now there are two routes to getting this achievement, defeat the Magneto missions and complete a 3 ball wizard mode or beat the 3 side missions and defeat a different 3 ball wizard mode twice.

    Without going into the why's and wherefores I'd strongly suggest the side missions as they are easy to complete and the 3 ball wizard mode involves hitting just 7 ramps then the unite ramp to defeat the sentinel. Once defeated you get a chance to defeat another sentinel although should you fail you can simply beat the 3 side missions again and try for the 2nd sentinel.

    Side missions

    Blob - 4 or 5 shots up the nightcrawler orbit will activate the mission. You then need to hit for shots and get 20 seconds for each shot. The ball will be delivered to the correct flipper for each shot to make this easier. The order is always, Cyclops, Iceman, Storm and Unite.

    Juggernaut - 4 shots up the Iceman ramp. you then need to hit the Iceman ramp a further 3 times, you get 30 seconds for the first shot and a point countdown for the next two, which could be as long as 60 seconds. Just hit the unite ramp and Iceman ramps alternately and this one is easy.

    Mystique - 4 shots up Wolverine orbit to start this mode. you then need to find Mystique. To make life easier the mode starts with the ball set to the top right flipper giving you an easy shot to the Cyclops orbit, which in turn delivers the ball to the top left flipper for a shot at the storm orbit. Mystique can be hidden on any of the ramps or orbits, although a successful shot up the Wolverine ramp will show you which ramp/orbit she hides in.

    After beating any mission the Lock is lit on the Wolverine orbit, once you have completed a mission the Lock stays lit even if you lose a ball, once you have completed all 3 missions and locked 3 balls the wizard mode automatically starts.

    Now for the fun part, don't listen to the babble going on, just press A which will start the balls, you have a 30 second ballsaver and you do not want to waste it, in fact you will be abusing it. You need to use the 30 seconds for the tough shots, Storm & Cyclops and then any others are a bonus, but I'd try for Wolverine and maybe Colossus. You may well hit Iceman, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler by chance anyway.

    The first ball drops to the middle of the table, ignore it, let it drop through as ball 2 drops shortly after just above the top left flipper giving you a free shot to Storm. The next ideal shot would be off the bottom right flipper up Wolverine orbit and onto the Cyclops orbit from the top right flipper. You can then use the rest of the 30 seconds keeping 3 balls and knocking out any lanes as a bonus.

    Eventually you will lose a ball, once you have just 2 left, ideally you want to trap one on either flipper. In this position you have easy shots to Jean Grey off the right flipper, if you keep left flipper held this generally returns the ball to the right flipper anyway. Also shots to Colossus, Iceman and Nightcrawler are not to bad, the best method being hit the ball on the bottom right flipper up the unite ramp, giving you time on the left flipper to hit one of the 3 ramps I just mentioned.

    Finally with all 7 lights out, one last shot up the unite ramp to defeat a sentinel.

    Now at this stage I messed up, so did the 3 side missions again, locked the balls and continued to defeat sentinel number 2.

    Sorry for the long description, but if you listen to any of this its to play smart whilst the ballsaver is on.

    If you want more details on the other method or any tables in the series refer to Zen's site and look up shoryukentothechin, the descriptions of everything to do and activating extra balls, is laid out in detail with pictures. Essential viewing if you want to 100% this game. my respect to those who completed before me and anyone who follows.

    You want to vote negative, go for it, I frankly couldn't care less, to anyone this helps, you are quite welcome.
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    XI AlphaMale IXI got to the end of Final Clash a few times. I even drained with one ramp left to hit. The Magneto 2-ball side mission is just horrendously painful to try and do over and over to get back there.

    After deciding I'd put Final Clash aside and focus entirely on the Sentinels, I got it on my very next try! Whoo! Those side missions are just so much more manageable.
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 29 Jun 14 at 02:11
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