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Amassed a fortune in casino coins.

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  • InfiniteRefrainInfiniteRefrain224,129
    05 Feb 2012 05 Feb 2012 07 Feb 2012
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    There are 2 options for this achievement: Slots or Chocobo Racing

    Slots worked for me when the lady next to the machine say that it's 'On Fire' or talking about a Summer's Day.' Purchase/Use Casino Tickets to have about 5,000 coins, save, and then rubber-band the LB and just let the slots auto play. When you have a good run when the Victory Mode ends, pop out and save again so you do not lose your coin progress.

    You will also get the Lucky Coin Fragment as a random from the 777 'jackpot' {rekikire x360a}

    It's fairly deceptive because it's not gotten by winning 10,000 casino coins over-all. I started with 5,000 and the achievement did not unlock until my total coins were over 15,000. Which means the ones you win don't count until the total 'Banked' is 10,000 PLUS what you had when you started. Keep that in mind while cashing in your Platinum & Gold tickets. It will not unlock while you are in the machine - you must exit for the achievement to pop.

    As for the Chocobo racing, I would recommend the Gold or Silver Chocobo as close to max level as you can get it.

    It doesn't really show the throw -- I tossed it directly into the 'dish projector' {Not my video-Credit to the creator of the video}

    Gold Chocobo location is at the end of the video

    Mawu711 : I just got the achievement while trying to get collectors catalog in the races, ( also had the fragment from the slots before hand ) and the level 45 gold chocobo won every race even in fal cie rank.. what I did was set it to the second option so the chocobo has the lightning bolt ability lit up, and bought the item ChocoBull. it makes the chocobo have a goo head start in the races.. Let the bird fill his bar and boost away using the A button. I know you can do it if you use these methods... if you ARE.. then I think your bird is broken :D

    Also.. not sure if it matters.. but I leveled my golden chocobo using potent items only. so it got boosted in all stats.
  • Seraph MetatronSeraph Metatron359,976
    09 Sep 2012 09 Sep 2012 10 Sep 2012
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    I had a little luck at the beginning with the slots, but it was taking way too long, so I found this alternative method for chocobo racing by Mazrim at It is near flawless. Took less time, and I actually enjoyed doing some of the item grinding (while leveling my characters a bit).

    1. Get your Silver Chocobo...he is located in Academia 4xx in the room with Hope & Alyssa. Throw your mog towards the green cocoon projection to get it. (May take a few times.)

    2. You want to level your silver chocobo up to his max, 45. So let's farm some materials to do so. You may already have some materials to do this, but if not, here's what you do:

    Go to Archlyte Steppe and make it rain. Go to the marshes to the west and run around the small island in the center.

    In total you need about 40 potent orbs, 50 potent essences, and 25-30 potent crystals.

    Buccaboo and Buccaboo Aces drop the potent orbs.
    Hedge Frogs, Mud Frongs, Swampmonks, and Caterchipillar drop the potent essences.
    Mirochu's drop the Potent Crystals.

    It may take a little while to farm, but it's better than playing slots for 10 hours and still possibly not getting it.

    3. Level your silver chocobo to 45.

    4. Catch the following two monsters:

    Pulse Gladiator (Archlyte Steppe-Cloudy-Spawns new the gate in the south)
    Cactuar (Archlyte Steppe-Sunny-Spawns in the plains right outside the settlement)

    After you catch these two do the following:

    5. Infuse Level 1 Pulse Gladiator to your Silver Chocobo to get 'Second Wind'.
    Infuse your Level 1 Cactuar to your Silver Chocobo to get 'Sprinter'.

    6. Go to the chocobo racing in Serendipity and start racing! I personally only do 600m races as its fast and always win. You will almost always win 1200m as well, though 1800m might be tougher.

    Put the strategy on the last one (stay in the back) and do not use your boost until Blue Streak appears (will do it near the end of every race).

    I've heard you can also level a Microchu to level 5 and infuse it to your chocobo to get marathoner.

    Another thing you can do to speed this up, if you have the fragment skill, is make time faster. You can get this done in a matter of like 30 minutes if you do that. Simply climb to Fal'cie class, do the races that pay 320 or 480 for 1st place, and bet 100 on your chocobo every time. You will get it in no time. If you run out of RP just retire him, then readd him and climb to Fal'cie class and repeat.

    If you win a 320 race, you will get a profit of 440 coins, and on the 480 races a profit of 600 coins. Once you total 10,000 coins profit you exit the chocobo race screen and you will get the trophy."
  • QonokQonok610,871
    23 Sep 2012 19 Dec 2012
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    Everyone is all about the win win win!

    Well, with chocobo racing you can lose every single race (I don't suggest it until you get up to Falcie races) and still get the 10,000 since the achievement is for winning the coins and not necessarily having your chocobo win them in races.

    Simple enough. I do suggest getting a Silver Chocobo (or whichever Chocobo you want that can get that high) and maxing the level so you can get up to the Falcie series but instead of spending an excess amount of time searching for the infusions you can go straight to racing.

    Check the odds and who is favored to win. Any chocobo with a * is favored and then it goes down from there to A, B, C, etc. Check the chocobo's odds. If it is 5 or better (I would see them at 5.7 to 6.4) you then bet 100 on them. I would generally put 100 bets on the top two ranked chocobo's cause the topped rank doesn't always win. Then with your chocobo come in second or third and get the second or third place prize. I would get 800 to 1000+ coins per race once I figured this out (since you need ~30k for the 4 things you need to buy).

    Occasionally, it will throw a loop and have the favored with 1.5 odds. This only gives you 150 with a win. So there is the occasional loss from this one since you can't check the odds before you enter the race screen.

    Reason I started doing this is the odds for your own chocobo is so low that with a win and betting on yourself you really don't get much more than 500 a race. The only advantage to actually winning is if you want the adamantite or something else.
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