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Completed every fragment category.

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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

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    If you're having problems with the clocks, please go here: or on your phone.(Thanks to Kennansoft for the better link)

    If you're looking for a list of Wild Artifacts, Kennansoft has also listed them and linked a YouTube video in the comments. I won't add it to the solution as it isn't part of the achievement, but it is still pretty helpful.

    If you have any suggestions for improvement, please post them in the comments and I will do my best to update the solution to be more helpful. I will continue to add videos as I find them.

    I'm going to make a text guide to go along with the videos from HsyperSakuraRevenge, although he's missing a few areas still. All videos are from his YouTube page, and a playlist of all the videos can be found here: He's also got a full walkthrough of the game, if you're interested in that.

    Also, as you're playing take note that the fragment name will unlock once you receive the quest. Even better is that you will get a general location by looking at the picture provided if you select that fragment name.

    All fragments listed as "Story Related" cannot be missed.

    • New Bohdum: 003 AF Total Fragments: 4

    Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
    Story Related. Defeat Gogmagog when he first appears at night.

    Gogmagog Fragment Beta
    Story Related. Defeat Gogmagog the second time before entering the gate for the first time.

    Heart Prism
    Quest: Find the Med Kit
    You fill find a female doctor named Nell down on the beach in town. She will give you a quest to find a med kit.
    Once you have defeated Gogmagog the second time, up on the top pathway you'll find a square box with the kit inside.

    Graviton Core Alpha
    Use Moogle Hunt to reveal.
    On the bottom pathway that was previously covered by water (Go right at the fork, jump across), you will find a square metal plate almost immediately after jumping across the gap.

    • New Bodhum: 700 AF Total Fragments: 5

    Cartesian Board
    When you first enter the area for the first time, walk forward until you are free to move faster. Turn around, jump back up onto the cliff and look behind the tree. If you missed that... On the east side of the map, you'll see a long extension of the map. Head out that way, and at the end you'll see a hidden square cube. Moogle Hunt, but you still can't reach it. Toss the little guy for your reward.

    Laplacian Board
    On the southwest end of the beach (almost directly below Chocolina on the map) you'll find this one hidden near some wreckage. It's pretty hard to spot. Look at the video if you're having problems finding it (Fragment 3, starts at 1:40) Moogle Hunt / Throw.

    Hope's Message
    Improved Moogle Hunt required
    Southeast of Chocolina, you will see a small "void" in the map. Look near here for the treasure cube, then uncover it.

    Noel's Message
    Paradox Scope required
    Just north of where you found the Laplacian Board. Out in the open, between two trees. Pretty hard to miss.

    Serah's Message
    Paradox Scope required
    Just NorthEast of the docks. Almost directly to your right as you leave the dock. Look at 3:49 of the video for an exact location on the map.

    • New Bodhum: 00X AF Total Fragments: 3

    Vanille's Fruit
    After talking to Fang & Vanille, you'll find this in a square box to the left up on the little hill.

    Fang's Crown
    After talking to Fang & Vanille, you'll find this straight ahead past the time distortion.

    Transcript: Fate and Freedom
    Close gate for Acadamia 4XX, then turn in the graviton cores. Head to New Bodhum -UNKNOWN- and say yes to drugs. Alternately, you can do like I did and just say Yes your first time here. After you watch the "ending" cutscene, you'll just get the chance to go back and say no. Cause winners don't really inhale.

    • New Bodhum: ??? AF Total Fragments: 1

    Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky
    Paradox Scope Required
    Close gate on Acadamia 4XX. Turn in the cores, accept the fragment, then with your Paradox Scope on, defeat Caius as Serah.

    • Bresha Ruins: 005 AF Total Fragments: 8

    Atlas Fragment
    Story Related. Defeat Atlas the second time.

    Ghast Fragment
    Quest: Find the Cie'th.
    You will find a guard wandering around the ruins named Chester. He will ask you to defeat a cie'th that's creeping him out. So do it! The Cie'th can be found underground. From Chocolina, go down the stairs and left.

    Delicate Crystal
    Story Related.
    In order to defeat Atlus (at first) you must power him down. Underground, you will find this device (marked on your map by !). In order to use the device, you first have to resolve the anomaly. Have fun.

    Vita Lyrica
    Quest: Find the missing Comm unit.
    Moogle Throw required
    Floating on Atlas' hand in the main campsite. You can't get this when you're first here, but you should see a treasure sphere floating on Atlas' hand. Moogle hunt that bad boy. Now you've got a key! Head past Mr. QuestGiverMan, open the gate with your shiny new key, and at the end you'll find a floating square to Moogle Hunt.

    Anima Miseria
    Unio Mystica Required
    Quest: Find a Silver Petal
    After defeating Atlas and talking to Alyssa, you'll find a guy named Jed right next to her. He wants you to find a flower for his niece. Only problem is, it's not snowing!! Lucky for him, we're awesome time travelers, right? So head to 300AF where it is snowing, and grab the flower from the back of the graveyard. Not really sure why we had to go 300 years into the future instead of just a few months (or let him get his own frickin flower in a couple months?!?) but who am I to judge?

    Unio Mystica
    Quest: Find the Lost Capsules.
    Near the gate in the back of the ruins, you'll find a guard wandering around who looks different than the rest. He's the Captain, which means he gets cooler armor. He'll tell you they've lost some experimental drugs *coughsteriodscough* and they need to find them.
    The first one will be right next to the open walkway towards the graveyard. The second is underground, almost directly underneath this.

    Ars Symphonica
    Quest: Find the notes!
    Poor Cordelia can't get her filing cabinet open. Be a good little boy and open it for her, would you kindly? What's that you say? The filing cabinet isn't stuck shut, it's STUCK IN TIME? Yeah. Moogle Hunt that box in the covered area back into existence.

    Graviton Core Beta
    After defeating Atlas, hop on a Chocobo(co-lina...err...nevermind) and head up the first set of stairs into the ruins. Turn around, jump into that little area to the left with the treasure sphere, and towards the back you should see this waiting to be moogle hunted.

    • Bresha Ruins: 100 AF Total Fragments: 6

    Kalavinka Fragment
    Adamantite Ring required
    Quest: Defeat Kalavinka
    Talk to that Porter guy (again) and he'll tell you to go kill some guy. It's even marked on your map, how nice!

    Ruthenium Ring
    Quest: Pacify the Mercenary
    You'll find a guy named Walter in the area that you can't explore in any other timeline. He'll ask you to talk to a really crazy looking guy nearby who is upset for whatever reason. You'll get a few live triggers, just say calming things. Goose frabah.

    Rhodium Ring
    Palladium, Osmium, & Ruthenium Rings Required.
    Quest: Retrieve the Device
    Ronan, over in the Graveyard (same place as you defeated Atlas) will ask you to go find some device he lost. Pesky Paradoxes always stealing my Coco Puffs....Anyway, you'll find it in 300AF in the same graveyard. It's a carbuncle doll.

    Palladium Ring
    Improved Moogle Hunt Required
    Quest: Find the Materials
    Some chick named Pat has lost her marbles. Please find them in the underground, north as you can.

    Osmium Ring
    Improved Moogle Hunt Required
    Quest: Find the Assistant
    So Professor Questgiver has lost his assistant. Disappeared out of thin air. Crazy how these things keep happening, right? He's been sucked up by a Paradox, and you need to Moogle Hunt him out underground. He's in the underground area just south of where you receive this quest.

    Adamantite Ring
    Requires All Rings from Bresha 100 & 300.
    Quest: Find the Passwords
    You'll find Porter underground, and he's the start of two fragment quests here. This first one will require some traveling. Handy enough, though, this will also get you two other fragments from other timelines. (Special thanks to Jyejitsu for confirming how exactly to make this quest available.)

    Password 1: You will need to head off to Yaschas Massif 100AF and look for a girl named Uma in the dig site by the Oracle Drive. She'll give you Thorn's Information, which you need to take to Yaschas Massif 110AF. Here you'll find a guy down by where you can find a gate in other timelines. You might have seen him before, he's the one who complains he can't remember his name. For an exact location, view 10:15 on the video.

    Password 2: Head to Bresha Ruins 300AF. Find the Government Agent near the device you used earlier to weaken Atlas. Resolve the Anomaly, and the password is yours. If you need help, there's a solution for it starting at 13:05

    • Bresha Ruins: 300 AF Total Fragments: 4

    Control Device Password 2
    Requires Adamantite Ring Quest
    In order to start this, you'll need to talk to Porter in 100AF. After you've done this, find the Government Agent near the device you used earlier to weaken Atlas. Resolve the Anomaly, and the password is yours. If you need help, there's a solution for it starting at 10:25 in this video.

    Iridium Ring
    Quest: Talk to a friend
    In the graveyard that appears after defeating Atlas, you'll find a guy who's phased out of time. Use Moogle Hunt to pull him into the right timeline, and he'll ask you to go talk to his friend. You can find his friend underground, near where you can find a gate in 5AF. His friend will say he'll only help you if you can make him laugh. His sense of humor is pretty bad, so just tell him lots of punny jokes....GET IT? HA HA!!! Not punny. (Sorry....)

    Platinum Ring
    Quest: Retrieve the Recording Device
    As you walk up the stairs when you first enter the area, you'll be able to talk to a guy named Jonah who wants you to find a device somewhere in the ruins. Go down to where Chocolina is, head west, and there you'll moogle hunt your item.

    Mythril Ring
    Quest: Get the report
    Close to Lex's friend you'll find a guy named Thurston wants you to find out if he can blow up the ruins. He's hired a guy to do a survey to make sure it's safe. Head back to the gate you entered the area from, talk to the Commander (near the top of the stairs) and he'll give you the results of said survey. Bring this back to Thurston and claim your reward.

    • Yaschas Massif: 010 AF Total Fragments: 5

    Aloeidai Fragment
    Story Related. Defeat Aloeidai.

    Pathos Jewel
    In the dig site, you'll see the dormant fal'Cie. Run up to the top of the structure, and you'll see it phased out near her face. Use moogle hunt to reveal it, then toss the little guy at it to retrieve it.

    Misery's Bead
    Quest: Obtain a Behemoth Fang
    You probably won't be able to do this when you first come to this area. I did it just after finishing the Tower in 200AF. Anyway, Brenda (right next to Chocolina, at the exit of the dig site) asks you to find her a behemoth fang. You know what to do!

    Amur's Sphere
    Quest: Find a battery
    You'll find Cole at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Oracle Drive area. He wants some old defunct battery nobody uses any more. Go to 01XAF and you'll find it at the dig site, behind some containers near where you'd find the gate in 110AF. Exact location in the video at 7:00.

    Innocence's Sacred Sphere
    Quest: Retrieve the watch
    At the bottom of the dig site, near a treasure sphere you'll find Shannon. She's lost her watch, and wants you to find it! It's too dark to see now, she says, so let's head to 110AF and look there. Go to the area where you find Chocolina out in the dark in 010AF and look down the ravine. Moogle Throw will get you your prize. Exact location in the video at 9:30.

    • Yaschas Massif: 01X AF Total Fragments: 4

    Gorgyra Fragment
    Quest: Defeat the Cie'th
    Duncan in the dig site wants you to put a Cie'th out of its misery. This one is a tough battle, so good luck. Even with two lvl 99 classes and one more at 50, I still can't do it. You'll find the Cie'th down at the very SouthWest area of the map.

    Orb of Clotho
    Quest: Replace the tablet
    Marlow in the dig site (near the pillars) broke his irreplaceable tablet!! Oh noes!! Go find him a new one. You know, before he breaks that one too. It'll be in 10AF, in a treasure box. Run directly south from Chocolina and you'll see it, out in the dark. Scary! While you're here, however, look at the next fragment. Grab that fruit while you're at it.

    Sword of Lachesis
    Requires Orb of Clotho
    Quest: Retrieve the fruit of Fenrir
    Bridget, on that cliff that is almost impossible to get to (you need a chocobo) wants you to get a flower. As if getting to her alone isn't enough for a reward! Anyway, she says it only shows up during the eclipse. So, head to the eclipse! That's 10AF, without the X. Near where she's standing (except in 10AF) you'll see a sphere. You can either toss your moogle (that sounds like it should be a dance...) or jump up there with a chocobo. Either way, get the fruit from the box and bring it back to her.

    Mirror of Atropos
    Quest: Grab the stars!
    Lester in the dig site saw some crazy meteors falling down the other day. Why not go find them? Skip to 9:05 on the video.
    Lots of running involved.
    Emerald Crystal: In the pit directly next to the gate out in the wilds, toss mog for a treasure box. (9:20)
    Onyx Crystal: Look on your map for a little red stop sign in the SouthWest area. Directly next to that, on a slab of rock, you'll find this one if you use moogle hunt. (9:35)
    Ivory Crystal: Near another gate, this time closer to the dig site, you'll find this box at the bottom of the cliff you have to jump down (very bottom). Moogle hunt, it's a little hidden almost right against the bottom of the cliff.(10:00)

    • Yaschas Massif: 100 AF Total Fragments: 7

    Numbers continued from 110AF.
    **Note: To make things faster, as soon as you enter the area head to where the oracle drive is. In the back, you'll see a hidden cube. This is for Orb 6. After you talk to Orb 5, throw mog at the cube underneath the structure around the dormant Fal'Cie for Orb 8's item. As you get to the top and leave the dig site, you'll notice another hidden cube on a slab you must jump on for Orb 7's item. Now as you talk to each of these orbs, just speak to them a second time and the quest will end all fastlike.**

    7)Schwertleite's Flower
    Quest: Find the Comm Device.
    You'll find this orb far to the SouthEast end of the map, near the wild gate. Make sure you grab the item before heading here to save yourself some running. It's just outside of the dig site, a little past Chocolina on the right on a slab of rock you must jump on and moogle hunt to grab. Also while you're here (at the orb, not where you find the comm device :P), resolve the anomaly for the Book of Valhalla.

    5) Helmwige's Nightshade
    Quest: Get the Picture Frame
    Talk to the crimson orb found in the central area of the dig site, below where you would find the oracle drive. He asks you to find a picture frame. Head south and turn left when you see Orb 6. Follow the path to that little area all the way east, and at the end you'll find a hidden cube. Hunt your Moogle.

    6) Siegrune's Spiritbloom
    Quest: Help Lambert
    You should've seen this orb when you were going to grab the item for Orb 5. Some "kid(Read: Crimson Orb)" named Lambert wants your help. He feels like he got screwed out of his potential, or something. Anyway, he wants you to find Hope's Blossom. Head to the area with the Oracle Drive (if you didn't already) and grab the hidden cube from the back with Moogle Hunt.

    8) Rossweisse Skyblossom
    Quest: Find the Tablet
    Near where you found the watch in 110AF or Chocolina out in the dark in 10AF.

    9) Book of Shambala
    Resolve the anomaly. Appears after you've done the last orb in this area, and is marked on your map in the dig site.

    Book of Valhalla
    In the SouthEast section, right next to a gate, resolve the anomaly.

    Graviton Core Epsilon
    South of Orb 8, to the west of the long I (ish) shaped hole in the map across from a leaning pillar. Select the fragment name for a picture / idea of where to look. Like all the other cores, it's hidden, so use moogle hunt. Exact location at 10:10.

    • Yaschas Massif: 110 AF Total Fragments: 6

    Control Device Password 1
    Requires Adamantite Ring Quest
    First, you have to talk to Porter in Bresha Ruins 100AF. Then, you will need to head off to Yaschas Massif 100AF and look for a girl named Uma in the dig site by the Oracle Drive. She'll give you Thorn's Information, which you need to take to Yaschas Massif 110AF. Here you'll find a guy down by where you can find a gate in other timelines. You might have seen him before, he's the one who complains he can't remember his name. For an exact location, view 10:15 on the video.

    In order to reduce confusion, I've numbered the crimson orbs in the order they must be completed.
    10) Ugallu Fragment
    Quest: Defeat the Ancient Evil!
    You'll find this orb right outside of the dig site after completing fragment 9 in this list. Yeul wants you to go hunt down this nasty she sealed away. It will be marked on your map.

    2) Waltraute's Flower
    Quest: Help the Technician
    So this guy was in charge of the spotlights. Then he got sucked up into a time vortex. Now he leaps from person to person...wait, wrong thing. Anyway, run up to the oracle drive, moogle hunt for the box. Open the box, get on a chocobo, head to the little cliff area (where you find the Fruit of Fenrir and all that) to find the technician. Tell him how much he sucks, when he asks how you know (other than that it's OBVIOUS!!!) tell him the manual says he sucks.

    1) Gerhilde's Blossom
    Quest: Find Missing Sister
    As soon as you enter the area, you'll see a crimson orb. Talk to it, and it'll be all sad that she got in a fight and then her sister died before she could apologize. You'll find her sister if you go directly south out of the dig site, and use your moogle hunt when you get to the fork and see her wandering around.

    3) Ortlinde's Bloom
    Quest: Find terrorist proof!!
    At the very top of the dig site (above the oracle drive) is another crimson orb of emo angst. This one wants you to prove that terrorists set us up the bomb. You'll find your proof in a square box near the cliff mentioned above. 7:30 on the video.

    4) Book of Avalon
    In the SouthWest corner of the map (should be marked), this will appear after completing Ortlinde's Bloom. Resolve the anomaly.

    • Oerba: 200 AF Total Fragments: 5

    Time's Stardust
    Story Related. Resolve the anomaly. (1:40)

    Time's Shell
    Story Related. Western part of the village. Moogle hunt. (2:45)

    Time's Coral
    Story Related. Northern part of the village, near the big tree. Moogle hunt. (5:15)

    Giant Egg
    Right next to the gate where you entered. Moogle hunt it out!

    Graviton Core Gamma
    Go to the big tree at the top of the town. Face the tree, with your back to the building. Go left of the tree. With the tree to your left, and the building to your right, facing the beach, it'll be on a ledge. Moogle hunt / throw.

    • Oerba: 300 AF Total Fragments: 9

    Spinning Moonstone
    Eastern area of the village

    Sparkling Runestone
    SouthEast area of the village

    Astonishing Limestone
    NorthEast area of the village

    Thrilling Milestone
    South of Chocolina.

    Lovely Starstone
    Hidden by some ruins on the north side of town. Go all the way north near the stairs, and mog will tell you to search for it.

    Bubbly Stone
    On the beach near the school house. Hidden, use moogle hunt.

    Scorching Firestone
    This one didn't appear right away for me, but I don't remember which ones I did that made it show up. It isn't the last one, though.
    Right next to the wild gate in the main area of the village, near a tree with a treasure sphere.

    Dewy Bloodstone
    North of the big tree.

    Mossy Rosetta Stone
    All other fragments in this area required first.
    This will show up once you've done the rest. It's all the way to the north end, out near the sand dune and the red chocobo.

    • Oerba: 400 AF Total Fragments: 9

    Bittersweet Chiffon
    In the center of the village, opposite of the warehouse.

    Temulous Muffin
    SouthEast part of the village

    Beloved Cinnamon
    Out on the beach, all the way North.

    Selfish Pancake
    North end of the village, near some stairs.

    Farewell Madeleine
    Near the big tree.

    Teatime Mont Blanc
    On top of the school house. Hidden at the top of the stairs.

    Dishonest Mille-feuille
    Inside the warehouse, next to the treasure sphere where you found the map.

    Pink Parfait
    On the beach, near the school house.

    Graviton Core Zeta
    Near the rift mentioned above. Use moogle hunt.

    • Oerba: ??? AF Total Fragments: 1

    Transcript: Vanille's Truth
    Paradox Scope Required
    Close Gate on Oerba 200AF.
    Fight Caius again, with the Paradox Scope on. Automatically received after the cutscene.

    • Sunleth Waterscape: 300 AF Total Fragments: 2

    Mutantomato Fragment
    Story Related. Kill the Mutant Tomato, then toss good ol' Moggle at it.

    Extraordinary Egg
    Requires Black Hole Gem
    From the gate in the middle area, turn around. Head to the small area just past Chocolina, up to where the treasure sphere is. To your left (on the other path), you'll see it. Moogle throw. The video actually goes right next to where the fragment is, so if you watch that don't get confused. I found it this way and thought it was quicker. :)

    • Sunleth Waterscape: 400 AF Total Fragments: 7

    Miniflan Fragment
    Meanie Miss Farron! (Defeat the miniflans, yo.)

    Lapis Lazuli
    Moogle Hunt just past the area where you saw the flan during the first cutscene as you enter the area.

    Heliodor Ore
    Rescue the blue flan, left path at the fork when you first enter.

    After rescuing the blue and white flans, continue on and cross the animal trail thing. When you see the yellow flan, jump over into that area on the left, and the yellow flan you need to save should be there somewhere.

    Run past Chocolina after saving the yellow flan. When you get to the end, jump down the right path and you'll find your dark blue buddy down here.

    Cosmo Aura
    Rescue the white flan, down in the area to the right as you enter.

    Graviton Core Eta
    You should see this during the cutscene after rescuing the last flan. Just run back here after defeating the miniflans. In case you forgot where "here" is, it's down where Big Boss Flan appears in 300 AF.

    • Sunleth Waterscape: ??? AF Total Fragments: 1

    Transcript: Mog's Marvellous Flan Plan
    Paradox Scope Required
    Close Gate Sunleth Waterscape 300AF.
    Fight the big Flan. Then fight him again. Watch the cutscene and proceed to question life as we know it.

    • Coliseum: Year Unknown Total Fragments: 1

    White Hole Gem
    Story Related. Received after cutscene when you reach the bottom of the stairs.

    • The Archlyte Steppe: Year Unknown Total Fragments: 12

    Black Hole Gem
    Story Related. Received after defeating changing the weather and defeating Faeryl.

    Goblin Fragment
    Story Related. Received after defeating the goblin as proof that you are a good hunter.

    Fragment of Invincibility
    All Emerald Cactaurs Defeated, Windy Weather (Both Levers Up)
    Quest: Defeat the monster
    This quest is given by the sheep girl, but she won't give it to you until after you have beaten the Gigantaurs at the three Emeral Cactaurs in the area. If she still doesn't give you the quests after that, try returning to the Hystoria Crux and coming back. See the comments for more details if necessary.
    Once you get the quest, the monster is marked on your map with a ! and can be found during windy weather.

    Ochu Fragment
    See above. Rainy Weather (Right Lever Down, Left Up)
    Quest: Defeat the monster
    This quest is given by Tippur, the guy standing right next to the weather machine. Once you get the quest, Ochu will be marked on your map with a ! and can be found during rainy weather.

    Long Gui Fragment
    Requires Forest Crystal, Sunny Weather (Both Levers Up)
    Turn the weather to sunny (both levers up) and you'll see this guy re-appear where he was before. This time, kill him! (May require ONLY Forest Crystal for him to reappear....if somebody could confirm it's the forest crystal and not the Azure Crystal, that would be awesome. I didn't check until after I had gotten both.)

    Yomi Fragment
    Requires Ochu Fragment, Stormy Weather (Left Lever Down, Right Up)
    Second hardest fight in the game, after Raspatil. Here's a nice video for ya.

    Woolly Stone
    Story Related. Myta will ask you to go sheer some sheep. No funny stuff!!

    Crimson Crystal
    Requires Goblin Fragment
    On the map, you'll see a red cactaur. This is in the middle of the grassy area in front of the nomad camp. Inspect it, and it'll teleport you back to the camp and give you this crystal.

    Azure Crystal
    Requires Goblin Fragment
    Near the locked gate, you'll see a large stone cactaur. Use moogle hunt behind it to uncover this. Examine it, and it'll teleport you back to the camp and give you this crystal.

    Forest Crystal
    Requires Goblin Fragment, Windy Weather (Both levers down)
    From the weather machine and to the right you'll see a cyclone in the distance. Use your moogle hunt to uncover a gold cactaur. Inspect it, and it will teleport you to Clearwater Marshes and give you this crystal.

    Amber Crystal
    Requires Forest Crystal
    From where the Forest Crystal teleports you, run directly west and you'll find this one hidden in the water. Examine it, and it'll teleport you back to the camp and give you this crystal.

    Violet Crystal
    Requires Forest Crystal, Stormy Weather (Left lever down, right up)
    From where the Forest Crystal teleports you, head to the SouthWest corner of the map. It's near the edge of the little watery area. Use your Moogle Hunt, examine the cactaur that appears, and it'll teleport you back to the camp and give you this crystal.

    • The Archlyte Steppe: ??? AF Total Fragments: 1

    Transcript: A Giant Mistake
    Paradox Scope Required
    With your Paradox scope on, close the gate to Bresha Ruins 005 AF. Then defeat Atlas without weakening him. This area will open up, and after watching the cutscene you'll get the fragment.

    • Serendipity: Year Unknown Total Fragments: 5

    Chaos Crystal
    10,000 Casino Coins (7,500 with Bargain Hunter on.)

    Setzer's Dice
    10,000 Casino Coins (7,500 with Bargain Hunter on.)

    Chocochick Down
    Search the left counter in the Chocobo Racing building for a chocobo chick.

    Lucky Coin
    Win 7,777 coins from the slot machines. Get that rubber band out!!
    The quickest way I found to get this was I rubber-banded my auto-play button down, and left the sound on. Then I went over to the PC and started doing stuff (editing this guide, actually ;) and listened for it to go into Victory Mode. Once it was in Victory Mode, I took over manually because auto-play actually lowers your chance of hitting the Jack Pot. Doing it this way I managed to get into Super Victory Mode pretty quick, and all told spent about 15 or 20 minutes getting this fragment.

    Priceless Gift
    Purchase "Just 1 Gil" for 9,800 Casino Coins (7,350 with Bargain Hunter)

    • Acadamia: 400 AF Total Fragments: 13

    Zenobia Fragment
    Story Related. Defeat Zenobia, watch the cutscene, and Bob's yer uncle.

    Academic Rank: Paradox Professor
    100% exploration on all maps. Turn them in, and you get this.
    For some help, please go here:

    **All of the "Travel Guide" fragments in Academia are earned by talking to the scientist and giving her completed maps of the various areas.**
    You can check your exploration progress two ways.
    1) In your inventory, look for "A Map Of...." and select it. This will tell you how much you have explored.
    2) In the area in question, hit X and look at the bottom, next to the footprint.
    It is important to note that some areas have multiple maps for different timelines. I have grouped together the required areas below each fragment, and listed them in italics and underline if they have separate maps. I've also put a star next to maps of each category where it is suggested you do the exploring (if necessary.)
    Travel Guide: New Bodhum
    *New Bodhum 003 AF, New Bodhum 00X AF, New Bodhum 700 AF

    Travel Guide: Bresha Ruins
    Bresha Ruins 005 AF, Bresha Ruins 300 AF, Bresha Ruins 100 AF

    Travel Guide: Yaschas Massif
    Yaschas Massif 010 AF, *Yaschas Massif 01X AF, Yaschas Massif 100 AF, *Yaschas Massif 110 AF

    Travel Guide: Oerba
    Oerba 200 AF, Oerba 300 AF, Oerba 400 AF

    Travel Guide: Sunleth Waterscape
    Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF, Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF

    Travel Guide: Academia
    Acadamia 400 AF, *Acadamia 4XX AF, Acadamia 500 AF

    Travel Guide: Augusta Tower
    Augusta Tower 200 AF, Agusta Tower 300 AF

    Travel Guide: Vile Peaks
    *Vile Peaks 010 AF, Vile Peaks 200 AF (You can't explore the entire map on 200 AF.)

    Travel Guide: Archylte Steppe

    Travel Guide: A Dying World

    Graviton Core Delta
    Near the gate you exit from after defeating the main Cie'th the first time, you will see Chocolina. Next to her is a red escalator. It's at the bottom of this section. I got down by jumping and moving forward, but it might be possible to reverse the direction of the walkway. I didn't bother trying, so if somebody figures it out please comment that in and I'll update this.

    • Acadamia: 4XX AF Total Fragments: 11

    Academic Rank: Monster Professor
    Quest: Fill up your bestiary. 100%. Have fun with that....
    You will find Dr. M inside the Academy in the large open room. He walks around, but he's not hard to find. Look for the one guy (not the receptionist, that's a girl!) with a "...." over his head.

    For a list of every monster, and where to find them, please see here: (Thanks to RK1989 for the link)

    Just a couple notes on this one:
    First, to save yourself time, when you first fight Proto Fal'cie Adam, make sure you choose all the wrong answers FIRST. In other words, choose "Yell at Hope" last, because each version of Adam counts as a different entry.

    Second, it is possible to lose the fight to Caius in Dying World when you're alone as Noel. Make sure you don't, or you may have to repeat this part in order for the entry to count.

    And Last, you don't actually have to have 100% of the data in the bestiary, you just have to have one entry for each monster.

    Answers to ALL trivia questions, both the Captain's as well as the machines:

    Quiz Rank: Private
    Received as soon as you have talked to and correctly answered Captain Crazy's Confounding Quiz of Tediousness. The first time you look for him, he will be inside the academy building. After that, his appearance is random. Here's a handy map of where you can look for Captain Quizbowl! (aka Captain Cryptic)

    Quiz Rank: Sergeant
    Find him a second time.

    Quiz Rank: Lieutenant
    Find him a third time. Don't mess up the answers, or you'll have to hunt him down again! (this applies all 4 times...)

    Quiz Rank: Colonel
    And again...

    Quiz Rank: General
    You're done! Yay!

    Stoic Virtue
    Perfect score from the Brain Blast game inside the academy building.

    Epicurean Song
    Perfect score from the Brain Blast game in the shopping district.

    Lyceum Knowledge
    Perfect score from the North Brain Blast game.

    Academia Wisdom
    Perfect score from the South Brain Blast game.

    Transcript: The Future is Hope
    Paradox Scope Required
    Close Gate on Acadamia 4XXAF.
    Turn in the Graviton Cores, but refuse the artifact. Simple as. Make sure not to skip the dialogue, as this will end with you not having the choice to refuse the artifact.

    • Acadamia: 500 AF Total Fragments: 2

    Paradox Scope
    Story Related. Defeat the final boss.

    Amethyst and Luvulite
    Story Related.

    • Augusta Tower: 200 AF Total Fragments: 4

    Proto Fal'Cie Adam Fragment
    Story Related. Defeat the Proto Fal'Cie.

    On the 50th floor, there is a room with 3 terminals. Numbered in the order you get the quests:

    A) Idea Circuit
    Go into the room with Chocolina, and look up at one of the top corners of the room in some shadows. It's in a box.

    B) Enigma Codex
    Go out into the middle ring. Move until you are between the first and second buildings, and look down. A carefully placed moogle throw will grab the box. It's pretty far down.

    C) Difference Engine
    This one is a pain to get. Go down to the 49th floor, and all the way to the north end of the middle ring. Look down at the bottom of the map until you see the same square box that you have seen a million times when looking for the previous two fragments and anything else you need to throw your moogle at. Then move until you are facing that pillar. Aim your moogle so that the line arcs and lines up with the middle of the pillar where the box referenced in the last sentence is. You won't be able to see it (the box), but if you're lucky you'll get the quest item. It took me about 20 minutes to figure this out, AFTER I found the stupid box. =/

    • Augusta Tower: 300 AF Total Fragments: 1

    Entropy Board
    Story Related. In the top of the tower, examine the console.

    • Augusta Tower: ??? AF Total Fragments: 1

    Transcript: Test Subjects
    Paradox Scope Required
    Close Gate on Augusta Tower 200AF.
    Defeat Proto Fal'Cie Adam.

    • Vile Peaks: 010 AF Total Fragments: 4

    Twilight Fragment Alpha
    Requires Falcon's Compass
    Quest: Defeat the monster
    Once you've gotten Falcon's Compass in 200AF, come back to 10AF and talk to Ray. Now that you've got the proof he needs, he'll give you this quest. Defeat Twilight Odin and this fragment is yours.

    Baxter's Last Light
    As soon as you enter the zone and start heading down the path, you'll see a treasure sphere. Left of the sphere is a guy, on the ground, who needs to be phased in using moogle hunt.

    Ray's Last Light
    Quest: Find proof! (by talking to other survivors)
    The quest is started as soon as you talk to Baxter. You'll see Ray marked on your map. Talk to him, and he says he doesn't believe you! He wants PROOF!!! So let's head over to 200AF and get us some proof, if you haven't already. You must get Falcon's Compass. In order to do that, you have to talk to everybody but Sarge.
    Baxter: After entering 10AF, on the pathway down from the gate (Hidden)
    Ray: 10AF, far east side of the map in the large open area.
    Torreno: Left of the gate you enter from at 200AF, right on the pathway (Hidden)
    Falcon: On the pathway you must travel along in 200AF.
    Corporal Thunder: Keep going past Falcon, and you'll see him. 200AF.
    Once you've talked to Thunder, he'll tell you to go and talk to Falcon, who will give you his compass; the proof we've been waiting for.

    Sarge's Last Light
    Requires Twilight Fragment Alpha
    After defeating Twilight Odin, you receive this quest automatically. He'll be marked on your map, continue heading down the path and you can't miss him.

    • Vile Peaks: 200 AF Total Fragments: 8

    Falcon's Compass
    Requires Twilight Fragment Beta Quest
    Quest: Defeat the monster

    Twilight Fragment Beta
    After talking with Corporal Thunder, you automatically start this quest.

    Torreno's Last Light
    As soon as you enter the area, turn around. Behind the gate and to the left, you'll find Torreno lying down, phased out. Phase him back in with your moogle hunt and talk to him. You'll receive this fragment, as well as a quest for the Blitz Squad Report fragment.

    Falcon's Last Light
    As you run down along the path past Torreno, you'll come across Falcon standing on the path. Talk to him, and he'll scream like a girl and run off. Follow him, and tell him to stop being a wuss. He'll apologize and you get this fragment.

    Thunder's Last Light
    Continue on down the path, past where you met Falcon. You'll run into Corporal Thunder near where Odin is. He'll tell you that before you go fight Odin, you need to talk to Falcon, and give you this fragment.

    Blitz Squadron Mission Report
    You receive this quest by talking to Torreno. To complete it, you must talk to all the members of Blitz Squadron in both timelines, defeat Odin in both timelines, and THEN talk to Torreno again.
    Baxter: After entering 10AF, on the pathway down from the gate (Hidden)
    Ray: 10AF, far east side of the map in the large open area.
    Torreno: Left of the gate you enter from at 200AF, right on the pathway (Hidden)
    Falcon: On the pathway you must travel along in 200AF.
    Corporal Thunder: Keep going past Falcon, and you'll see him. 200AF.
    Sarge: On the pathway, after you defeat Odin in 10AF.

    Words of Light
    Requires Blitz Squadron Mission Report
    Once you've finished all the other little quests in this area, turn around and you'll see somebody hiding in the timeline. Suck 'em back to reality, and this fragment is yours.

    Father's Song
    Requires Twilight Fragment Beta
    When you're done with Odin, as you head back to talk to Torreno, you'll see a phased out figure along the way back. Bring him back with Moogle Hunt, and enjoy your cameo with no real explanation given.

    • A Dying World: 700 AF Total Fragments: 4

    Gogmagog Fragment Gamma
    Story Related. Obtain after defeating Gogmagog (again....)

    Ultima Brand
    Inside the Farseer's Settlement, you'll see a well with a cube floating inside it. Toss your heart out.

    Omega Brand
    Head straight west from the gate you are near when you re-enter Dying World after leaving. You'll see it on a cliff. Moogle Throw, yo.

    Chaos Brand
    Improved Moogle Hunt Required
    When you return to the Dying World after leaving, you'll be in the far NorthWest. From here, head down across the bridge (use Improved Moogle Hunt). Head straight towards the red Chocobo, and it's in a box next to him. Moogle hunt again.

    • A Dying Wworld: ??? AF Total Fragments: 1

    Transcript: Heir to Chaos
    Paradox Scope Required
    Close gate on Academia 4XX AF. Continue on with the story as usual until you get to the Dying World. Once there, turn on your Paradox Scope. Defeat Caius. Claim prize.

    • The Void Beyond: Year Unknown Total Fragments: 5

    Etro's Sorrow
    Story Related. Talk to the first Yeul after ending up in The Void Beyond for the third time.

    Pulse's Resolution
    Story Related. Talk to the second Yeul after ending up in The Void Beyond for the third time.

    Lindzei's Desire
    Story Related. Talk to the third Yeul after ending up in The Void Beyond for the third time.

    Mwynn's Tenderness
    Story Related. Talk to the fourth Yeul after ending up in The Void Beyond for the third time.

    Bhunivelze's Sleep
    Story Related. Talk to the fifth Yeul after ending up in The Void Beyond for the third time.
  • mrfunkyjunkiemrfunkyjunkie107,937
    12 Apr 2012 12 Apr 2012 12 Apr 2012
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    the above guides are great, Id just like to point out that you dont need the 'log entry' for each monster checked when completing 'Dr M's monster hunter quest - you only need to have encountered them at least once (and won the battle - well i won every battle).

    I used the following site for reference :

    the only other advice i can give, is if you are missing an instance of caius (eg 7/8 entries) make sure to follow the guide for all the paradox endings, you will encounter every variation of him whilst going for that achievement.
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