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Getting Down to Abyss-ness in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

Getting Down to Abyss-ness93 (30)

Defeat the boss at level 999 of the [Abyss].

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Achievement Guide for Getting Down to Abyss-ness

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Achievement won on 27 Feb 12
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Posted on 28 February 12 at 04:24, Edited on 01 March 12 at 23:31
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This achievement is less difficult and time consuming than it sounds. Have hope!

In order to get down to level 999, you must first complete the 100 and 500 routes. After 500, the 999 route will appear. You only have one health bar, which means that if you lose any fight you will have to start from the beginning. But you do have the ability to save, so you do not have to do everything in one sitting. If you do die, you will retain any items in the shop you unlocked but lose any money you gained. If you choose to quit to the Main Menu at any time, YOUR SAVE WILL DISAPPEAR (and you'll lose everything).

The levels are set up so that you progress down them as you deal damage in a fight, so you're not looking at 999 fights. Every 20 levels there is a boss who will always interrupt whoever you're fighting at that moment. These interruptions are very handy as they refill about 85% of your health bar. Level progression is determined by the number of hits as well as damage, so if you want to progress faster, choose the attacks that hit more as opposed to big power attacks. This progression is constantly happening during the fight except for boss fights, so as soon as you land a hit that has you reach the end of the 20, the interruption will occur. If the last hit happens to KO the opponent, level progression will not occur.

The opponents are fairly easy for the most part, but as you get lower they will increase in both stats and AI. Eventually all of your bosses will be Unlimiteds. The key here is to remember to SAVE every time you can. When you win there will be a prompt at the lower right of the screen to quick save with FN1 button (LB for default controls). As soon as you see the prompt, SAVE!! The annoying thing here is that it will then take you to the Abyss selection menu, and you'll have to hit CONTINUE to start again where you left off. If you ever find yourself losing a battle, QUIT THE GAME. Do not let it go past the "You lose" announcement and just reboot the game, where you'll be able to continue at the last save. This way you'll never have to start again from the beginning. Nothing worse than losing to Unlimited Mu at the end and having to start over. If you let it run past the "You lose" announcement, the game will automatically save your progress and screw you.

I went through this the cheap way and used Tager in Stylish, where basically I just rely on three moves: C which does his slamming grab, forward+B (controller button, not B attack button) which does his double swing forward, and holding Y or X to do his distortion. In Stylish mode, holding X will execute the first distortion on their Command List, while holding Y will execute the second. Holding X+Y will execute their Astral. In a lot of cases where the opponents were aggressive, I would just walk backward at the start of the battle and let them run to me where I can just grab them and repeat the process until they're dead. If they are too jumpy like Taokaka and Arakune, or rely on a ton of projectiles like Rachel and Lambda, then I do the double swing forward move which eventually corners them but also will let him go through any projectiles (including Distortion projectiles). If you time it right, you can do the grab, his magnetic finger aftertouch, then Distortion immediately afterwards which catches them just as they try to get up.

The character you choose to use is up to you, Tager was just my personal choice but everyone has their advantages. Best to go with a character you know how to use, as it gets difficult down the line especially at 999 where Unlimited Mu likes to spam her super distortion constantly. Each character can equip a special enhancement item which can give them a significant advantage (see character specific items below).

Now is where I must say a little bit about the items. The Abyss Mode has an item shop which has stat boosting and special items. Pretty much in every mode of the game you can earn P$, which is in-game money to buy from this item shop as well as unlock things in the Gallery. It is pretty easy to earn this money regularly especially if you work on other achievements beforehand, and I've never had to grind externally.

********Stat boosting items********
You have four stats that are boostable in Abyss Mode: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Heat. They're pretty self explanatory, the Heat boost will start you off with higher heat in the battle and you will also earn more heat per hit than normal. Handy if you like to rely on distortions, all the more if you like to use Jin.

********Special items********
You can equip up to three special items, which are bonuses for your character. Every time you acquire a new item you will be required to have it replace one on your list. Some are more useful than others, but this list is quite extensive.

********Recommended special items********
-Regeneration (Gradually regenerates their HP over time.)
-Victory Rush (Regenerates a ___ amount of HP after the battle has been won. - depending on item level)
-Lifesteal (Absorbs a ___ amount of the opponent's life when attacks connect. - depending on item level)
-AI Reduction (___ decreases the opponent's AI level. - depending on item level)
-Destruction Drive (Render's the opponent unable to use Distortion Drives.)
*Note that this Destruction Drive item is RARE, I obtained it when I beat the special boss at level 666. If you do happen to come across it, it will be a life saver down the line.

********Depth items********
Depth items allow you to skip levels to make your progress faster. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. You will progress faster, but you will lose the chance to win items along the way. Take your pick. Max depth item is +390 (thanks, burymagnets). There are also -depth items, which allow you to backtrack some levels in order to grab more items. -Depth items are not required to obtain to unlock every item in the shop.

********Character enhancement items********
These items are unlocked when you complete the 100 route with a character, each gives the specific character a bonus.

-RAGNA: Enhances the amount of HP Ragna steals from opponents while using life-stealing attacks.
-JIN: There is no longer a limit to how many times Jin can freeze a person.
-NOEL: The damage of any projectile using Bolverk is enhanced by 1.5x.
-RACHEL: There is no longer a limit to how many times Rachel can summon the wind.
-TAOKAKA: Doubles the duration of Taokaka's "Almost Becoming Two!"
-TAGER: Constantly charges his opponents with magnetism.
-LITCHI: Whilst Litchi has her staff, her damage output is increased by 1.5x. When she does NOT have her staff, her Heat will be generated over time.
-ARAKUNE: Insures his opponents are constantly cursed.
-BANG: Grants Bang an infinite supply of nails.
-CARL: Nirvana's gauge will never deplete.
-HAKUMEN: The matagama will regenerate quicker than usual.
-LAMBDA: All movement speed of enemies effected by Lambda's Gravity Shield will be reduced by half.
-TSUBAKI: The Install gauge will always be full.
-HAZAMA: Removes the limit on Hazama's Ouroboros. (It will regenerate when he touches the ground.)
-MU-12: Any damage caused by Mu-12's Steins Gunner is multiplied by 1.5x.
-MAKOTO: Every attack will have Lv.3 Impact.
-VALKENHAYN: Valkenhayn's Wolf gauge will not be depleted.
-PLATINUM: Platinum's Magical Symphony will rapidly regenerate.
-RELIUS: Ignis's gauge will never deplete.

Each defeated boss gives you the option to add an item to your collection, selecting any New item will unlock it in the shop. In the beginning when the fight is easy, it's worth unlocking the new items but later (especially if you're just aiming to beat the 999 level) you will want to increase your stats as much as possible, as the stats of your opponents will increase (nothing like Unlimited Tager with +50 in all stats).

Whenever you complete a route and start again you will have the options to buy any unlocked item in the shop. So you can start your 999 with fairly boosted stats and boost them more along the way. Keep in mind that you can only equip 3 special items at a time, and if you acquire one you will be forced to remove one. Special items cannot be stacked (it would be too good).

The enemies are not set per level, you will notice that you may encounter different ones if you quit and restart. So if you find yourself getting murdered by Unlimited Tager like I did, after a few times I got Unlimited Lambda instead. The 999 boss seems to consistently be Unlimited Mu, but I haven't tested it.

To beat Unlimited Mu, I kept cornering her and if I knocked her down while at the corner then I quickly dashed forward as she got up and grabbed her as soon as she was up. Her projectiles are mean and you do not want to be caught between them.

Overall this was quite fun and a LOT easier than Unlimited Mars. Happy hunting.

Currently in the process of acquiring every item in the shop, will write a more extensive guide about items when I'm done. If there's any more info that you'd like me to add to this guide, just let me know.
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