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Never Say Die

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How to unlock the Never Say Die achievement

  • RandyGam3FreakRandyGam3Freak179,851
    13 Apr 2010
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    Well you've made it this far, and its nowhere near over yet. Before you even Attempt to S rank DmD i recommend 3 things.

    1.S Rank at least SoS will prepare you for the beatings you may or may not receive while doing this

    2.Get The Item Collector Achievement(This means you will have Max Health and Devil Trigger, also Enough health+Devil Stars to get you through anything.)

    3.Maxing out your abilities

    (Beating the game on DmD first may help due to the fact that you can see your current Style Score and you need a certain amount to S Rank)

    Once you have done the Above there isn't much more advice i can give other than DONT be afraid to use your items, you may lose the No Items bonus, but using items is only -50 to your score each item, which is NOTHING compared to continuing/Gold orb'ing

    HUNT for Red orbs, as you will see they give you ALOT of time to do these missions, use that and find orbs to help you get the S rank

    And if i were you, change your Shoot to Right Trigger, it may feel weird at first, but it allows you to charge your charge shot WHILE Fighting enemy's and trust me against Blitz's its a godsend.

    Either way Here are the S Rank Req's for DmD mode

    Mission 1
    Clear Time: 1:25
    Style: 500
    Minimum Points Required-18,000

    Mission 2
    Clear Time: 26:00
    Style: 9250
    Minimum Points Required-180,000

    Mission 3
    Clear Time: 25:00
    Style: 10,000
    Minimum Points Required- 195,000

    Mission 4
    Clear Time: 33:00
    Style: 9250
    Minimum Points Required-195,000

    Mission 5
    Clear Time: 21:30
    Style: 7750
    Minimum Points Required-150,000

    Mission 6
    Clear Time: 30:00
    Style: 12,500
    Minimum Points Required-240,000

    Mission 7
    Clear Time: 28:00
    Style: 7000
    Minimum Points Required-150,000

    Mission 8
    Clear Time: 21:00
    Style: 6500
    Minimum Points Required-150,000

    Mission 9
    Clear Time: 28:00
    Style: 13,750
    Minimum Points Required-255,000

    Mission 10
    Clear Time: 30:00
    Style: 11,000
    Minimum Points Required-225,000

    Mission 11
    Clear Time: 21:00
    Style: 11,500
    Minimum Points Required-240,000

    Mission 12
    Clear Time: 14:00
    Style: 7000
    Minimum Points Required-135,000

    Mission 13
    Clear Time: 29:00
    Style: 8250
    Minimum Points Required-165,000

    Mission 14
    Clear Time: 29:00
    Style: 7500
    Minimum Points Required-150,000

    Mission 15
    Clear Time: 41:00
    Style: 12,250
    Minimum Points Required-255,000

    Mission 16
    Clear Time: 37:00
    Style: 10,650
    Minimum Points Required-225,000

    Mission 17
    Clear Time: 25:00
    Style: 17,000
    Minimum Points Required-300,000

    Mission 18
    Clear Time: 14:00
    Style: 5000
    Minimum Points Required-114,000

    Mission 19
    Clear Time: 60:00
    Style: 20,000
    Minimum Points Required-375,000

    Mission 20
    Clear Time: 4:30
    Style: 5500
    Minimum Points Required-99,000

    Good luck! you will need it
    (i know i dont have the achievement yet, but im 2 missions away, so i think i can write this ^_^)

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    Also pls don't use items on missions 15, 14 and 13. You will be needing the No Item bonus.
    Posted on 02 Jun 14 at 10:27
    On Phone EmHere's a little tip to peoples like me that plays on automatic. You might have problems on the bosses like Berial an the Savior because they stay in the air. Usually when you jump an you have automatic set on, Nero might do a split, well that was a major problem for me, as a wante to do a full combo in the air. After multiple failures, I foun a way to take care of that. Go to Power Up (Right at the Mission Start Screen) , then Skill Up, then Red Queen, an take Split OFF. This will ensure that Nero stays in the Air while doing his combo. At least this has helped me a lot... Good luck!
    Posted by On Phone Em on 13 Oct 15 at 14:25
    DimehagI very much doubt anyone is still trying for this but I was intrigued to see what the comments said. Just quickly, it's been a fair few years since I done this but I'm fairly sure that the no item bonus gives you pretty much nothing towards getting an S as in it is actually very minimal. If you're struggling on a particular boss, can't remember which ones were a pain now, then use a holy water on them and you'll have a much easier time which no real detrimental effects.
    Posted by Dimehag on 23 Mar 17 at 10:59
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  • Seraphim17Seraphim17934,073
    04 Jul 2008 02 Aug 2010 28 Aug 2014
    22 1 1
    So, I recently made a video walkthrough for this game on DMD attaining S in all categories. It should suit as a great instructional for players of all skill levels. The tips below are also still as apt now as they were when I originally wrote them.

    Playlist link:

    This achievement is not as tough as it first seems. If you can beat DMD mode without using items, then this is all about learning the levels. If you need items to survive you're obviously going to have a tougher time, but don't be disheartened as the punishment for using items on DMC4 is no where near as severe as it has been in previous games.

    You're going to have to play through some levels a few times to get them down, but most will be single runs as it sounds a lot harder than it is.

    Things to note:
    - If you haven't S ranked all of Sparda mode, then I suggest doing so. Even if you don't realise at the time you will on DMD, but your skills with the game will have tightened and become more instinctual.

    - Get good at instant Revs - or alternatively Rev your sword to level 3 after every fight. The timing for revs is a little anal (especially for the full 3) but after a while it becomes second nature to get at least 2 revs back every other strike.

    - You fight tougher enemies earlier on, but this actually helps as because they take a beating, you can really build your stylish metre up before they die.

    - Try to kill the enemies before they devil trigger. This way if you aren't comfortable with killing them yet, you can at least take them out before they gain any buffs.

    - Level 3 rev attacks + level 3 charged shots = Easy stylish points

    - Get good at distorting Real Impacts with Dante. This move when distorted correctly is a Boss Killer.(google it lol)

    - You tube has a plethora of really good players. They S rank with no damage and make it look easy. Their videos contain lots of tricks and sneaky ways of approaching difficult sections. If you're really struggling try adopting their strategies and see if it helps you improve.

    The rest is down to perseverance. Also, sleep well with the knowledge that this is the easiest Devil May Cry to S rank thanks to the lack of a Damage category.
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    Connolly800I can't believe no-one's commented on this solution in the years since you posted, but thank you very much for those videos. I got to DMD recently and really struggled with the Berial fight on Mission. But after studying your guide, managed to get an S rank. Not SSS, mind you, but still good!

    I'm confident your playlist will be as useful going forward.
    Posted by Connolly800 on 01 Mar 18 at 01:57
  • x Yusuke23 xx Yusuke23 x103,914
    08 Sep 2010
    16 4 1
    Many of the solutions here have invaluable information and help when it comes to the daunting task of S-Ranking this game. However, the math really isn't there, and there's a notion that keeps popping up that has been bugging me.

    A lot of the solutions for the 4 S-Rank achievements emphasize finding red orbs to help boost your success and that its integral to acquiring a high rank.

    While collecting orbs is fine and dandy, STYLE is your key factor in S-Ranking this game on ANY difficulty. The fine posters at gamefaqs have deduced the ranking formula to help you approach a level from a mathematical standpoint and figure out how well you need to perform. The full guide (with ranking information straight from Capcom) can be found at:


    (Clear Bonus + Stylish Points) x Clear Time Multiplier x Difficulty Multiplier x Orbs Found Multiplier x Bonus and Penalty Multipliers = Devil Hunter Points

    Every level has a base clear score, and that is added on to your stylish points. EVERYTHING ELSE IS A MULTIPLIER. A fast clear time with every single orb found won't do you shit if you don't have the style to back it up. Don't get me wrong, they definitely help, but your main focus should be comboing, variety, and getting hit as little as possible. Not getting hit is ideal, as that adds another multiplier, but in reality, most people going for these achievements aren't gonna get perfect runs.


    Obviously one that gets focused on heavily, your clear time ranking has a heavy influence on your Devil Hunter score as it has the potential for the highest multiplier. If there is any factor you want to S rank consistently, its the time. The multipliers are as follows:
    S = x3.0
    A = x2.5
    B = x2.0
    C = x1.5
    D = x1.0

    Getting an A rank on time isn't the end of the world, but you have to have the style to back it up. If you're having a kick-ass style run, tho, getting an S-Rank on clear time shouldn't be an issue.

    The other factor that gets given tons of attention, the orbs multiplier is the other rank based multiplier of the formula. People seem to think getting an S is mandatory, especially on Human due to a "lack of enemies to get style points." This is entirely NOT TRUE. An A rank is entirely sufficient on ANY difficulty, and here are the multipliers to show you why:
    95-100% --> S = x2.00
    75-94% --> A = x1.75
    60-74% --> B = x1.50
    45-59% --> C = x1.25
    0-44% --> D = x1.00

    See that? The drop from S to A is NOWHERE near as drastic as the drop on Clear Time. Yet another upside is an A only requires 75% of the orbs, a much less daunting task than the 95% needed for S.

    This, again, is not to say you should skip searching for Red Orbs. It just means you don't have to fret if you think you missed those 2 or 3 chairs in that one room. Having knowledge of where secret locations of Red Orbs are is a great way to ensure you get an A, and if there is a Combo Adjudicator or a Red Orb stone in the level, abuse it to all hell.

    These are the little "awards" that are displayed underneath your 3 ranked attributes. Most of the time people see No Item, here, but there are actually quite a few modifiers that can show. Unfortunately, most aren't as good as we'd hope:
    No Damage = x1.5
    No Item = x1.2
    Continues = x0.8
    Enemy Handicap = x0.8
    Gold Orbs = x0.7
    Super Character = x0.2

    Obviously having a perfect run of a level would be fantastic. If you can do it, good on ya and have fun pretty much ensuring an S rank. These multiplier mainly apply the most basic common sense if you're going for an S rank: don't use a super character and DON'T DIE.

    Ever notice how everyone talks about how you get more Proud Souls for playing on DMD? Well that's because the amount of Proud Souls you get is based on your Devil Hunter Score, and your Devil Hunter Score is multiplied by these factors depending on what difficulty you play on:
    Human = x0.85
    Devil Hunter = x1.0
    Son of Sparda = x1.8
    Dante Must Die = x3.0
    [NOTE: These numbers are not 100% accurate and from Capcom, but have been deduced by the folks at gamefaqs and they are pretty damn close. Like, within 2 or 3 points of Devil Hunter Score close. So it shouldn't be anything to worry about.]


    OK, we know all those fancy schmancy numbers but how is that going to help us? Well we just solve for x, with x being STYLISH POINTS. That there is your main concern and will make or break your S-Rank runs.

    Take a step back and think about how good you are at the game. Contemplate how you think you will rank on time and orbs. Contemplate how much ass you are gonna kick and how much your ass is going to get handed to you. Think about these factors realistically.

    Then, approach the formula. Look at the level you want to S-Rank, and find its Devil Hunter Score on your difficulty in the guide linked. Let's take Level 3 on Human for an example. 55250 Devil Hunter Score is the cutoff for S-Rank.

    Again, base this off your own knowledge of how well you play, but for this example I'll use my expectations. For me, an S on time is mandatory. In all honesty, it should be for everyone, but if you want to aim for an A, aim for an A, it's your perogative. An A on orbs is generally my goal, but I know sometimes I'll only get a B, so I calculate for both. I'm not going to die, so I can ignore the bad bonuses, and I know I'm going to get hit, so the only bonus I factor is No Item.

    The clear score for Level 3 is 2000, so our formula becomes:

    (2000+x)*3*(1.75 or 1.5)*1.2*0.85=55250

    Using basic algebra, solving for x gives me 8318 for an A on orbs and 10037 for a B on orbs. I HAVE to get over 8318 stylish points, but I intend to get more for security.

    As has been said, beating a level on a difficulty will have the stylish points be displayed on any replay. Use that to gauge how well you're kicking ass and whether or not you're gonna be starting over. Stylish Points go up faster the higher your rank. Getting hit lowers the rank, so please, get hit as little as possible to save you some trouble.

    This is a lot of info to absorb, but using this formula will make it easier to give you a goal to aim for on ANY difficulty for this game. These achievements are hard, and they WILL test your skill and patience.

    Good luck to all of you.
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    NINja277I don't have this game YET bu this looks like a lot of quality information which I plan to use when I do get this game , a thumbs up will follow as well. Great post
    Posted by NINja277 on 05 Feb 11 at 08:45
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