Chaos Unleashed

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Chaos Unleashed

Death to the False Emperor achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Death to the False Emperor

Complete Chaos Invasion Arena 1.

Death to the False Emperor0
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How to unlock the Death to the False Emperor achievement

  • Ragescreamer889Ragescreamer889575,910
    21 Dec 2011 24 Dec 2011 25 Dec 2011
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    This is my analysis of Arena 1 and the following arenas are detailed in other solutions

    Wave 1-5

    Wave1 = Orks and Guard
    Wave 2 = Orks and Guard
    Wave 3 = Orks and Guard
    Wave 4 = Guard & Capture point on the ridge next to the door
    Wave 5 =Orks, Guard, and 4 Space Marines

    [I do not use plasma or melta weapons so they will not be detailed]

    Orks are all familiar:

    Gretchin - a ground pound , 1 melee swing or 2 rounds from any bolt weapon with down these little cretins.

    Ork Boys - 3 shots from any bolt weapon, 1 swing for the maul and 2-3 for swords will kill the mainstay of the Ork horde.

    Ork Berserkers - 2 swings from a maul (1 direct hit with killing blow), 3-4 with swords and around 15-18 bolt rounds (less if using heavy bolter) will put down these suicide orks.

    Shootas - 1 hit with the maul, 2-3 with a sword or 3 shots from a bolt weapon with drop these ranged xenos.

    The Guardsmen are all new units:

    Guardsmen - These little humans are easy to kill. 1 hit with the maul, 2 with the swords and 4 in the chest or 3 in the head with a bolt weapon.

    Stormtroopers - Come in two variants upon close examination of the guns. Melta guns and granade launchers, both take the same hits as the standard guardsman.

    Chainsword guardsman - In small groups, these human can do damage to both armor and health. Same hits as melee but 6-7 shots for bolt weapons.

    Sanctioned Pyskers - These are the staff weilders that fire the lightning. The have a quick stun melee attack and the lightning. Melee does little damage to armor while the lightning drains it and can do good damage if left unchecked. 3 hits with the maul (1 direct hit with Killing blow), 5-7 with the swords and bolt weapons hit a shield so unknown number of bullets needed.

    Space Marines - The lapdogs of the false emperor. They come in several variants which i will explain in other solutions as they show up. 4 of the bolter variant show up in arena 1 during wave 5. At range, they can do good damage to both armor and health but in close combat, they have a slow swing with a power axe much like with the campign chaos marines. They have armor like you but it takes less punishment. 2-3 swings with the maul and 7-9 with swords, bolt shells need to break the armor so roughly a clip and a half to kill for a bolter (Kraken rounds) and anywhere between 35-45 for a heavy bolter.

    This concludes my breakdown of the enemies of Chaos for arena 1. The Xenos and Imperial lapdogs fear you. Press your advantage.

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  • BrumtownManglerBrumtownMangler392,450
    21 Dec 2011 21 Dec 2011 21 Dec 2011
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    This will unlock after you beat the first 5 waves of the Chaos Invasion arena. With 4 Players this is pretty much a cake-walk.

    Power Armour will save you! It has a lot faster regeneration speed in this game mode and so does your health, do not be scared to run off, find cover and regain your health.
    Conserve ammo by melee attacking lesser enemies like Gretchin and Guardsmen.
    Target Imperial Psykers first as they are the only ones who will do any real damage at range in this arena
    You will fight Space Marines in wave 5, they take a fair deal of punishment. I would suggest at least one person brings a Melta Gun to bring down their armour quickly.
    It seems the Marines carrying heavy weapons have significatly less health than those carrying melee weapons.

    *Any futher tips will be appreciated and added to the list, please leave as comments*
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    RhyoliticAre there Capture Points in the Chaos version? Those are what give me the fits when I'm trying to do a private Exterminatus match.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 21 Dec 11 at 19:45
    BrumtownManglerYes there are capture points in some of the waves. I think it may be the 3rd round in each arena, but i'm not sure. The earlier capture rounds only have one capture point, but the later ones have 2. You get overtime mode if you are capturing a point when the time runs out, which means you must stay on the point until it is finished or get a defeat.
    Posted by BrumtownMangler on 21 Dec 11 at 22:13
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