Chaos Unleashed

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Chaos Unleashed

Let the Heavens Bleed achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Let the Heavens Bleed

Defeat the Chaos Invasion bonus wave.

Let the Heavens Bleed+2.1
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How to unlock the Let the Heavens Bleed achievement

  • GhostlyHilandrGhostlyHilandr470,785
    11 Feb 2012 11 Feb 2012 11 Feb 2012
    12 2 4
    Don't have much to add to the way the arenas play out. Me and my same group worked on this for a month when we finally found a loadout that worked on our first try. We used the following load out:

    Tactical(2)- Plasma Rifle, Melta Gun, Improved Melta Charge, and Weapon Versatility.

    Raptor(1)- Demon Maul, Plasma Pistol, Killing Blow, Impenetrable, and combat stimulants.

    Havoc(1)- Lascannon, Lascannon Capacitor, Ammunition stores.

    Note: Havoc had painters tape on their tv screen to assist in targeting when not zoomed in.

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    Big Dibs theDogoh and the Masking Tape idea.....genius mate...clap
    +'ive vote
    Posted by Big Dibs theDog on 19 Feb 12 at 17:29
    NonfaithI would also like to add that all of us were pros at this by the time we were done. It was very rare for one of us to die before Arena 4. You will bleed, cuss, and reload often before you get this. That or you will be incredibly lucky and team up with 3 other guys who do a great job of covering your ass.
    Posted by Nonfaith on 24 Mar 12 at 02:59
    KorgakGrimtoothMy group had previously and unsuccessfully tried to finish this achievement without a lascannon Havoc using some combination of meltagun/twin-bolter Chaos Space Marines and daemon maul Raptors; the larger and armored orks would overwhelm us in the later waves.

    We then, in a separate session, included a lascannon Havoc and finished the whole thing without a single restart. The lascannon was quite effective at dealing with the larger and armored orks. Also, while we used our Raptor exclusively to deal with the Killa Kans, I have been told that a lascannon will destroy a Killa Kan with about 6 rear shots.
    Posted by KorgakGrimtooth on 04 Jan 13 at 04:30
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  • Ragescreamer889Ragescreamer889592,574
    04 Jan 2012 23 Dec 2011 22 Oct 2015
    18 9 8
    Confirmed that the Deff Dreds can leave the center area due to a patch. (Thank you Nonfaith)

    The wave is comprised of Orks centralized around one unique set of enemies. Everyone
    remember the ork walker from the old Space Marine trailers?

    They are called Deff Dreds and are essentially Ork Dreadnoughts. They have several attacks, two melee, one ranged and a clumsy charge. The melee consists of a quick slice attack which will drop your armor and roughly 1/3 of your health but is survivable. The other is an overhead slam that either kills you outright or drops all your armor and roughly half your health. The ranged attack is a heavy duty machine gun barrage that is literally announced by a very loud and kinda annoying screech as the gun starts up. Hiding behind anything is safe but it can kill you easily if caught in the open. The charge isn't worth mentioning because its easy to dodge and limited to the center area.

    The wave starts off with one Deff Dred in the center of the arena . Once you do some damage to it, a second Deff Dred, Ork berserkers and rokkit launchas spawn. You can take as long as you want fighting the orks as long as you do not kill at least 1 of the Dreds.

    Second part of the wave happens after 1 Dred is dead and you start hitting the second. 2 Dreds, alot of Ard Boys (Shields), squigs and more rokkits spawn. Same process as above, take all the time as you want killing the orks as long as the Dreds are left alone. (Any noticeable damage will signal the next wave)

    Third part is a challenge. After you kill 2 of the 3 current Dreds on the field, 3 more Dreds spawn for a total of 4 on the map. Along with this are a mix of Nobs, both Shoota and the melee ones that carry a mace and a large amount of squigs. Again same process as above. After you kill 1 or 2 of the 4 Dreds. Hell breaks lose.

    Fourth part of the wave consists of another 1 or 2 Dreds spawning bringing the total up to four again. Accompanying them is 5-6 Uba Nobs (the big axe wielding ones from your nightmares) and anywhere from 6-8 of the Rokkit Nobs.

    NEW -

    There is actually a fifth part that consists of more large Nobs and squigs. Same as above.

    Classes and perks for our winning team:

    Assault - Deamon Maul, Bolt Pistol, Killing Blow, Impenetrable

    Assault - Power Sword/Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Zeal, Impenetrable

    Tactical - Bolter, Plasma Gun, Kraken Rounds, Weapon Versatility

    Devastator (Essential) - Lascannon, Lascannon Capacitors, Feel no Pain

    The Devastator is your MVP, he is your best weapon against the Nobs because his weapon can pierce through the crowd that will follow him.

    Good Luck and may the Dark Gods protect you.
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    Big Dibs theDogThe inclusion of a Las Cannon guy being essential is a small but iMPORTANT part - thank you = +'ive vote.
    Posted by Big Dibs theDog on 19 Feb 12 at 10:01
    SkinstakovicQuick question, does this have to be done in a public game? I know there is an achievement for playing a public game, but the achievement description for this particular bonus wave doesn't mention it. If that's the case could we just start on arena 4?
    Posted by Skinstakovic on 19 May 13 at 10:23
    Ragescreamer889I do believe it has to be done in public. That was how we did ours.
    Posted by Ragescreamer889 on 19 May 13 at 15:06
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic525,400
    07 Feb 2012 29 Jan 2012 04 Feb 2012
    12 5 5
    This is not so much as a solution (so read Ragescreamer's for that), but it's a potentially helpful tip.

    Apparently, you can lure the Killa Kans off of the walkways and allow them to fall to their dooms. I was able to do it to the first two Kans.

    On that platform by the open pit, there is a ramp on the left side that goes up towards the Default Spawn point. What I did was shoot the Kan in the face with the Bolt Pistol to get his attention. He did his charge attack down the ramp, but he was slightly angled away from the platform behind the pipes. He managed to go over the railing as I Evaded towards the platform. I repeated on the second Kan and the same thing happened. Did not have a chance to try on the third as we ran out of lives.

    This is not something I would normally recommend as it is a team-based achievement and wouldn't want to be cause for other people to not get it. But if your group is agreeable, it might be something to consider, especially if you are running low on ammo.

    Oh, but make sure to eliminate the other Orks first.

    Edit - This definitely works. The Kans are actually pretty easy to get to go over the edge, but there is a better spot for it.

    In the area that you have to capture a point in Wave 19, there is a set of stairs that go down from the center area. If one is careful and just sticks their head up over the level of the center floor, a Kan should come charging partway down the stairs. Depending on the angle, they can run over the railing and go down the pit.

    If necessary, the taunting Marine can hide behind the canisters to the right of the staircase. They block the Kan's automatic fire very well.

    The downside to this method is the fact that you do not get points for the destruction of the Kans that way. However, it can also save you a significant amount of ammunition.
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    RhyoliticIt's entirely possible that it's been fixed or the map altered to prevent them running over the edge. At the time I wrote this (keep in mind it's been almost a decade since writing and it's been a LONG time since I've played it), the Kans spawned in, in the center area. There is/was a set of stairs leading to an area at a lower level than the center spawn location. By getting the Kans to charge down those stairs, it is/was possible to get them to go over the edge of the railing, with proper placement & luck.

    There was another area that I managed to get one to go over that was at the same elevation as the Kans' spawning area, but that point was a LOT tougher to get them to go over as well as being harder to hide from their attacks. That spot was kind of a walkway on the outer edge of the map.

    If this doesn't work, then that's a shame. I'll leave this up just on the off chance someone can get it to work.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 17 May 21 at 11:26
    EternallyBrokenThanks for the guide! :)
    Posted by EternallyBroken on 04 Jul 21 at 09:08
    Kuningatar VI have dropped few Kans this year so it is working. Only one of players should try to pull them. Rest players should be out of their LOS. Try to get them down the ramp and collide to ceiling. With little luck they will clip outside of map. Be careful! You do not get ammo drops and making them fall will cause enemies to spawn so everyone should be prepared to act.
    Posted by Kuningatar V on 11 Oct 21 at 08:21
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