Chaos Unleashed

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Chaos Unleashed

Heretic achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine


Complete a public Co-op game in the Chaos Invasion mission.

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How to unlock the Heretic achievement

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    This achievement requires that the party beat all four Arenas plus the Bonus Wave. I'm not sure on whether or not someone who drops into a Public match at some point past Wave 1 can get the achievement, but considering the amount of work and synergy needed to get through the Bonus Wave, I'm doubtful a pick up group would have much luck.

    Edit - Graceland BoOya says that you can drop in at the end of the wave and still get the achievement. Good to know. Thanks GB! smile

    I do need to mention and thank Worhammer as he is the one who initially told me about needing to finish the Bonus Wave for this.

    Some tips to get started:

    1) Everyone should have both perk slots unlocked. This is pretty much a no-brainer. It's very doubtful that a level 4 would have much luck in a group for this.

    2) Spend some time unlocking your chosen weapon's special perks. If you're a Melta user, have both Melta specials unlocked.

    3) You might have to take several runs at this with a set group to get your individual playstyles to mesh.

    4) To get your party of four (try not to do it with less, random drop in players vary widely in ability and one bad one can use up your lives very quickly) into a public match, have your session leader invite the other party members to a game. Then simply select Exterminatus and Chaos Unleashed. If Hab Center or Kalkys come up, hit B, and then choose Leave With Party. You can start searching again and try to get Chaos Invasion.

    5) Jury is out on the usefulness of Blind Grenades. Some like them, some do not. I don't particularly like them as I play a Tactical and need to be able to see to shoot stuff.


    Arenas 1-3 are relatively easy. No real group makeup is necessary. Though I would recommend at least one person with the Melta w/both perks on it (increased recharge rate & increased ammo). However, once you get to the final Arena, the Devastator becomes less useful due to his slowness and how his weapons operate.

    Our makeup for a successful run was: 2 Tactical Marines both with Meltas (mine had both perks, not sure on what the other guy had) and 2 Raptors (both with Daemon Mauls, one with True Grit, one with Impenetrable, and both with Killing Blow).

    Arena 4 and the Bonus Wave will test your group's ability to work together and take direction. It is imperative that you work together and not split up unless directly told to. Raptors tend to have the playstyle of jump all over the place and act tougher than they actually are. They will get killed quickly. A single Raptor on his own here will get overwhelmed.

    In the initial Wave 16, you can wait a bit and let the Orkz and Imperial Guard kill each other for a bit. You can get 1/3 to 1/2 of the wave done without firing a shot.

    Wave 17 will require a Point Capture. Have all four head to the Capture point. Ideally, the Imperial Guard will funnel through those ramps and the meltas will shine here. Try not to run off as the Melta Guardsmen and the Space Marines will do a number on you.

    Wave 18 starts out with a bunch of squigs running in towards some Guard. Single bolt pistol rounds will take them out. Stay in the point capture area and let the ramps funnel the Orkz to you. Again, Meltas shine here as they can do hellacious damage to the Scar Boyz (the chainsword orkz). Stay together and try to let the Tacticals get the ammo. Bolt pistols work wonders here to take out the Rokkit Boyz and the Shoota Boyz that hang around the walkway.

    Wave 19 requires two point Captures. We used to start with the one in the center, but found it was too easy to get zerged. Start with the one on the side. The mobs can be funneled down the ramp and the stairs. Watch out because there are squigs in this wave. Berserker Nobz (the big guys with the axes) can do some real damage to Raptors here. Let the Tacticals handle them as about 6 shots from the Melta will kill one.

    Wave 20 is mostly Space Marines with some Imperial Psykers and Guard. You'll get a mix of Chainsword/Bolt Pistol, Lascannon, Plasma Cannon, and Thunder Hammer/Iron Halo Marines. Do NOT send the Raptors in alone against a Thunder Hammer as they WILL die. Again, Meltas do a lot of damage very quickly. There will be about 6 of those Hammer Marines in this wave.

    Wave 21 (Bonus Wave). This is the killer. It took a lot of trial and error to find a way to win this one. Ideally, you should have at least 2 extra lives going into this. If you have 4, that's great. Just don't waste them.

    Here's what we did. The two Raptors perched on these tall twin pillars to the left of the initial spawn point. They were directed to be on squig patrol for most of the wave. Namely, if a squig spawned, they were to shoot it before it got to the Tacticals. They were also on rapid response if the Tacs needed help.

    One Tactical was the Kan Puller. I went down to the side area where the capture point in wave 19 was. The other stayed in cover and out of the way by the spawn point. The Kan Puller would get the Kan's attention and get him to charge towards the stairs. At the right angle, the Kan will go over the railing on the stairs and die. It will take several tries, but it does work and saves a lot of ammo. If necessary, you can hide behind the canisters by the stairs.

    (I'm trying to remember this, but it really was a blur as to what spawned and when. Please check out Ragescreamer889's Solution for Let The Heavens Bleed for a much more accurate description of the wave spawnings/requirements.)

    A second Kan will spawn along with the first wave of Ork reinforcements. The Kan puller should run back to the other Tactical and they can work together. Raptors monitor for squigs and take out rokkit/shoota boyz with their bolt pistols. Once the reinforcements are gone, the Kan Puller returns and pulls the next Kan over. Along with one of the Kans that spawns in. Take some time to wait between Kans to see if Orkz spawn in.

    Next wave of reinforcements will be similar to the first. Repeat.

    The third through fifth wave of reinforcements will have a lot of squigs, rokkit nobz, and berserker nobz. Keep the Raptors watching and popping the squigs. Don't panic. Work calmly and methodically. Above all else, don't get brave.

    You should end up with 3 Killa Kans as being the last mobs on the board. Pull them to the pit like the others, one at a time.

    If you need to shoot the Kans, there is a weakspot on their backs. If you see the square box that the smokestacks are attached to, that is where you should shoot. It will count as a headshot when they die. However, you should not have to shoot the Kans at all, beyond some bolt pistol shots from the Puller to get their attention.

    This achievement may take you a while, but it is doable. Good luck! If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them.
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    Rogue TentI'd like to add that the third wave in the bonus round is shooter nobs and rokkit nobs, both times I was standing on the pillars the shooter nobs destroyed me within moments of that bonus bit starting, thats the only problem in the bonus wave of standing up there, and the killakans CAN get you if you stand to close to the arena side of the pillar
    Posted by Rogue Tent on 07 Feb 12 at 13:04
    Graceland BoOyai can confirm that you can come in at the end wave and still get the achievement, also you can be dead but waiting to respawn
    Posted by Graceland BoOya on 12 Feb 12 at 17:17
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