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Achievement Details

I've Done it All! in Gears of War 3

I've Done it All!319 (75)

Earn at least one of each of the original 132 combat ribbons.

  • Unlocked by 13,749 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 4.24) 13,773  

Achievement Guide for I've Done it All!

o Melfice
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o Melfice
Achievement won on 17 Jan 12
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Posted on 08 January 12 at 12:43, Edited on 16 April 12 at 01:41
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you vote negative, please tell me why so that I can improve my guide! If I didn't help, only you can tell me why! Also, read the initial notes. They're part of the guide too...

LATEST UPDATE: I've added a video that explains how to get every ribbon (and every other Fenix Rising achivements). Credit goes to madmanRAB from Youtube.


Initial notes:

1.. If you get every ribbon before downloading the DLC, you need to play one full match (online or with bots set to fill) for the achievement to unlock.

2.. To easily find the ribbon you need, press CTRL + F and type the name in the search bar. I believe I have every name correctly typed. If you spot a name not written correctly, tell me.

3.. For Versus ribbons you need to be playing online multiplayer or play in private matches with bots set to fill.

4.. For Horde, Beast and Arcade Campaign ribbons you need at least 2 people playing (although some will actually require more than 2). A second controller is also an option.

5.. For Arcade ribbons, especially the ones to sever mutant arms or kill Headsnakes you can reload checkpoints and the counter will still keep adding. So you can kill 2 Headsnakes, reload a checkpoint and kill another one and it will still count. A good chapter to get all these ribbons is the chapter where you first play as Cole (Act 1, Chapter 3). Keep going until you reach the grocery store. You will have Polyps and several Drudges to get all the ribbons. Just reload the checkpoint after you kill all the initial drudges.

6. The video at the end is merely if you need any other kind of explanation. Credit goes to madmanRAB from Youtube.


Now onto the actual ribbon guide:


First row:

> MVP - Finish a match with the most points.
> First Blood - Be the first person to score a kill in a match.
> F.I.F.O. - Be the first person to die in a match.
> Last Man Out - Be the last surviving person on your team in either Warzone, Execution or Team Deathmatch.
> Better Man - Win a sudden death. To easily achieve this one, start a private Warzone match with casual bots set to fill and friendly fire on. Kill all your teammates so that you're the last one on your team, and then just kill every bot on the other team (the last one will give you the ribbon).
> Clutch - While being the last man standing on your team kill 3 or more players and win the round. Easily done by following the method described above.
> Never Had a Chance - Don't let the other team win any rounds in a match. Warzone, 2 rounds, casual bots to fill is one way to do it. Just make sure you win both rounds without losing one.

Second row:

> The Double, The Triple, The Quad, The Quinn - Achieve 2,3,4 and 5 kills in a row respectively. Set up a Horde match with Big Explosions, Super Reload and Infinite Ammo. Active reload your weapon with the Super Reload and wait until you have at least 5 enemies on screen. Then just kill them all very fast.
> Nemesis - Kill another player 5 times without letting them kill you.
> Retribution - Kill your Nemesis. (This ribbon was once glitch but it's now fixed. Make sure you have bots set to fill!)
> Swift Vengeance - Kill your last killer.

Third row:

> Solid - Achieve more kills than deaths in a match.
> Denied! - End an opponent's kill streak. Just find someone with 5 or more kills in a row and kill him.
> Killing Spree, Rampage, Unstoppable, Invincible, Godlike - Get 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 kills in a row without dying respectively. Set up a private King of the Hill with casual bots set to fill and 240 points to win a round (with 2 rounds just to make sure) and then simply kill 25 bots in a row without dying. I recommend the Lancer or Hammerburst. Even casual bots can kill you easily while up close.

Fourth row:

> Trick Shot - One Torque Bow headshot leading to a double kill. Set up a private King of the Hill with bots set to fill and every spot with a Torque Bow to pick up. Invite 2 or more friends to the game and to the opposite team and arrange a spot to meet. Then just tell your friends to stay still behind eachother and aim at the head. You should get two headshots if they are lined properly.
> Hat Trick - Get 3 headshots in a row without dying. Same as Killing Spree, just make sure that 3 kills in a row are with a headshot. The Boltok or Longshot are recommended. You can also use the Sniper Command Centre from the Horde Command Pack DLC.
> Mortarfied - Kill two or more opponents with a single Mortar shot. Same as above, you can use the Mortar Command Centre.
> Clusterluck - Kill two or more opponents with a single Grenade (frags recommended).
> Grenade Hug - Kill an opponent after being grenade tagged. Simply ask a friend to tag you and tell him to stay next to you when the grenade goes off.
> Sapper Star - Kill an opponent with his own planted grenade. Ask a friend to plant a frag and stand next to it. Then just shoot it making sure he dies in the explosion.
> Ole! - Grenade tag a Retro charging opponent. Invite a friend to a private match (don't forget bots) and tell him to equip the Retro Lancer. He should then charge with the Retro (hold B) making sure he goes by your side not straight at you so he doesn't accidentally stab you. When he goes by just tag him with a grenade and the ribbon is yours.

Fifth row:

> Boombardier - Kill 2 or more opponents with a single Boomshot shot.
> Hail Mary - Boomshot kill from over 200 feet. Just shoot really far away (like from the top of the Sniper Tower on Gridlock over to one of the spawn exits). Since the Boomshot shoots in an arc try aiming a little above your target.
> Kaboom! - Kill 2 or more opponents with a single Sawed-Off Shotgun shot. It's better if you invite two friends instead of waiting for 2 bots to be close together.
> Roadblock - Stop a Retro charge with the Sawed-Off. Same as Ole! but instead of tagging a grenade, you kill him with the Sawed-Off.
> Lumberjack, Charge! - Get 3 Chainsaw/Retro charge kills in a row without dying. Same as Hat Trick but with the corresponding kill methods. Also works in Horde.
> Military Intelligence - 5 spotted enemies ending in a kill by another player. You have to spot (press LS) but it doesn't count if you kill him. Someone else has to do it. To easily achieve this set up a private Horde and just spot every enemy and let others kill them. If you don't do it in one wave, don't worry. The counter will stay the same after the next wave starts.

Sixth row:

> Not So Fast - Kill an opponent while he is executing a teammate.
> Negotiation Over - Kill an opponent holding a meatshield with a headshot. It can be done with any weapon. Try the Gnasher Shotgun from the back.
> Oscar Mike - Kill a roadie running opponent with a headshot. Invite a friend, let him roadie run towards you (hold A) and headshot him with the Gnasher Shotgun or Longshot.
> The Super - Headshot an evading opponent. This one is down to luck most of the times. Your best bet is to do it with the Gnasher Shotgun. Aim at your friend's head and, as soon as he evades left or right, shoot.
> Death from Below - Killed an opponent with a grenade while downed. Equip grenades, let your friend down you and then blow yourself up (RT) commiting suicide and killing your opponent in the same grenade.
> Death from Beyond - Kill an opponent after dying. Plant a grenade, die and let your friend walk into your planted 'nade.
> Death from Above - Kill 2 or more opponents with a single Hammer of Dawn blast. The Hammer of Dawn Command Center from the Horde Command Pack DLC also works.

Seventh row:

> Untouchable - Don't let yourself be captured while playing as the leader in Capture the Leader.
> Lead by Example - Kill 5 opponents while being the leader in a round.
> Want Something Done - Capture the enemy leader while being the leader of your team.
> Captiv-ating - Capture the enemy leader.
> Secret Service - Most leader rescues in a match. Set up a private CTL match and make sure you're the one who rescues your leader most of the times in a match (or as soon as you get one rescue, quickly end the match).
> Rear Guard - Survive every round of Wingman.
> Avenged - Kill your Wingman's killer.

Eighth row:

> Top of the Hill - Kill 5 people from inside the ring in King of the Hill. Friendly fire kills also work strangely.
> Ring Breaker, Ring King - Break/Capture 3 rings in a round.
> Dead Ringer - Win a King of the Hill round by making sure the other team doesn't score any ring points.
> Eye on the Prize - Most points earned inside the ring in a match. Just stay inside the ring all the time. Every second that goes by while you are inside is counting towards this ribbon.
> Sacrifice - Break the ring alone while Down but not Out. Let a friend capture the ring and then make sure you break it while being down and alone (just crawl inside it).
> No, Wait! - Kill an opponent while they are reloading.

Ninth row:

> Special Delivery - Kill an opponent with a bag and tag. Grab grenades, get a meatshield and when close to an enemy press up on the d-pad to release a bag and tag.
> No Smoking - Kill an opponent with a Smoke Grenade. Down someone 2 times and let them get up. On the third time tag a smoke. They should die from the blast.
> Never Surrender - Win a match after being at a disadvantage. Set up a 2 round Warzone match and lose the first round. Then just win the other 2 rounds.
> Unlucky Bastard - Be the only player on you team to die in a round.
> Team Player - Most assists in a match.
> Personal Assistant - Assist 10 kills in a single round.
> Medic - Revive 5 teammates in a round.

Tenth row:

> So Close - Killed while recovering from DBNO. Let your friend down you and as soon as you start getting up by yourself he should kill you.
> Survivor - Revive yourself 5 times in a round. Set the bleed-out time to 5 seconds and play King of the Hill with casual bots. Since they don't kill right after downing, you'll get up by yourself most of the times. To get up faster stay still and press only A really fast.
> Methodical - 5 execution in one round. Any combination of executions work: Curb Stomp, extended Y execution, Chainsaw or Retro Charge.
> Stop Thief! - 5 kills stolen by others in a round. Don't kill the players you down and you should get this easily.
> First to Fight - Earn the First Blood ribbon in every round of a match.
> Final Word - Get the final kill in a match.
> The Cleaner - Get the final kill in every round of a match.

Eleventh row:

> Coup de Grace - Get the final kill of a round with an execution.
> Vigilant - Win a match with 10+ kills and 0 deaths.
> Smooth Operator - Finish with the highest Kill/Death ratio in a match.
> Tough Guy - Finish a match with the fewest deaths.
> Rough Day - FInish a match with the most deaths.
> Stay Down - Finish a match with more downs than kills.
> Executioner - Finish a match with the most executions.

Twelfth row:

> Evasive - Finish a match with the least damage taken.
> Contender - Finish a match with the most melee hits.
> Pacifist - Finish a match with more revives then kills.
> Spray and Pray - Finish a match with the most blindfire kills.
> Headhunter - Finish a match with the most headshots kills.
> Carmine's Star - Finish a match with the most headshot deaths.
> Grenadier - Finish a match with the most grenade kills.

Thirteenth row:

> Pistoleer: Finish a match with the most pistol kills.
> Quick Clips - Finish a match with the most Perfect Active Reloads.
> Clear! - Finish a match with the most revives.
> Well Protected - Finish a match being the most revived player.
> Guys? Hello? - Finish a match being the person that stood longer DBNO.
> Buttoned Up - Finish a match being the person that spent the most time in cover.
> Under the Radar - Earn no other ribbons in a match. This one is actually harder than it seems. Start a 1 round Execution match with Classic Stalemates OFF and Insane Bots set to fill. Don't do anything. Don't shoot, don't reload and don't go into cover. Wait for your first teammate to die and as soon as he does go to the other team so they kill you (to make sure that you don't get the Last Man Out ribbon). Wait for the match to end and you should get this ribbon.


Fourteenth row:

> Pop Goes the Weasel - Blow up 3 enemies at once with the Ticker. Play Beast until wave 12. Ask a friend to down an Onyx Guard and imediately another one should try and come revive him. As soon as you have 3 or more Onyx Guards downed go up to them and blow youself up.
> Indigestion - Kill an enemy with a swallowed grenade by using the Wild Ticker. Ask a friend to throw you a grenade using the Savage Grenadier and eat it up with X. Then just go to an enemy (Stranded or COG Gear) and let them kill you while you are right next to them and BOOM you get your ribbon.
> Monkey Dog - 2 or more enemies that you stunned were killed. On wave 1, ask a friend to use a ticker. Down a Stranded. Another one should come and revive him. As soon as he does, scream with your Wretch (press X) and you should stun both. Then the person using the ticker blows them up and ribbon unlocked.
> Meatshop - Kill 4 enemies in a row without dying using the Butcher. The Butcher is really weak so your best bet is to have friends down humans for you to finish off.
> Team Shaman - Heal 4 teammates at once. Gather 4 friends. They should all use Savage Drones or Grenadiers. When they are all damaged at least a little bit, gather everyone around the Kantus and heal them.
> Team Savior - Revive 3 teammates at once. This one is tricky. Start up a private Beast match on Mercy with 4 (or 5) players and play until wave 6 or 7. Don't advance more than that. The person using the Kantus should just stay back and wait. The other 3 (or 4) should play until they can all use the Savage Grenadier (always let the time run out after there is only one or two enemies alive). Afterwards, as soon as you start the round throw your frag grenade at your feet to lose almost 75% of your life. Then just go up to a barrier and let yourself get downed by touching it repeatedly (you may need to at least kill off the turrets and Silverback first so they don't mess you up). As soon as 3 players are downed the Kantus should just press X and revive them.
> Pillager - Destroy 5 fortifications in one wave. The Berserker is great for this.

Fifteenth row:

> Test Driver - Play as 5 different Locust in one wave. I recommend the following order: Savage Drone, Wild Ticker, Wretch, Ticker (blow yourself up), Butcher.
> Antihero - Kill 5 different Heroes in a wave. Wave 11 is your best bet using a Berserker.
> Ready for the Heavies - Unlock and use a tier 4 Locust (Armored Kantus, Savage Boomer or Berserker).
> Just in Time - Complete a wave with only 1 second left (only the person who gets the final kill will get the ribbon).


> Long Hauler - Complete all 50 waves in one session. You can die and restart waves all you want as long as you don't leave to the menu (It's worth to note that this will not unlock if the host disconnects during a horde session in public matches, so your best bet is a private match).
> Point Man - Earn the most cash in a wave.
> Combat Engineer - Work on 5 fortifications between two rounds. You need to upgrade/build/rebuild/reload 5 diferent fortifications in those 30 seconds between a wave.

Sixteenth row:

> Founder - Establish a Command Post in the beginning of a Horde session.
> Financier - Give 5000$ to teammates in a Horde session. To give money to another player stand close and aim at them then press B.
> Reconnaissance - Spot 3 weapons before they are picked up. Ask your friends to pick up the weapons you spot until they pick up 3. You need to be dead and enter the Ghost Camera.
> Observer - Complete a wave without kills.
> Phat Loot - Complete a wave challenge objective.
> Last Hope - Complete a wave as the last man standing.
> Go on without Me - Complete the wave as the only one dead.

Seventeenth row:

> High ROI - Kill 5 enemies with a weapon you purchased. Use Super Reload so that you have more ammo everytime your active reload your weapon. I recommend Boomshot or Longshot.
> I Gotcha - Revive all 4 teammates in one wave. Turn the Friendly Fire mutator on, down your 4 teammates and revive them.
> Like a Boss - Complete a boss wave (10, 20, 30, 40 or 50) without going down or dying.
> Rope-a-Dope - Kill 3 enemies in wave that were attacking a decoy.

Arcade Campaign

> Botanist - Shoot 5 Lambent Pods in a Chapter. Read note number 5 in the beginning of the guide.
> Mech Jockey - Killed 10 enemies with the Silverback (can also be done in Horde and it's probably easier that way).
> Flyswatter - Kill 5 Shriekers in a Chapter. Act 5, Chapter 2 has a part with a lot of Shriekers before an elevator.

Eighteenth row:

> Quick Kicker - Kick 5 small enemies. This is easily done in Act 1, Chapter 2. You can kick Polyps or Wild Tickers. If you're going for Dewormer and Pruner too, then read note number 5 in the beginning of the guide.
> Pull! - Kill a ground bursting enemy in the air. The desert chapters (Act 2) have a lot of Savage Locust bursting from the ground. If you're having problems, try memorizing where they jump from and shoot them with a Super Reloaded weapon.
> Dewormer - Kill 3 Lambent Headsnakes. Make sure to shoot the Drudge in the stomach first so the Headsnake doesn't die immediately and then kill it on the floor. Read note number 5 in the beginning of the guide.
Some people are having problems with this ribbon. If you follow the steps described below you shouldn't have any problems:
1. First you must shoot a Drudge until he mutates into the Headsnake form (he will have a bigger head that throws imulsion at you).
2. Second you must shoot him in the stomach until the head separates from the body.
3. Third you must shoot the Headsnake that will now be on the floor.
4. After three of these, you will have the ribbon.
5. Don't forget the second controller and read note number 5 in the beginning of the guide!
> Pruner - Sever 5 Lambent mutant arms. Read note number 5 in the beginning of the guide. To sever a mutant arm, simply shoot it. One drudge spawns two arms.
> Pig Sticker - Retro charge 4 formers in one charge. Load a chapter with formers (Act 3, Chapter 5 has a Retro Lancer right in the beginning and lots of Formers), pick up a Retro Lancer and charge (hold B).
> Ace - Finish an Arcade Chapter with the most kills.
> Hand Holder - Finish an Arcade Chapter with the most revives.

Nineteenth row:

> Wingman - Finish an Arcade Chapter with the most assists.
> Stockpiller - Finish an Arcade Chapter with the most ammo taken.
> Conservationist - Finish an Arcade Chapter with the least ammo taken.
> Number 1 - Finish an Arcade Chapter with the highest score.
> Priority Target - Finish an Arcade Chapter with the most points scored from a single kill.
> On Your Feet, Soldier - Finish an Arcade Chapter without going down but not out.


And that completes the guide. Any questions or notes you might want to add, please leave a comment. If you spot bad grammar please tell me since English is not my native language. Good luck!


Thanks to:

> SKletzi
> Methew
> Math V
> Kerman 7
> Col Biscuits
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