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First Step of a Legend

Reach D1 rank in ranked match.

First Step of a Legend+0.3
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How to unlock the First Step of a Legend achievement

  • Airman RufioAirman Rufio137,725
    02 Feb 2012 05 Feb 2012 05 Feb 2012
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    Here's what a friend and I did to reach Rank D1.

    1. Edit your player card to some obscure country. We chose Iran.

    2. Set your title to something other than default, preferably an obscure one. When you match-make in ranked you'll only see the title of the opponent. You'll recognize each other via your titles in matchmaking. If you see a title you don't recognize, back out and try again, or hit the search again button.

    3. We chose region > Asia, Rank > similar level, Connection > Any. I chose to be right side preference and my boosting partner was left side. That way we'd have a better chance of finding each other.

    4. You or your partner should begin the search, the person afterwards should wait around 5 seconds before beginning their search. In the beginning we noticed that we weren't matching up (over a minute) if we selected it at the same time. The method in this step got us matched up within seconds.

    5. Begin your boosting, trading off wins. Finishing a match with a Critical Finish adds 15 or more XP. Can be done in a few hours if u keep it steady.

    6. After the battle, you'll reach a menu with the option (search under same settings or what not). Once again, you or your partner begins the search first and the other person follows 5 seconds afterwards.

    7. Rinse and Repeat.

    Hope that helps. Also helps to play at some obscure times. Past midnight during the week in USA helped out alot for us. Also, if you or your boosting partner can't match-make after a while, you might want to set the rank criteria to ANY, because you or your partner may have leveled beyond your "similar rank" criteria.

    Any feedback is appreciated. Please explain negative votes.

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    Doctor PlowTo answer my own question:

    When you're in the E's, it takes 600 xp to level up, and when you're in the D's, it takes 1000 xp to level up. Therefore to go from E5 to D1 it takes 7000 xp.

    If you average out the amount of xp you get from wins and losses, it seems as though you get around 65 to 85 xp per match.

    Assuming you trade wins with a partner, it takes about 83 to 108 matches to go from E5 to D1.
    Posted by Doctor Plow on 26 Jul 13 at 14:54
    Evil Angel66does anyone still play this as i need to boost just to get up two ranks for the cheivo only chievo i need on ranked send me a message on xbox live
    Posted by Evil Angel66 on 29 Dec 13 at 21:13
    troyoyStep 4 is true in a lot of games if you search at the same time. Put you both in your own lobby waiting for a challenger. Great solution. Game is on sale right now for DL for $3.74. Probably be a lot of randoms now as that is a great price. Buy one digital download and double box it for the price of one.
    Posted by troyoy on 16 Mar 14 at 06:42
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  • KIxTw0KIxTw0206,560
    30 Mar 2012 24 May 2012 25 May 2012
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    This guide should make things easier, but I can´t guarantee that you reach rank D1.
    I will try to inform you about important thinks that you have to remind if you want to reach Rank D1.
    This guide includes how to attack, how to defend yourself as well as the choice of a character that fits you.

    1. Attacks in SC5

    In SC5 there are high, middle and low attacks. Mixing them is the key for winning games. There is nothing as worse than a gamer that only uses high attacks. Also there is a difference in the speed of attacks and damage of the attacks. Using the x-button is a faster attack then using y , but therefore the y button deals more damage. So it depends on your situation which one you use . ( We will talk about this in defense !)
    You can take a look in your characters move list . There is a legend which informs you if the combo hits high , middle or low.
    The most important attacks are the low attacks. A very low amount of gamers is able to block low combos, even if you spam them.
    Some characters have a lot of low combos which makes winning easier.
    There is for example Leixia.
    By pushing down+RB ( X+Y) you will make a low attack. This attack you can enlarge to a combo . After you push down+RB simply spam the RB Button for a low, high, low combo. You can also push down+RB following by the same combination again for a low, low combo. This will gain you a large advantage in fights. U can use the above combos also if you take the place of down+RB and use forward BB. This is a faster way to come into the combo.
    Another Example Nightmare
    If you don´t want to play the fast Leixia you can also use the slower but more powerful nightmare. He got a huge choice of low attacks. Pushing or holding ( don´t know the word maybe someone can stat it in the comments ) the middle of down and backwards + x will cause an attack which even hits people that side-step. Same thing with y . You can combine them , first the x-move then hit the opponent at the ground with the y move.
    Another attack that helps a lot is x down+x x which is a high low low combo.

    Some other important things :

    Your special move . Choose wisely if you want to use the brave or critical edge( practice mode looking for damage ). And please don´t use it if you are near death. You should also know that a critical edge is more expensive. It uses 1 full special , while you can do 2-3 brave edges with it. You are able to block both of them .

    Ring Outs
    Watch for your characters grab , there are a few characters which can cause ring outs . Raphael, Nightmare , Siegfried and so on. Hilde and Xiba have their forward yyy moves . The easiest way is to use ( middle of forward and down + y ) every character got this move which makes your opponent fly into the air . Simple press y again and you sample your opponent out of the ring.

    Use the bursting guard ! If your opponents guard bursts use your special moves , begin a combo or do a strong attack. Not waste your free hit on a x-move !

    Side-Stepping Opponents

    There are many gamers which use side-steps as opener or during fights. The easiest method to fight against them is a grab. For example : Your opponent uses a side step as opener , every attack of you would fail ? Just run towards him and grab :) Side-Stepping can´t avoid getting grab :)

    2. Your defense

    Defense contains blocking , side-stepping , avoiding a ring out , and combo breaker
    Knowing your opponents attack is the key for winning . This will come while you are playing a long time SC5. Side-Stepping is an effective method to avoid an opponents attack, and attack by yourself. So why blocking and not doing a side-step always? There are a few problems with side-stepping. You need a range. If u stand near your opponent you will not have the time to side-step, he will easily hit you. Another problem are the attacks, which go in a half-circle and hit you while side-stepping. To avoid this only sidestep if there are a few steps between you and your opponent. Otherwise block!
    Avoiding a ring-out which causes a loose of the round is important !!! Never stand with your back to the end of the map. If u are lying roll away . Otherwise block the first attack then do a sidestep.
    In SC5 you should break combos with your fast x-attacks . This attacks cause lower damage than y-attacks but they are a lot faster. ( Nightmare and Siegfried use back BB ) I ignore the possibility of complex just guards.

    3. Choise of character

    Remember there is nothing as worse as a nightmare in close combat or a maxi at range combat. If you choose your character it has to fit to your style of playing. It important that you do not do any random attacks you need a attack for every situation. Fast , slow and powerful , high, middle, low. Avoid Voldo, and Yoshimitsu ! If you are a beginner use the too strong chars like mitsurugi and natsu !

    Sorry for the bad language and the long post. I tried to explain it short …. ;)

    Please stat why if u vote negative ! You can write me any time i will answer , i have played so much hours SC that i can maybe help you :)
  • OdinEliteOdinElite900,936
    27 Dec 2013 28 Dec 2013
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    This achievement requires you to reach D1 rank. The ranking system is as follows:

    Rank - points required
    E5 - Default
    E4 - 600 points
    E3 - 600 points (1200 total)
    E2 - 600 points (1800 total)
    E1 - 600 points (2400 total)
    D5 - 1000 points (3400 total)
    D4 - 1000 points (4400 total)
    D3 - 1000 points (5400 total)
    D2 - 1000 points (6400 total)
    D1 - 1000 points (7400 total)

    You will earn xp just for fighting up until D5 rank. Then you will begin losing points when you lose. You will also lose any excess xp when you rank up. For example if you are a E5 with 550/600 and win earning 150 xp, you will only receive the necessary amount to level up. So you will begin the next level at 0/XXXX points.

    However this will change when you reach the D ranks where you will start each level at 200/1000 regardless of your previous match earnings.
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