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Sudden Temptation in SoulCalibur V

Sudden Temptation195 (40)

Quick Battle: defeat all warriors.

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Achievement won on 06 Feb 12
TA Score for this game: 2,709
Posted on 06 February 12 at 20:07, Edited on 04 March 12 at 16:25
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The main thing I would like to highlight about this achievement is that when I had beaten all of the ghosts presented, I was only stood at 238/240. The two that were missing have special criteria for which they need to appear. I couldn't find any information on the internet as to how to get them to appear so I thought i'd share it here.

You need a 3 win streak or higher for Daishi to start appearing in the advanced category, this is the "Soul Successor" title which will be on page 10.

You will need a 5 win streak or higher for Unknown to start appearing in the advanced category, this is the "Lord of the Sea" title which will be on page 9.

To clarify, it doesn't matter about previous win streaks. The win streak has to be current for them to appear. Also setting the criteria to "new opponents" will make finding them much easier.

(Thanks to AndreFlash83 and Mr Jim PL for sharing that with me).

Also, there is an A2 rank Algol by the name of "Minami Naikos" who also only appears after a 3 win streak (Thanks to LMEPHISTO and xD PK for telling me about that one).

There are plenty of methods to use in which to beat the AI at the Advanced level as they are pretty cheap. I personally played keep away with Xiba then when I saw them sidestepping just in my range or going for an attack i'd hit the X X B combo which lands for very good damage. Also his Critical Edge has an automatic Guard Impact so that's also very useful.

I assume the Astaroth grab spam method which most people will use for Legendary Souls mode will work wonders too.

Any questions feel free to comment. Also If you thumbs down please give a reason as to why. Thanks.
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I actually did all the 'A' grade players, and even B's, with Mitsurugi.
His Up+RB move, where he jumps into the air and lands a powerful vertical attack is fantastic.

This works wonders on all characters, especially those that attack a lot/constantly, such as Leixa, or Astaroth. Astaroth does his swinging, or head butting moves a lot so this catches him off guard a lot. Just don't go near the edge, just in case he or anyone do catch you.

Even if/when the computer is blocking and you hit, it does a lot of damage to their shield, and will soon give you the free shot, from when you break their blocking.

From time to time, throw in the odd other moves, nothing difficult, just a simple DOWN+B followed by Y. This will do a low attack followed with a nice vertical, that does take a decent amount of damage, and it does catch them most times, or do BACK+B, followed by Y. This doesn't hit as much from what i have seen, but its good to mix up.
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Achievement won on 10 Feb 12
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Posted on 10 February 12 at 11:46
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This is more a tip than a guide but back out of the game mode after like every 10th match. My game got stuck when it tried to load the next fight so i had to dashboard and it deleted me 60 finished fights. So save yourself the frustration and rather back out so it can save your progress before you have do redo the whole fights like me :(
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Airman Rufio
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Airman Rufio
Achievement won on 05 Feb 12
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Posted on 06 February 12 at 19:07, Edited on 09 February 12 at 18:08
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People were messaging me on how I got this, so here's a few of my strategies.

Early on, I used Hilde and used her forward+Y combo. That will knock your opponent down upon connection of the combo's 3rd and final hit. As they are on the ground, closed to the edge, I run at them waiting for them to stand up and ring them out with a sliding kick (Run+B). If that method doesn't work with some of the more aggressive or defensive AI, I found that backing up all the way to the ledge and using Hilde's LT grab (or A+Y) and ring them out that way.

Later on, you'll find that there are some opponents that you can't ring out because of their stages or because they're immune to grabs or they're just plain too aggressive. For this I have 2 solutions.

Xiba's Back+Y attack is great at catching opponents from a long range or while they're in mid attack animation. Follow it up with a sliding kick (Run+B) and a vertical ground hit (Down+Y). If things are getting overwhelming, don't forget to use Xiba's critical edge. It's very effective in stopping opponent's mid-combo because it has a guard impact built into it. In fact, I beat the majority of the A2s and A1s with this technique.

The other one is a little cheap, but I can vouch for its effectiveness. It just takes timing. (I beat Legendary Souls in 11minutes with this technique).

Astaroth's LB grab (A+X) is great for just about anyone. The trick is to grab your opponent at the beginning of the match or at your first opportunity. Run up to them as they are standing up and grab them again. You'll notice there is a rhythm to this. Rinse and Repeat!

Last but not least, missable characters. Some may find that they'll be sitting at 238/240 at the end, this didn't happen to me but here's the criteria:

For Daishi - 3 win streak (Title: Soul Successor)

For Unknown - 5 win streak (Title: Lord of the Sea)

Hope that helps. Soul Calibur V's AI is downright cheap in the higher levels of Quick Battle. Please share your tips in the comments or give any feedback to my solution.
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Achievement won on 29 Jun 12
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Posted on 30 June 12 at 07:49, Edited on 15 July 12 at 20:01
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This is more of a few tips and encouragement for players who are like me and not the greatest at this game. I tried my best to defeat as many warriors as I could without resorting to cheap ways to win. But eventually, I caved in and used Mitsurugi and Astaroth to get some easy wins. Try and use Mitsu for more aggressive AI. Use Astaroth for everything else.

Lots of people had problems with the A1 ranked Alissa. I beat her on my first try, using the Mitsurugi UP+RB (that's UP on the left analog stick and Right Bumper) move. She is incredibly aggressive. Using this move isn't always a guarantee that you will hit her, but it's your best bet.

Astaroth's LB (that's Left Bumper) spam grab is AMAZING. I defeated around 180 warriors using my main, Leixia, and my sub, Tira. It got to a point where I just couldn't keep up with the enemy AI. I probably spammed my way to at least 40 wins using the Astaroth method.

Do not be intimidated by the high rankings like the A1 and A2s. I never had one problem defeating them. Even the A2 Algol that people apparently had trouble with. I Astarothed him straight to hell! The only warrior that gave me any kind of trouble was the B3 ranked Laurel. This jerk uses the Patroklos style and promptly wiped the floor with me 11 straight times. I was to the point of launching my controller through the roof. But after experimenting, the Astaroth grab method was no good. She was simply too aggressive. So I used the Mitsu method and boom. Took care of her!

240 wins against the cheap AI clowns is alot, but it is achievable. If I can do it, anyone can. I used to lick the windows on the short bus as a kid, so I'm sure you won't have as hard of a time as I did.

Good luck!
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SM Scorx
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SM Scorx
Achievement won on 27 Apr 13
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Posted on 26 April 13 at 16:46, Edited on 27 April 13 at 04:34
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This spread sheet lists all the titles, which opponent has what title, the rank of the opponent, the playstyle they use, and the area in Quick Battle they can be found, if specified (which you may have to do). Also , it lists any special requirements that need to be met for certain opponents to appear (for example, for "Lord of the Sea," a 5-win streak needs be done for that opponent to appear):

As for which fighters are best to use, for opponents ranks E-B you could use whoever may like. But for ranks A-B, Xiba
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
is a recommended choice, like IHeartParamore suggested. I also alternated with Mitsurugi and followed the advice of NOT YOU 87 by using his Up+RB move. If the opponent was sidestepping too much, I went back to Xiba. Xiba's X, X, B combo workers wonders on those who do that.

All credit goes to users dite and absurdlyobfuscated for creating the spread sheet.
Original post:

I would also use it in conjunction with this video, courtesy of and credit to YouTube user Zeed Bryant, which shows all of the titles. This helps figure out which one you are missing.
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Achievement won on 22 Apr 12
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Posted on 23 April 12 at 13:55
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Okay so this achievement takes about 12 hours of near constant fighting. I did the entire thing with a custom character Mitsurugi. His Down B Y move nearly always connects and fills his Edge Gauge pretty quickly. When you get enough to Edge attack use the Edge version of Down B RT RT. Alternating between the two works every time if one connects. A strategy for less defensive opponents is to spam his run B knee bump until the enemy is at the edge of the ring. Then you can ring them out either with Back B, Down B Y, or an A + X grab. Using Mitsurugi's Critical Edge seems weak so don't try it. The reason for being short is that you do more damage and I'd like to say you have a smaller hitbox... This method should work and Mitsurugi is a good pressure character so ring outs are relatively easy if you keep attacking. For cheap Devil Jin fighters like Harada Tekken, keep pressing his Y Y combo each time you block something. Hope this helps. Forgot to mention I hit a 28 win chain using this method and had a final ratio of 241 wins to 85 losses.
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Achievement won on 20 Jun 16
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Posted on 20 June 16 at 18:19, Edited on 21 June 16 at 21:10
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It took me quite a long time from when I started the game before I finished this, despite the fact that it was the first thing I tried to focus on. Having recently won the achievement, I wanted to share how I got there.

As mentioned by other solutions, there are AT LEAST 3 opponents that only appear once you've reached a certain Win Streak. There might be more, such as ones in the lower ranks that many have likely missed due to just steamrolling through them, but there are 3 A-Ranked opponents to look out for, and they are:
A2* - Pyrrha O - Daishi ("Soul Successor") - Appears after 3 Win Streak
A2* - Algol - Minami Naikos ("Rough Giant Star") - Appears after 5 Win Streak
A5* - Aeon - Unknown ("Lord of the Sea") - Appears after 5 Win Streak

Also, please keep in mind that this achievement does take a LONG time to complete, but once you've officially destroyed the hardest AI in the game, you will feel super relieved.

Astaroth Strategy:
When I started SC4, I preferred Kilik and Yeung Sung, but as I played more, I really grew to enjoy Astaroth. So naturally when I started SC5, he was my go-to character.
While most employ the dash forward and the A+X grab spam, I personally prefer his horizontal sweeping moves:
cn_downleft+cn_X, cn_Y (main attack)
cn_downleft+cn_X, cn_X (alternate attack/switch-up)
The above moves are great for spamming and they can get you through Arcade (Standard-Easy) in under 3m20s easily as long as the AI doesn't ramp up in one of the rounds. If that's the case, you'll still probably finish in 4m10s (Arcade Time, not actual time).
My record time is 3m7.43s

I used Astaroth for AT LEAST 175/240 Quick Battle wins. So roughly E5-B1 and then some. I definitely won several A-ranked matches with Astaroth, though at this point I can't recall which ones.
There were definitely some frustrating matches in those wins, but you have to stick to it.
Astaroth being my main character, I knew some other moves to throw in so the AI would have less of a chance at predicting me, but I mostly stuck with the rhythm of cn_downleft+cn_X,cn_Y.

I also used Ezio briefly to get through a few matches (I can't remember if they were early on or later matches), not sure what attacks I used, but after going into training with him recently, I remembered that he does have some good quick moves in addition to the option to spam his strafe-rolling crossbow.

So from 0/240 to around 205/240 Astaroth and a few of the other characters mixed in were used. (Astaroth/Ezio/Xiba/Yoshimitsu/Hilde/Mitsurugi/etc.)

Mitsurugi Strategy:
I believe someone mentioned it in one of the solutions here, but Mitsurugi also has a nicely spammable move.
cn_up+cn_RB is a very spamtastic move that if timed properly can usually catch your opponent mid-attack. It has issue against opponents who have good range in their vertical attacks though, as it will interrupt your attack and leave you in a bad spot.

Fortunately, Mitsurugi is made for new players to the franchise to start learning from, so he has plenty of moves in his arsenal to try, and you can easily get good with mixing up a few of his attacks:
cn_left+cn_B, cn_Y / cn_down+cn_B, cn_Y / cn_left+cn_X / cn_left+cn_RB
He also has another spammable move: cn_right+cn_RB, this one you use without pausing and just go at it unrelentlessly, though I think it maybe only got me through 1 A-ranked match.

Xiba Strategy:
Also mentioned in a solution above is using Xiba to quick-attack spam to win a few matches.
cn_X,cn_X,cn_B is a nice string of attacks that does a fairly decent job at keeping the AI on the defensive, preventing them from countering after a block, and interrupting their attacks when they do try, just like all the other spam attacks in this list.
Using his Critical Edge also helped in a few matches, but it tended to be wasted half of the time from the AI interrupting it.

Mitsurugi and Xiba got me through all the Leixia and Cervantes matches, as well as a few others. I think Xiba was actually the one who got me through the special encounter with:
A5* - Aeon - Unknown ("Lord of the Sea")
but I could have it mixed up. I know a lot of people struggled against this one, but be diligent, I hated taking losses, but when it came to the fighters that only appear with certain win streaks, I made sure to hit rematch a few times to keep trying.

So between Mitsurugi and Xiba (and possibly the others mentioned above), you've probably now made it to "The Dreaded 20".
In other words, you've now gone from 205/240 to 220/240.

"The Dreaded 20" (220/240): (In no particular order, but still somewhat sorted)
A2* - Algol - Minami Naikos (Appears after 5 Win Streak)
A2* - Pyrrha O - Daishi - Soul Successor (Appears after 3 Win Streak)
A1 - a Patroklos - Alissa - Katanna Master
A1 - Edge Master - Calibur Master - "Edge Master"
A1 - Mitsurugi - YOTORY - Legendary Swordsman
A1 - Mitsurugi - Belial - King of 100 Swords
A2 - Mitsurugi - Jericho - Strong Sword Villain
A1 - Siegfried - Sigfrancis - Hero of Turmoil
A2 - Siegfried - plasma - Flash of Conviction
A4 - Siegfried - RedRightHand - Hold Master
A2 - Nightmare - DantheNightmare - Nightmare of the End
A5 - Nightmare - Silent Wall - King of Destruction
A3 - Patroklos - HiyaD - Awakened Soul
A4 - Patroklos - Partisan - Major
A2 - Aeon - Ha7Me125 - The Murky Eyed
A2 - Kilik - Chaos - Red Lotus
A2 - Astaroth - KillerGreg - Executioner
A2 - Pyrrha - Irasea - New Generation
A2 - Voldo - Aris - Puppet of Loyalty
A2 - Ivy - Yoshivy - Cursed Bloodline

For these opponents, I tried every previous strategy in the book to no avail.
They will ground you and tech trap you. Try to roll? They have something for that. Try to Ukemi? They have something for that. If you get grounded, the best thing you can do is hit guard and hope your character gets up sooner rather than later.

Being able to guard and anticipate, and respond is very important for these matches... well, okay, it's only kind've important, because the strategy I have for you will just wreck most of these guys, while some will still give you a run for your money.

Natsu Strategy:
That A1 Alissa was the bane of my existence. Many SoulCalibur/fighting forums simply suggested getting good at the game. Being able to block and read the AI's cheap patterns is definitely helpful, but when the AI is reading your inputs, and otherwise cheating by blocking unblockables, knowing just when you release the guard button, and knowing when you are trying to guard when you stand up and hitting you with a throw for it, it gets quite frustrating.
I eventually came across one person suggesting playing with Natsu against Alissa.
Their suggested move list was:
cn_up,cn_up+cn_X / cn_up,cn_up+cn_Y / cn_upright+cn_X / cn_X,cn_X,cn_Y / cn_right, cn_right+cn_Y / cn_right, cn_right+cn_Y+cn_RT /
cn_left+cn_RB, cn_right, cn_up+cn_LT
They instructed: Against Alissa, when she attacks either block or 22X, on block, follow with XXY. If that hits, 3X when she's on the ground. If 22X hits, follow w/ XXY or 66Y Brave Edge, 3X when she's on the ground.
But sadly, this didn't work for me.

Fortunately for me, and for any of you still looking to get the achievement, I found the biggest cheese spam of all. It essentially functions just like Astaroth's cn_downleft+cn_X, cn_Y.

Natsu's Cheese Spam:
cn_right+(cn_Y+cn_B), cn_Y, cn_Y, cn_Y
You start at distance, do a rolling teleport to right in front of your opponent, then you knock them into the air followed by diving into attack against your opponent.

I used this cheese method against every single opponent mentioned above and won fairly easily. There were only a few that took me a few retries (Nightmare, Voldo, Aeon, Patroklos, and one of the Mitsurugis), but eventually I got through them.

Like I said above, this is a lot like Astaroth's attack, except it just works better.
They are both a duck-counter against high horizontal attacks that lead into a break attack that stuns grounded opponents and those trying to Ukemi.
They both also start with good distance from your opponent and provide distance from your opponent at the end of the attack as well.

For some of the 20, that's all you have to do, just spam that over and over and over again.
I will say though, that if you input it incorrectly, and accidentally just hit cn_Y+cn_B without the directional input, you'll do her overhead flip. What's worse, is that if you hit that after doing a dive from a previous attack, more than likely you will land in front of your opponent, with your back exposed, which also means that your next combo won't come immediately until you are facing them. Worse, is that trying to get a quick kick in will put you in a weird teleportation that I have yet to see a use for other than continuing to leave you open for attack.
Keep in mind, that with cn_right+(cn_Y+cn_B), cn_Y, cn_Y, cn_Y you CAN and WILL ring yourself out.
It isn't hard to do, which is why I initially avoided this strategy, but it really did turn out to be great.
You should also note that when you cause a Guard Break, that if it was caused by the Roll-attack, the Dive will miss. Similarly, if you have your opponent at the edge of the map, and they manage to somehow block part of the roll attack, and yet the other part of the roll misses, the dive will ring you out. Also, in Cage-Matches (Voldo) when you have your opponent pinned in the corner, you will jump over their head and miss 100% of the time. Doing so leaves you vulnerable with your back open. I thought Voldo was impossible until I backed off after an attack and strafed as necessary to put myself parallel with the cage so Voldo only had one directed to strafe. Ideally you want to keep yourself turned so that you don't end up pushing your way towards an edge. This would have been nice to know against Mitsurugi, but I faced him first and just hammered at him, Ring Out or not.

With the dive, I've caused ring outs (even had one round end in a Double-Ring-Out Draw), and I've ringed myself out quite a few times.

While cn_right+(cn_Y+cn_B), cn_Y, cn_Y, cn_Y is your bread and butter, I found myself having the easiest time sticking with only those two buttons when I was in a pinch.
Avoid cn_X-based attacks as they are unnecessary, just work from cn_Y, cn_B, and cn_Y+cn_B.
For some opponents (such as Nightmare and Voldo) you want to start with a cn_Y+cn_B to avoid their initial attack, then follow up with the spam.
On others, such as A1 Alissa, you start with cn_down,cn_down(cn_Y+cn_B) then follow it with the spam. This side steps her attack with an attack of your own. I managed to beat her first try, but it was a 3-2 match. The rounds I lost I didn't start with the sidestep, so it could easily make or break your match against her. Well timed blocks were also very important to beating her.
For fights against Aeon and Voldo, as well as a few others, the size of the map can be crippling, either you'll jump over their head and corner yourself in the cage, or you'll ring yourself out, be sure to add a sidestep or two, or a backstep to avoid this.

Good luck getting to 240/240 everyone, I didn't think I was going to be able to, but it is possible!
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Achievement won on 29 Jul 12
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Posted on 29 July 12 at 21:46, Edited on 04 December 14 at 19:51
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After some searching in the Internet I have found this video solution:

I have beaten all A Level AI with this trick. The most first try, a few after some trys. Only an A2 Level Natsu has given me problems.

The person in the video doesn´t use the abuse move very smart. Here are some tips from me:
1) All you need are two moves.
a) Wind Death assault
b) Fog Blanket

If you play against very aggressive AI and he is running all the time to you, you can counter the most moves with Fog Blanket. If the enemy is far away spam Wind Death assault. The most "A" KI´s can be beaten with only Wind Death assault. If you have an enemy where spamming isn´t useful try this.
Make 1 Wind Death assault. If he blocks move a bit back and make then Wind Death assault again, because the AI blocks fewer if they are try to move to you. This positioning is extremly important against more defensive AI players like "A" Level Mitsurugis (especially in small Arenas because you can ring out yourself with Wind Death Assault).
This tactic needs a bit of feeling/practice but I assure you after some matches you will win.
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