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Arcade: clear any route with difficulty set on hard.

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How to unlock the War Veteran achievement

  • BadgerBomberBadgerBomber231,192
    05 Feb 2012 05 Feb 2012
    18 8 9
    Hey guys, I have been trying this achievement for hours until I tried out this method and it allowed me to pretty much perfect everyone apart from the 2nd fight.

    My setup:
    Character: Hilde
    Route: Asia
    Difficulty: Hard (obviously)

    The method only requires you to do one move during the fight, so here we go.
    As the match starts run backwards or in whichever direction to get yourself to the edge of the arena. Now the enemy will try and catch up and hit you, at this point you want to use Down+Right+X (Hold). This move will create a guard impact for a split second, blocking the attacker and flinging them over causing a ring out.

    The reason I said this won't work in the 2nd fight is due to the arena having no ring out function. In this case you want to use the moves you know best and just KO normally.

    The reason I find this method better is due to the fact that the computer on hard likes duck or grapple break you.

    Hopefully this helps you guys as much as it helped me.

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    wheatrichI used Hilde's LT throw from the vid link. It's just one button and it's an ok throw. Last one took me a bit of time tho as it's not automatic.
    Posted by wheatrich on 05 Jun 13 at 06:23
    rafa1000houseGreat solution! I did it in about 11 minutes clap
    Posted by rafa1000house on 26 Feb 15 at 02:39
    witter56This is the worst piece of shit achievement I have ever encountered.
    I'm using Hilde and this trick doesn't always work. The LT trick rarely works because he counters my grab attack. I am getting ringed out litteraly 3 seconds after the match starts, this is insane. angry
    The amount of times I won 2 rounds against him and lost in the 3rd, I have no idea anymore...
    I'm currently at 75 minutes doing the same guy over and over again. I'm usually very calm at games when I lose but this is too much. I have yelled at this fuckup of a game, wanted to break my very first controller... I have no idea how everyone got this in less than 15 minutes...

    Edit 1: I stopped trying after 97 minutes... Give up.
    Edit 2: HOLY FUCK THE TIMER EVEN STOPS COUNTING AFTER 99 MINUTES laughangry *manic laughter*

    DAY 2: Started with Asteroth. Beat the final battle in 8 minutes, achievement didn't pop. Apparently I forgot to change difficulty laugh
    Started on Hard mode. Took me 35 minutes to get to the final battle. I then beat him in the first try.

    I'm glad this terrible achievement is over. Took me 2+ hours in total. cry
    I can now go on with my normal life.
    Posted by witter56 on 16 Sep 17 at 12:03
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  • Official PSWHOfficial PSWH2,631
    21 Jun 2012 28 Jun 2012
    11 7 3
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    XBU PhilippeThat was a nice video. But you could have included a little description of the "How to" into your solution. ;)
    Posted by XBU Philippe on 18 Jul 12 at 14:28
    Dynasty HeroesIm up against Nightmare in my final battle and I just cant win a round help?
    Posted by Dynasty Heroes on 22 Jun 13 at 00:25
    WyrmserAwesome guide! I probably wouldn't have gotten this cheevo without it. I tried many different ways that all ended in frustration, so I almost gave up. Using this guide I managed to get it on my first try in 22 minutes! Europe route helped alot and Zwei was my longest challenge at about 9 mins...Thanx alot!
    I think your negative votes are from players that just don't know how to play this game...the other comments are ridiculous...I don't think either one of them actually watched the video because Nightmare isn't on the European route, and the other wants a "How To" part in the guide!?! You have a video of a controller with hands showing button presses for God's sake!!! The only way to have more "How To" than that is to go to their house and actually do it for them...Un-Bee-Leevable!!!
    Posted by Wyrmser on 26 Jun 13 at 18:43
    31 Jul 2013 31 Jul 2013 30 Jan 2014
    6 3 2
    Another approach.
    Character: Raphael
    Route: Standard (6 characters)
    Difficulty: Hard

    Spam Y and do some guard (Press A) every now and then when there are some difficult characters.
    I sack in fighting games and managed to beat hard in just 15 minutes with this method.
    I beat the first 3 opponents just by pressing Y (almost no guard)
    Only character that gives me some frustation was the last one (Nightmare) as i used 3 continues to beat him.
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    Ghost m0deThis solution worked for me. I set up a Turbo Controller to exclusively spam the Y attack with Raphael, while I played something else on XBox One. Over 40 minutes later, I saw that I had unlocked the achievement. When I tuned back to this game's input on my monitor, Raphael was once again fighting Nightmare, and managed to beat him again. This time, beating the 6 rounds only took around 8 minutes.
    Posted by Ghost m0de on 16 Jun 18 at 02:40
    DrewThank you!!! After trying just about every other solution on the list, this one is what worked best for me. +1 from me.
    Posted by Drew#9266 on 01 Dec 18 at 23:23
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