Soul Fulfilled achievement in SOULCALIBUR V

Soul Fulfilled

Player level reaches maximum.

Soul Fulfilled0
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How to unlock the Soul Fulfilled achievement

  • DelmaruDelmaru164,573
    18 Feb 2012 16 Feb 2012
    41 3 5
    Simply the fastest method I've come across without being good or having a turbo controller, is to do Arcade. Do it on easy. Pick your best character, and destroy. I use Natsu and her Right+Y+B,Y,Y,Y combo, and it demolishes arcade on easy. Do what you feels right for you, and you should be able to beat arcade within 5 or so minutes. For every match, you get about 100 or so experience, and for completing arcade every time, you get 200. So this means for every arcade completion, you get around 800-900, maybe even more. I find this to be the BEST way to level up. If in player matches the experience didn't go down after a while, that might be better, but, IT DOES go down, so don't use that method. Feel free to post your own "cheap" method in arcade if you will, this is just from my experience, and it works the best.

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    Wanderer128Does anyone happen to know the total experience required for the achievement? It would be nice to know/calculate how long this would take.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 04 Jul 13 at 01:53
    AzoonuxI'm with Kienamaru on this one. Mitsurugi has tons of "Ring Out" attacks and powerful strikes which makes it doable in as little as 3:20 for me, and I'm not any good in particular.
    Posted by Azoonux on 04 Oct 13 at 17:43
    iG N1ghtm4r3I like to add that the highest level is 99 for those who are wondering like how I was. This should be noted.
    Posted by iG N1ghtm4r3 on 09 Dec 14 at 05:45
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  • mossfan563mossfan563704,201
    24 Sep 2012 12 Jun 2012 12 Jun 2012
    33 2 5
    Credit goes to x360a's BThumme.
    Just passing it on. Thanks!
    If you vote negatively, please comment why!!

    Go to Quick Battle.
    Pick Nightmare.
    Put Search Criteria as so:
    Area = Others
    Skill = Intermediate
    Rest as default.

    Search for a C5 named Ozanius.
    Now when you start the match, walk backwards to the edge.
    When your opponent runs up to you, press the A+Y grab or press LT (same thing). You'll ring out your opponent 99% of the time. The other 1% he'll hit you or block your grab.
    Do this 3 times and you'll get the win and +138 xp if you did it right.

    This guy got 138 xp/win and won 63 times in a hour. That's 8694 xp/hr. Very fast way to level up!!!

    Original link:
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    Kombat 36OThx for sharing, I tried different ways and this is the fastest I have tried.
    Posted by Kombat 36O on 10 Dec 14 at 14:41
    SchiZoPHreNiikzThis is by far the best method. +1
    Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 03 Feb 15 at 04:37
    aka KryptonianThis is easily the best method as far as I am concerned. Arcade gives you less xp per win, rounds are MUCH less consistent, and matches take longer even when you dominate. Oh yeah, and there are loading screens taking up time. The method posted here is what you want to use. For comparison:

    I played arcade until I beat my personal best time and for that run I got 854xp which took 7'15" from the time I selected my character to when the game asked if I wanted to restart.

    Using the method posted here, I was about to start the first round of my 12th match when the clock hit 7'15". I quit that match and found that, for the 11 full matches I played, I was awarded 1461xp.
    Posted by aka Kryptonian on 06 Mar 16 at 01:44
  • ClerkJesterClerkJester484,023
    25 Oct 2012 06 Feb 2012 03 Nov 2012
    37 11 15
    Max level is 99.
    Easy method.
    Requires a turbo controller.

    First set the buttons so that vertical attack (Y Button) is set to the A button on the remote.

    Then go into Offline. Select Arcade and set difficulty to easy. Select Raphael.

    Now however you have to, set your turbo control so A is getting pressed. I have a fight pad and used a rubber band to hold it down.

    You will lose some battles but you will still get points so its all good.

    Side note – the down side to this method is that since its an attack you get no movement credit even though Raphael will move forward during the attack so no cheap movement from this to get Wind of Battle.

    Credit for this goes to my good friend Akulious. He is already level 99, using this method, just so he could unlock all the gear for create a character.

    Please comment if voting poorly so I know how to improve my solution to gain your vote back.
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    Repetitive KingI'm a little late to the party, but glad there's a method that lets me use my favorite character AND bust out my Hori Pad Ex2... thanks for the suggestion, currently working like a charm ;)
    Posted by Repetitive King on 14 Jul 14 at 17:28
    ClerkJesterNever to late for you forge your soul.
    Posted by ClerkJester on 15 Jul 14 at 05:54
    Angels Kill TooI used quick battle, kept going and going; turbo controllers are awesome I've got a street fighter one.
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 05 Oct 15 at 03:10
  • Iron Chef HowieIron Chef Howie265,361
    12 Feb 2012 13 Feb 2012
    11 0 0
    Note: Some SC terminology will be used in this solution.

    A: Horizontal Attack (X button)
    B: Vertical Attack (Y button)
    K: Kick (B button)
    G: Guard (A button)

    It's recommended that you attempt this last (or close to it), as working on other achievements will give you the exp you need to level up.

    First you'll want to go into Quick Battle and find an opponent named Rangi. He's an E5 Dampierre character in Japan who uses the Entranced by Death title. Get familiar with Rangi, because you're going to be spending a lot of time with him.

    1st Method:

    Pick Astaroth or a custom character imitating his style. As soon as the fight starts, spam the unblockable version of his Tornado Spike (Forward, Forward+A, hold B). Rangi will rarely (if ever) make any attempt to avoid or counter this attack. You should be able to end a round in three uses of this move, maybe two if you can catch him on a counter for both attacks. An average round should take about seven ticks of the timer. This method is also very useful for racking up Perfects for the Parrier of Swords achievement, but if you're at the point where reaching Level 99 is your primary concern, you've more than likely already gotten your fifty Perfects.

    2nd Method:

    The second method takes slightly less time per round, but is more skill-dependent as far as button commands goes.

    Pick a custom character using the Devil Jin style. When the round starts, open with a Hell Spiral (Forward, Forward+K, A, K). It doesn't matter if it connects or not; you just need to push Rangi back. Once he gets up, use a Dragon Uppercut and immediately go into the Heaven's Door throw (Forward, Down, Down/Forward [like a Shoryuken motion]+A, hold Up before the punch connects). Heaven's Door should pick Rangi right up off his feet and force him into a Ring Out. He'll rarely attempt to dodge it, but he might block it. Even if he blocks it, he should be pretty close to the edge and a quick Flash Punch Combo (A, A, B) should send him right over. An average round will take about five ticks of the timer with this method. As a bonus, because you didn't win the second round by knockout, you won't have to wait for the stage transition where the background ship destroys part of the stage. This method is also very useful for racking up Ring Outs for the Hands of the Abyss achievement, but if you're at the point where reaching Level 99 is your primary concern, you've more than likely already gotten your fifty Ring Outs.

    Using either of these methods will likely rush that character to the top of your Total Style Usage, so if you're a stat monkey, you may want to keep that in mind.
  • Sera Di SiahSera Di Siah998,252
    28 May 2013 28 May 2013
    7 3 0
    Just a tip if this achievement glitches on you, which doesn't happen much but CAN happen, don't know the reason why it happens but if you hit lvl 99 it should pop immediatly, like you're on stage 3 of Arcade and you get the note you hit lvl 99 but you don't get the achievement, just finish it and hope it still pops on the main menu. If not, go to Dashboard, put SC5 in again and replay Arcade again and it should pop on the first fight when you get xp for winning :)

    If you know you're close and only need 2 or 3 fights to hit 99 just play a few quick matches vs CPU and it will pop for sure, better to be safe with QM than sorry with Arcade and thus have the chance and hassle of it not popping when it should.

    Hope it helps!

    I know this ain't a solution to get 99 but there's already 4 solutions for that and this wasn't noted yet, so please don't downvote I'm just trying to help out.
  • Wanderer128Wanderer128196,205 196,205 GamerScore
    21 Jun 2016 21 Jun 2016 21 Jun 2016
    1 0 1
    This was the last achievement I finished in this game and I wanted to provide you all with some information not in any of the other achievements.

    For all intents and purposes, I will be referring to "Player Points" from the game as "XP" here.

    For those unaware, Level 99 is the highest level in the game.

    After finishing every other achievement in the game, I was between 55-65. I say that, because I did do a little Arcade grinding for XP between my attempts at some of the Quick Battle opponents.
    Be sure to check my guide for the Quick Battle achievement as well, it can be found here:
    Solution for Sudden Temptation in SoulCalibur V

    When you are in the Level 50's, it only takes 1200xp to reach the next level.
    Once you reach Level 60, it takes 1800xp to reach the next level all the way up until you reach Level 99, which is the highest level in the game.
    Unfortunately, I didn't keep a log of the XP needed per level until I reached level 60, but I do have some numbers for all of you who are curious.

    Level 60: 57,000 XP
    Level 70: 75,000 XP
    Level 80: 93,000 XP
    Level 90: 111,000 XP
    Level 99: 127,200 XP

    While going for the Wind of Battle achievement (I grinded it out, and you can find my results for it here: Solution for Wind of Battle in SoulCalibur V ), you still get some XP assuming you win a round, and you will. It isn't much XP, but I still recommend going for it first before you aim for this achievement. If you are worried too much about wasting your time, then I suggest grinding the Level 99 achievement until you reach 85 or so and then aim for the 20,000 hits achievement (assuming it hasn't already unlocked) and Wind of Battle.

    My final stats for this game, which some of you may find helpful to understand how long it takes to reach level 99 are as follows:
    Arcade Mode Completions: 30
    Quick Battle Wins: 652
    Quick Battle Losses: 198 (145 of these are due to the Wind of Battle Achievement)
    Ranked Match Wins: 49
    Ranked Match Losses: 46
    Player Match Wins: 12
    Player Match Losses: 12
    And that's all in addition to completing the story.

    Other than that, there isn't much I can add to the other solutions.
    Arcade and Quick Match (Ring-Outs) do end up yielding about the same amount of XP per match.

    Both Nightmare and Ivy are great for easy ringouts against Ozanius, you use LT with Nightmare and LB with Ivy.
    Astaroth's cn_downleft+cn_X, cn_Y can finish rounds in 8s with just 6 hits if they all land.
    Natsu's spam however averaged 20s/round, so I wouldn't recommend it if you are just trying to rush the achievement as fast as you can.
    I got bored doing nothing but ringouts, so I would switch it up with Arcade every once in a while before I started just using various styles against various E5 opponents in Quick Battle.
    Mostly I was just trying to ensure that Astaroth stayed at the top of my Total Style Usage list.

    In the end, my game timer for Total Play Time was 65h37m14s, but I also spent 8 hours in creation and 2.5 hours in training. That said, I estimate it still took me 59 hours to complete this game, as I don't believe the game counts loading times.
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