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Black Sword of Death

K.O. with critical edge 30 times.

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How to unlock the Black Sword of Death achievement

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    Fairly easy. You have to do 30 K.O.s with critical edge 30 times, to unlock this. The K.O.s are accumulative in every game mode (offline, online, story... etc) and on every difficulty setting.

    A critical edge is performed with a full Rage Bar (left of your character) and then
    cn_down cn_downright cn_right --> cn_down cn_downright cn_right --> cn_RT
    (down, down-right, right 2 times plus hitting the right trigger)

    Every fighter has his unique move. The critical edges are pretty strong, therefore it shouldn't be too hard, to get the K.O. WITH that move. Do this 30 times, and the achievement is yours.
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    Pure Vapour 420Thank`s for the guide bro... If anyone else was slightly confused about the move its quarter circle forward X2 right trigger (QCFx2+RT) just thought i`d clear that!!!
    Posted by Pure Vapour 420 on 03 Feb 12 at 17:36
    Ninja ScrollBasically a Street Fighter IV Ryu SUPER! Ryuuuuken! =P Thumbs Up, I wasn't sure how to pull this off until I checked here. Too lazy to look through the game manuel. >.<
    Posted by Ninja Scroll on 18 Jun 12 at 01:27
    Dynasty HeroesI still dont understand
    Posted by Dynasty Heroes on 21 May 13 at 21:38
    Wanderer128When it comes to fighting games, it is technically incorrect to use "Right" or "Left" in reference to a direction. Forward (Fwd) or Back (Bck) would be the proper terms to use.

    Additionally, Pure Vapour is completely correct in is comment as per the notation he uses:
    QCFx2+RT (or QCF,QCF+RT)

    Typically speaking, only Mortal Kombat/other titles by Netherrealm Studios use directional taps for inputs, whereas most others use directional sweeps.
    Mortal Kombat (Sub Zero freeze move):
    Dwn,Fwd + LP (this means: tap Dwn, then the D-Pad would return to a neutral position, then Fwd+LP)
    Street Fighter (Ryu Hadoken move):
    QCF+Punch (this means on the Joystick, use start by pushing the joystick Dwn, then rotate counter-clockwise to the Dwn/Fwd Diagonal, and then finish the counter-clockwise rotation to Fwd, and press Punch. You do not return to the neutral position.)
    The NAMCO fighters (Tekken & SoulCalibur) tend to use a mix of these in order to do moves.

    Another explanation of this, while it isn't my favorite notation, is that you use numbers to specify direction:
    So QCF (Quarter-Circle Forward) would be 5-8-9-6 in a sweep of the Joystick. I included the 5 to specify that the move typically starts with the joystick in the neutral position. It is typically assumed that a QCF/QCB move starts with Dwn (direction #8) unless it is otherwise specified.
    The KoF franchise uses D-taps that will go from D3 to D8, those moves are often the hardest for most people to do.

    I'm not downvoting, but rather leaving this comment for all that may be confused by the notation used, and so that everyone that reads this will clearly know the right way to describe fighting moves.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 21 Jul 13 at 22:25
    Claptrap NLCan you do this in a match vs. a friend/second controller?
    Posted by Claptrap NL on 07 Jan 15 at 21:55
    XBU PhilippeYes!
    Posted by XBU Philippe on 08 Jan 15 at 08:41
    Count ReynaJust for the future reference: actually you CAN'T do it in a VS. match with second controller. It has to be done online or with A.I. (I'm not sure about VS. A.I.).
    Posted by Count Reyna on 17 Aug 15 at 07:28
    So what's the easiest way to fill the stupid bar so we can do this move? Doesn't seem like it'll fill up in a single round.
    Posted on 21 Jan 16 at 20:22
    XBU PhilippeGet hits or do damage. ;)
    Posted by XBU Philippe on 21 Jan 16 at 21:11
    Actually, having the 2nd account holding block work well. I wasn't having any luck filling the bar in a single round without doing that. Games like this used to let you choose to have custom matches with full super bars and the like. Stupid developers nowadays don't know what options really are.
    Posted on 21 Jan 16 at 21:29
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