Wind of Battle achievement in SoulCalibur V

Wind of Battle

Reach over 87,600 m in total movement distance in battle.

Wind of Battle0
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How to unlock the Wind of Battle achievement

  • AndreFlash83AndreFlash831,866,320
    04 Feb 2012 03 Feb 2012 06 Mar 2012
    36 2 15
    There are 3 methods:

    Method1: You can just keep playing and this will come with time.
    Method2: With normal controler just enter on Quick Battle and choose Voldo cuase he is the fastest and look for a battle E5, its better cause they dont attack you so often and hold "down or up" and after the battle just do rematch.
    Method3: With turbo controller, just do the same way like method 2 but when the fight starts, press start and go into controller config and change A button to nothing and put G on any other button, then just put turbo on button A and put something on it and put something to hold "front or back" like a rubberband or a tape, so you can do everything else, go work, watch tv, anything,i did this way.

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    MegaManSurvivesIs there a way to track your progress?
    Posted by MegaManSurvives on 25 Dec 20 at 22:31
    Kaos DCway to track it: Offline play / Soul Link (X button) / Category: General, Scroll down until you see "In-Battle Movement Distance"
    Posted by Kaos DC on 21 Jun 21 at 13:24
    FivePartTrilogyIn case there are other crazy people (like me) trying to do this without a turbo controller, you'll probably want to do this in multiple sessions. If that's the case, to help find DiamondJoe a little easier, set the search criteria "area" to Europe, and the "opponent strength" to Beginner. Their title is "Kind-Hearted", so keep an eye out for that too.
    Posted by FivePartTrilogy on 07 Sep 21 at 03:36
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  • Scarlet CrusadeScarlet Crusade152,051
    10 Feb 2012 09 Feb 2012
    34 4 12
    I've found a more expedient way (I think so, anyway) way to do this achievement. You earn about 100 meters a round, and loosely 6000 meters an hour. Starting from zero, it would take about 15 hours total to do it this way.

    1. Go to Arcade Mode, select Easy, and Standard path.
    2. Restart until you get Tira as your first opponent.
    3. When the round starts, begin backpedaling. Continue to backpedal the entire round. Because Tira's stage is infinite, and you're playing on Easy, very rarely will the AI actually stop you.
    4. Repeat for rounds 2 and 3.
    5. Select Rematch. Continue until you're done or tired for the moment.
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    Angels Kill Too^No this is a retarded achievement, wasting hours holding or taping the analog stick... yay fun... -_- if it was like 20000 or something that'd be nicer
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 05 Oct 15 at 23:12
    Angels Kill TooMelrose doesn't chase you... AT ALL
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 05 Oct 15 at 23:15
    Angels Kill TooDiamond Joe is okay and so was a guy called raven or something I think he was a mitsirugi char and was in the d's or e's
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 05 Oct 15 at 23:18
  • Sera Di SiahSera Di Siah1,192,173
    27 May 2013 27 May 2013
    29 1 12
    Only if you play SC5 extremely much you will get this legit, after I got all achievements but this one I was only at 20.000/87.600 meter so really you need to grind this out.

    Pick Voldo, cause he is the fastest character, go to quick battle and search for beginner and Europe, a Hilde-style guy comes up eventually called Diamond Joe, looking at his stats he barely attacks and isn't aggresive like most other AI's so it's great to grind this achievement against him :)

    Put something a little heavy on the left side of your left joystick so Voldo auto keeps walking left, I used a Yu-Gi-Oh card box but it doesn't matter what you use, for 3 a 4 minutes you will keep walking and never really get hit, press A when the match is over and keep on afk grinding, I did this while watching tv and just looking at my 360 every 5 minutes and got this way quicker than expected :)

    Good luck! It's amazing how this has a 5.something TA ratio and so less players have it even a year after the release, it's really not that hard to get this.

    I saw the above solution saying 15 hours starting from zero but with Voldo, cause he is so quick and Diamond Joe being a utter nooby AI and barely ever hitting you you'll get this in like 5 a 6 hours :) Just press A twice every 5 minutes and this should come quickly :) No offense to the above solution ofcourse, this is just quicker :)
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    How do you view the amount you have?
    Posted on 26 Jan 16 at 04:39
    Found it. It's under Soul Link.
    Posted on 26 Jan 16 at 04:58
    Wanderer128This is the solution I used, but I wanted to add to it.

    My main character was unfortunately Astaroth.
    With Online complete, Quick Battle at around 210/240, and at Player Level 58, I was only at 6,443m traveled.
    Yeah... as it turns out, when you use Astaroth, you don't really need to move much. facepalm

    Character used for achievement: Voldo
    Opponent used for achievement: D5 - DiamondJoe - Kind-Hearted - Hilde - Europe

    I started tracking this after a few matches. It was between 7.0 - 7.5 km traveled when I started, I unfortunately didn't write down the exact number.
    It took 20 matches for me to reach 18842m, meaning there was an average of 560m of travel per match.
    I calculated that it would take me 123 more matches to get the achievement, and if I had started from zero, a total of 157 matches would have been needed.

    I set it up my macro controller with a turbo input set to A and taped it down along with some tape around the joystick pulling it to the side.
    I timed it, and Time per Reset w/Turbo = 3m25s

    Unfortunately, my previous estimate was off. After watching some matches, I found every once in a while Voldo would get hit and face the opposite direction, moving at half pace, or worse, Diamond Joe/Hilde would knock them to the right side of the screen, so they would pedal into them instead of away from them.

    Matches it took to complete = 145 (+22 above previous estimate) from the approximate 7500m mentioned above.

    It would seem that if they NEVER manage to hit you, and you get draws in all 3 rounds, you win by default.
    In 145 matches, there was only 1 match where my character never got hit.
    My poor win/loss ratio was in the 90's.... now it's in the 70's.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 20 Jun 16 at 18:58
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