Alluring Kaleidoscope achievement in SOULCALIBUR V

Alluring Kaleidoscope

Land a brave edge 100 times.

Alluring Kaleidoscope0
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How to unlock the Alluring Kaleidoscope achievement

  • BaneDainBaneDain434,023
    02 Feb 2012 01 Feb 2012 01 Feb 2012
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    Brave edges are speical moves that will cause your character to momentarily glow to show you did it right it also takes 1/2 of the critical gauge.
    I would suggest Natsu (Takis) fighting stlye as it has 2 easy brave edge attacks
    (Use your AX throw and press RT at the same [time to simplify it you can press LB and RT)
    (while running press Y then RT DIRECTLY after it may take a few tries to get the timing)
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  • SanadaSanada665,502
    23 Mar 2012 23 Mar 2012
    6 0 1
    I'm just building a bit off of the Natsu idea in the sense that I used XY and down at the same time (AB for those with altered settings) to build up the gauge in order to be able to use Brave Edges.

    After getting your first gauge using the unblockable launch attack mentioned above, use the brave edge with either a dashing Y + RT or RT after the AX throw as Bane said. After using the brave edge just refill that gauge again and if you want try to lose two of the rounds for a free full gauge.

    This cannot be done with two controllers in local VS as with most of the achievements. If you feel anything should be added, feel free to comment.
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    Wanderer128I went into Quick Match using this approach.
    Fought against an E5 Sigfried style (BloodyFrosty) on the bridge level.

    Using the Unblockable and the Grapple Brave Edge, I ended up completing this in only 9 matches (5 Rounds).
    Can't remember if I had a few before starting, but I counted that I did at least 9 in a single match even though the AI ducked under a few.

    NOTE: Beware if you have your back next to the edge of a ring out zone, you will Ring Out your opponent. This is a negative thing if you are trying to charge your Soul Gauge more before the round ends.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 03 Jan 15 at 03:57
  • DariaLovesBaconDariaLovesBacon35,258
    11 Feb 2012 26 Feb 2012
    7 1 1
    Brave Edge moves are essentially enhanced versions of certain moves. The one I use all the time is Astaroth's down down Y+RT, which is handy for multiple achievements - this one, quick move, and ring out achievements. It does fairly good damage and knocks them far, even if they block.
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    its whatevaBest and easiest solution for this achievement. Thanks!
    Posted by its whateva on 26 May 17 at 01:31
  • SM ScorxSM Scorx197,205
    11 May 2013 11 May 2013
    1 2 0
    The fighter I would use is Nightmare. The brave edge combo called Death Lord's Annhilation is one of the easiest in the game.
    Just press the following:
    <- K, A+B+K then B
    [ Xbox 360 controls: <- B, RB then Y]
    You can go through arcade and get it there.
    It's possible to get 3-5 brave edges per match depending if you win or lose. That said, it shouldn't take too long to get 100.
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