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The Spice of Life achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

The Spice of Life

Obtain 2 Variety bonuses during a session in Firenze (Multiplayer).

The Spice of Life+0.2
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How to unlock the The Spice of Life achievement

  • MajimaActualMajimaActual693,021
    23 Feb 2013 23 Feb 2013 16 Mar 2013
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    None of the achievement guides describe the logic behind the achievement. They just say, Do these bonuses and you get the achievement. These solutions may make it seem like there are only three to four ways to get this achievement. The reality is there are probably thousands of ways to get this achievement. This becomes clear after we properly define the requirements of the achievement.

    The achievement says:

    "Obtain 2 Variety bonuses during a session in Firenze (Multiplayer)."

    A variety bonus is awarded whenever you get five bonuses. Therefore, you can translate the achievement into the following:

    "Obtain 10 bonuses during a session in Firenze (Multiplayer)"

    And there are hundreds of bonuses to choose from. Push LB at the multiplayer menu and then scroll down to "Animus Database." Then select "Bonuses." Here you will see four different bonus categories. There are hundreds of bonuses here. Just choose the 10 ones you think will be easiest, and make sure you do them all in one session in a Florence map (Firenze means Florence, btw).

    Here is what I did:

    1) Have one boosting partner.

    2) Select Custom Match from the main menu.

    3) Make sure to choose "Private on Extra Content Maps" so that no one bothers you.

    4) Select the map "Florence" and the mode "Assassinate." The reason you choose Assassinate is because it is one of the few modes that will start with only 2 people in a private match. Some other modes require 4 people.

    5) Invite your boosting partner and then start the match

    6) Perform 10 bonuses

    And like I said, it can be any 10 of the hundreds of bonuses at your disposal. Just skim through the Animus Database in the multiplayer LB menu to see which bonuses you would like to get.

    The other guides are misunderstanding this achievement on a fundamental level. You don't have to be level 23 and use the animus hack. There is a plethora of bonuses that you can pursue besides the animus hack, and you do not have to be level 23 to get them. You do not need to have the poison ability either. Look up the Animus Database to see which 10 bonuses you would rather do! Here are the 10 bonuses I used to get my achievement:

    1) Kill (yep, there's a bonus for getting any kind of kill)
    2) Aerial Kill (while you are on a roof, kill a target that is on the ground using X)
    3) Acrobatic Kill (while you and your target are both climbing a wall, make sure you are climbing close enough to the target, and then kill him with X)
    4) Hidden Kill (kill a target from a bale of hay)
    5) Grab Kill (while your target is on a roof and you are hanging on the edge of a roof, kill the target with X)
    6) Reckless Kill (LT to lock on the target, then run quickly and recklessly *tee hee* and kill the target with X)
    7) Discreet Kill (LT to lock the target and kill the target while making sure your blue metre says Discreet, don't let it fill up to Silent)
    8) Silent Kill (LT to lock the target and kill the target while making sure your blue metre says Silent, don't let it fill up to Incognito)
    9) Incognito Kill (LT to lock the target and kill the target while making sure your blue metre says Incognito. In other words, max out your blue metre).
    10) First Blood (get the first kill in the match)

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    jnich87this definitely works. i got it at 20 and my buddy got it at 6.
    Posted by jnich87 On 20 Mar 13 at 22:51
    HolyHalfDeadThat's pretty much the 10 bonuses I did, only I did it with two copies of the game on Manhunt and got the achievement in the second round when I did a Stun.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead On 06 Aug 13 at 08:46
    zeldafanjtlThank you! Used this guide and I was able to pop it while double boxing.
    Posted by zeldafanjtl On 24 Apr 20 at 22:00
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  • neeker75neeker751,633,308
    25 Jan 2012 26 Jan 2012 27 Jan 2012
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    UPDATE: CrashingPanda from confirmed that this could be done ALONE in training ground. You'd need the Animus Hack and Poison abilities. The bonuses that count towards Greater Variety are:

    - Incognito
    - Silent
    - Discreet
    - Reckless
    - Hidden Kill
    - Focus
    - Acrobatic Kill
    - Poison Kill
    - Animus Hack
    - Streak Bonus (set up a kill streak bonus that gives to a bonus for five consecutive kills)

    I'll test the above later to recofirm.

    Meanwhile, below is my previous solution, which obviously still works and would make things easier if you've two persons.


    This achievement can be unlocked in Training Ground with two players in private.

    Set it up as follow:

    - Private on Extra Content Maps
    - Training Ground
    - Map: Florence (i.e., Firenze)

    Invite your friend into the game before launching. Otherwise the game will begin as soon as you launch because training can be done with one person.

    Make sure you have at least the Poison ability. Templar Vision would be nice to spot targets in morphed/ blended crowds, but isn't really necessary.

    In training, both your buddy and you would be killing. There's no time limit. Take turns doing the following. The following can be done in any sequence.

    1. If the target is blended in a stationary crowd, lock onto him/ her, and blend into the same crowd. Wait until your approach meter is Incognito and when your focus meter (the circle on the "X" that's on the target) is fully filled, and perform the kill.

    You'll get the following bonuses:
    - Incognito
    - Hidden Kill
    - Focus

    2. Perform the following kills next on the subsequent targets:

    - Silent (the approach meter is above "Discreet", is showing "Silent", and has not fully filled up to "Incognito")
    - Discreet (the approach meter is showing "Discreet")
    - Reckless (get close to a target when discreet, then run up and perform the kill - the meter will change to "Reckless" when you start running)

    You'll get "Variety" by the 5th bonus you do.

    3. When doing "Silent" or "Discreet" above, get close enough to your target and perform a Poison kill. You'll get:

    - Poison

    You can also do this on another target separately from the above if you aren't confident of doing a few things at the same time.

    4. Perform the next kill on a target that is near a building. If he/ she isn't, kill and move on until one appears near a building.

    Lock on to him/ her, hang on the ledge above, and kill. You'll get:

    - Acrobatic Kill

    5. Lock on to the next target, and get your buddy to kill him/ her. When the target dies, immediately run up and kick him/ her. You'll get:

    - Assist
    - Ground Finish


    - Greater Variety

    The achievement should unlock now.

    Alternatively, you could do 1-vs-1 in Manhunt, doing a few of the above actions when you kill (there won't be enough time to do everything, and you won't be able to get easy ones like "Assist" and "Ground Finish"), and adding the following bonus when you hide:

    - Stun
    - Escape (get your friend to trigger a chase, then hide)
    - Brutal Escape (trigger another chase, then stun your friend)
    - Lure (you need the "Blender" perk or the "Morph" ability - get into a crowd and then morph it so as it turns into a crowd of your character. Get your friend to kill the wrong person)

    Hope these help. If there are any other bonuses I missed out, please comment.

    PS: Personally I did it with 2 other friends in 2-vs-1. We added "Assisted Stun" to the fold for one of them as well, but all the above actions have been tested to work in our session. I've also tested Training Ground.
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    Joww MacllaneI need help to achieve the achievements of the DLC Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack, add me on xbox live: Joww Macllane
    Posted by Joww Macllane On 17 Jan 18 at 16:12
    J ROLL 1998Need this
    Gt; J ROLL 1998
    Posted by J ROLL 1998 On 07 May 22 at 20:17
    sephirot32You can play this alone.. just do it like this.
    Posted by sephirot32 On 23 Jul 22 at 20:54
  • SeaborneAdamSeaborneAdamThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    Locked 07 Feb 2012 17 Sep 2012
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    Hey guy's Here is my video guide on how to boost this achievement, This can be done in a private match with you and just one other player.

    The game play is of me and JimmyShilling (who provides the audio commentary along with Spindles88) If this helps please give positive reviews, and also subscribe to my channel for more videos. :)
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    THE DEADLY DOGAbsolutely stellar video guides.
    Posted by THE DEADLY DOG On 02 Jan 13 at 02:12
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