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  • PeaceSquidPeaceSquid474,044
    17 Feb 2012 17 Feb 2012
    34 2 23
    Destiny Dominated (100g)

    You get this achievement for beating the game on Hard difficulty. In fact this only requires that you beat the main story quest (the one at the top of your quest list). You'll probably want/need to do some side quests just to get your level up but don't go nuts with it, I was only at around level 20 when I finished the game.

    I'm not saying this is the best way, but this is how I did it.

    I had nearly all my points in Sorcery. Get your Ice and Shock magic attacks leveled right up. I used chakrams as my main weapon and so had that all leveled up too. Aside from Ice and Shock I also had the Healing Surge and Summon abilities leveled and placed in my quick-select.

    Then it's just a case of getting a few bits of clothing that regen your health (you can make this happen by getting your sagecrafting up and making a health regen utility gem and sticking it into a bit clothing that has a utility socket) and mana and picking up some sweet weaponary. Secondary weapons aren't too important but I went with a bow just to get some extra hits in.

    The key to winning the big battles is to buy a lot of health potions and save up your other potions too. Especially health regen and Hardened Shell (which limits the damage you take). The you want to get some Fate potions (you can make these if you have, I think, level 5 in Alchemy). These let you go into that mad fate-based rage mode. Essential against the big bosses (but not the final one).
  • Penguino RojoPenguino Rojo362,200
    11 May 2012 11 May 2012 11 May 2012
    9 0 0
    To add to what PeaceSquid said, I just did this using a mixed Might/Sorcery with Chakras. Most of the game I had some agility too but near the end I respeced since I found sneaking wasn't helping much.

    Health potions are a must, minor worked fine for me, mostly filled my health bar.

    I did not spend a lot of time working on side quests. Maybe three to five hours on side quests at the beginning to level up and get gear. From there you will get most of the gear you need and all the xp you need as you progress. I am relatively certain the dungeons adjust to your level. When I started the final quest chain I was lvl 21 and had little trouble, although I did find it useful to sprint past a lot of enemies to save on frustration.

    You don't need to be a wiz with the fighting mechanics. Spamming chakra attacks with occasional lightning bolts on trouble targets, like casters and heavy hitters, should get you thru most of the fights. Avoid the Sprites if you can help it.

    Final battle is rather easy. Its the third to last boss battle that gave me the most grief. You will have NPCs helping you and a small room you can duck in to funnel the enemies.
  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS915,770
    23 Feb 2012 23 Feb 2012
    13 6 7
    There is no reason not to do this on the 1st play. Take your time and enjoy the game go for all the other achievements on the way respecing if needed to get the others.

    You might die a handful of times by being careless like not having health potions or watching the health gauge.

    I played as a warrior and before I got to the east of the map I was level 30 and ridiculously over powered as a warrior.

    Might be a little tough in the beginning but that's not saying much as even on hard this is not a difficult game....... It's certainly not Dark Souls hard that's for sure ;)

    If going the warrior route a few points in sorcery helped early for spells once I got relentless assault in the warrior tree maxed I was unstoppable.

    Other than that all I can say is if going for all in one play, start on hard, max detect hidden and persuasion asap, and get some points into dispell then alchemy as they will help pass speechchecks and show lorestones etc on the map. Some of the other skills are required not just persuasion to pass some speech checks.
  • Tempest fox3Tempest fox3144,208
    21 Aug 2012 12 Nov 2012
    5 1 1
    Amalur really doesn't have a particularly steep difficulty curve, if you have any trouble back track and level up a little more, I did pretty much every side quest as i went along and had completed all faction quests except the travelers before making my way to the final area, by which time i was level 38.

    I would suggest investing in the Black-smithing and Sage-crafting skills as well as alchemy and detect hidden. Armour and weapons made though black-smithing will almost always be better that what you can find, especially if you are using high end gems crafted though your Sage-Crafting skill

    My build was as a Sorcery / Finesse Hybrid, this worked out very well, I used poison and burning damage on my weapons (Faeblades and Chakrams) the reason being is poison status effect cuts the damage opponents deal out by 50% and fire will fear most enemies after while which allows the S/F hybrid to generate criticals the entire time which also regenerates your mana. I also used the sustained abilities Envenomed edge (upgraded as far as Mysterious toxins) from the finesse tree and Sphere of protection from the Sorcery tree these help reduce the amount of damage you take from your opponent.

    For the final boss fight you can only damage the boss while in reckoning mode, Take lots of Fate potions (4x essence of fate to make) these will fully replenish your reckoning meter instantly making the fight a lot shorter as you wont have to generate fate off of the ghostly replicas of yourself that the boss creates. These replicas will use the same weapons and abilities as you do.
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