Marguerite, My Love achievement in Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Marguerite, My Love

Raise Marguerite's favor to 100%

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How to unlock the Marguerite, My Love achievement

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    This achievement is basically Duane's quest, although it is not officially listed as a quest. When you first go to Duane's dream world, you will see no one. Keep sleeping at different idols until you see Marguerite sitting in a chair with Bertrand standing beside her. Speak to them, and you can request to duel with Bertrand. You have to win duels with him over and over to raise her favor. Each duel you win will raise it by 3%, and each duel you lose will lower it by 1%. You may duel him 5 or 6 times each time you dream, then he will not duel you for around 15 minutes.

    Basically, you will get into the duel, and it will either tell you it's Duane's turn to attack, or Duane's turn to defend.

    If you are the one attacking, you will see a list of options saying either attack upwards or downwards followed by some kind of taunt. The chance of any of those hitting are all equal, so you might as well just pick the top option every time and just hope for the best. If you succeed, you can attack again, and if you are blocked or parried, you will have to defend the next turn.

    For defending, there is a bit more work that is involved, but it's still nothing very tough. Bertrand will say something to you, then it will give you the option to block upwards, block downwards, parry upwards, or parry downwards. Based on what he says to you, you can figure out whether he will attack upwards or downwards. Open the guide found here (guide created by and credited to CJ Church from GameFAQs), and use the find function on your browser to search for the phrase he says (CTRL+F on Internet Explorer and Firefox). You won't need to type in the entire thing; just type in a few unique words. Be careful though because some of the phrases have a similar phrase to it with only one or two words being different (see the one about the ogre's loincloth). You should get the hang of it after awhile.

    After you figure out whether he will attack upwards or downwards, you have to make the decision to block or parry. If you block in the correct direction, you have a 100% chance of success and Bertrand will lose one gem of health. If you parry in the correct direction, you have a certain chance of success (somewhere around 80% for me), and Bertrand will lose anywhere from 2-6 gems of health. I want to set something straight here. I have read all kinds sources saying your chance of a successful parry gets lower as your favor with Marguerite gets higher, but that is just not true. If anything, your chances increase as her favor gets higher. Once the health of Bertrand gets so high after so many duels, it is just not consistent to block him every time; you will not win as often as you would like. I parried every time, and I never lost a single duel. In the event that you do lose a duel, you can dashboard out. The game will auto save every time you exit the conversation with Marguerite, so simply exit the conversation after every duel, then talk to her again to start a new one. That way, it will save after every win, and if you feel like you are going to lose, just go to the dashboard.

    You can check your progress by pressing speak to Marguerite. It took me somewhere from 2-4 hours to get the achievement (can't remember exactly how long).

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    Pine ReaperActually I just finished and I stayed at the 2nd font the whole time. When he wouldn't fight i woke up, waited 5 minutes, and he was up for a fight again.
    Posted by Pine Reaper on 23 Feb 14 at 15:55
    Kitty SkiesLucky, tried that with mine and I had to progress.
    Posted by Kitty Skies on 23 Feb 14 at 16:16
    KanchanaburiI found blocking to be a waste of time. Just parry every defence. I won every round by doing this up until the last one (97%) where he kept parrying me on both attack and defence... just random luck.. but i finally beat him.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 04 May 14 at 19:13
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  • NerikaNerika660,461
    04 Oct 2013 03 Oct 2013 30 Dec 2013
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    Adding to the excellent guide from CJ Church, I found there is a crucial additionnal parameter : Attack speed.


    Edit (30/12/2013) : Here is my googledoc file (unfinished)
    "x" is for quotes with a very similar one
    Quotes "Hmm ... Which one ... your fat head or your stumpy legs?" / "Hmm ... Which one ... your stumpy legs, or your bulbous fat head? " have opposites effects for Duane and Bertrand

    Thanks to Basta37 who greatly contributed to this guide.


    I figured it out when observing each character's moves and wondering about why there were two ways of defending.

    This takes us back to the traditionnal fencing rules : Thrust and lunge or let's put this more simple : fast and slow attacks.
    Fast attacks can only be blocked while slow attacks can be parried to deal extra damage to Bertrand. Consequently, it is way safer to rely on thrust attacks anytime you can (there's usually only one thrust attack out of the three displayed when it's your turn, but sometimes, only lunge attacks are available), because you can only be blocked and if Bertrand tries to parry he takes serious damage.

    I'm still experimenting at the moment (I'm only halfway to 100% favor) but the first results I got seem pretty solid, as I never lost since I started playing this way. When Bertrand gets a quote I never saw before, I always block and note which type of attack he uses. In the end, this puts aside the "luck" parameter, except for your attack choice.
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    Basta37you flatter me too much sir :) my contribution was minor one :)
    Posted by Basta37 on 30 Dec 13 at 14:23
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