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How to unlock the Loremaster achievement

  • ChaksanderChaksander124,399
    16 Feb 2012 16 Feb 2012 22 Feb 2012
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    This guide from games radar makes this really easy. It has all of the lorestones coded by type, and the images are hi-res enough that it very clear where they are. If you have your detect hidden maxed out it's even easier.

    I should note that you'll need detect hidden of at least 5 to get to the last lorestones on gorguath cave.

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    Vr EnglishJust to confirm I got this achievement without all lorestones too. Very happy, lots of lorestones in Dead Kel DLC
    Posted by Vr English on 17 Jul 14 at 08:22
    UberniXiDoes anybody know if previously examined stones will be taken off the mini map? I've been touching these when I find them. But I might want to go back and get the ones I'm missing. Won't want to touch ones I've previously gotten though.
    Posted by UberniXi on 17 Apr 17 at 20:58
    SergeusIt's been a few years, but yes, stones that you have already interacted with no longer show up on the mini-map (with maxed Detect Hidden), so it's an easy way to keep track of your progress in-game.
    Posted by Sergeus on 03 Sep 20 at 23:47
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  • Hati RHati R189,207
    21 Apr 2012 22 Apr 2012 22 Apr 2012
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    Just a short addition to the previous already stellar solutions. With the release of the DLC you should note the Achievement unlocks after 175 stones (the amount in the original game). That is, it unlocks after ANY 175- including the DLC stones. This can be helpful if you are having trouble finding all those annoying fall stones.

    Hope this helps.
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    AgentOfAbyssDoes anyone know how many stones are in each DLC? I haven't bought them yet
    Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 30 May 12 at 05:58
    Hati R10 in each if I remember correctly
    Posted by Hati R on 30 May 12 at 09:01
    The GlobalizerYep, 10 in each.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 25 Apr 14 at 16:07
  • Vash 1he StmpdeVash 1he Stmpde387,907
    13 Feb 2012 09 Feb 2012 23 Feb 2012
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    The best way to hunt for lorestones is to get "Detect Hidden" all the way up. Now before you say "Screw this, I want to invest in something else!" there is a way for both possibilites. What I mean is the great occupation of a Fateweaver (shown on the map as two overlaying cards). They will reset your skills so you can map them again anywhere you want. So max your Detect Hidden skill, and look on your minimap when you explore. When you open the map you can go into local view and it will show you hidden boxes, doors, lorestones for their required milestones, respectedly. When you are done, remap your skills back to what they were and it is as easy as that. The only tedius part is walking to the lorestones, since now you have them all on your map (they are a bluu looking circle on the map).
    Edit1:There is only one fateweaver that I know of (more in link) and that is in the house of ballads in Ordarath (which is in Dalentarth).One inside the house of ballads, go to the door on the left door out of the three infront of the circle. It should be called summer sanctuary. In there, in the back right there is a female fae named Arvia, she is a fateweaver. You would need some money in order to reskill yourself which not only resets your skills but also your abilities which play in the destinies too. Walk up to the fateweaver and press Y to acess their service.The amount changes for everyones first depending on lvl,my first time was 4,608 coins at around lvl 18 I believe. The next time was also 4,608 coins, but the thrid time was 9,216 (doubled). So my guess is that it can be done as many times as you have the money to purchase the service. Two things to note: skills from trainers and skillbooks will not be reset and will stay in there respected areas, and even when the lorestones now appear on your map, if it is a new area the map will still have uncovered darkness about it which you can't see things from the detect hidden on the map (excludes minimap) until you run about.
    Just something I found as I run around collecting the stones, the red marches stones are only accessible by completing the quest in Galette (camp in RM). Each quest complete will give you key to go further in a tomb that has doors leading out where the lorestones are. You only need to do three fast quest and it should be completely open. There are two quest givers, do one quest each, and finishing those two will start a third when you return to camp. The only other reason I can think a lorestone is inaccessible is if a cve is shut off and I believe that may be the case for a set dealing with the house of ballads. If there are any more that are not easy to get to (in terms of right away) post in the comments and I will update.
    FALL LORESTONES- ok... Well I am hunting down the fall lorestones and after visiting EVERY area in the game and not finding any, I decided to check dungeons... ALL of them. This was the most boring grind in the game of checking, discovering, and writting down which dungeons have them.. all for you guys, so here they are:
    Agnur Farhal, there are two here. Just follow the road north out of Gorhart and take the first right.
    There is one at the Blackened hall which is on the south east corner of Tywili Coast.
    A Pilgram's setback takes place here at Mull-rane, where there are two more lorestones to be found. It is on the top right side of the LEFT PLAIN of the Forsaken Plain (Two areas).
    Next five are across the river like seperation of the Faelands (so you will need to progress in story to reach here).
    The next lorestone is at Foe's Hearth, which is in the top right of Cursewood.
    Another after that is Damalroc, which is in the bottom right of Caeled Coast.
    Mordus-Torr, it is on the east side of shadow pass, in the part that splits.
    The last ones are in Weconai, which is on the part of Twilight Pass that bends downwards.
    Thats the end of it.
    Edit1: M0istpoosey:Great question- adding
    Edit2: H2O Paladin: Clearing it up.
    Edit3: Optravis Prime: Correcting some english
    Edit4:zero judgement

    I did some looking about and I found an article on IGN (good helpful site if they have the info) that list 7 fate weavers (including mine).
    I also found another little help from IGN (man they are awesome), involving skills, with this you can get 4 free lvls in detect, and anything else. http://www.ign.com/wikis/kingdoms-of-amalur-reckoning/Traine...
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    vipergK9Great job.
    Posted by vipergK9 on 21 Mar 12 at 17:46
    Vash 1he StmpdeTop left* didn't catch that until now... really late haha, and thanks.
    Posted by Vash 1he Stmpde on 22 Mar 12 at 00:05
    Posted on 01 Feb 21 at 10:07
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