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Rise of the Martian Bear

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Rise of the Martian Bear

Bear Buster achievement in Iron Brigade

Bear Buster

Defeat the Martian Bear.

Bear Buster-0.3
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How to unlock the Bear Buster achievement

  • Tommy Gun CRGTommy Gun CRG
    07 Feb 2012 13 Feb 2012
    This is the final mission of the DLC, called "The Cathedral." If you have upgraded weapons this is very easy. Simply direct ALL fire towards the building and ignore all the enemies. There are three stages this will go through. Equip the fortify/quickload legs and your strongest weapons and just sit right in front and fire. I did it in 86 seconds with just one other person.

    This is also a great stage to boost XP on if you have at least one other person. Have one person equip dampening generators, and the other equip a repair crane. Put a repair crane on each side when you have enough scrap, and build a bunch of dampening generators near the spawn points. Have each person sit next to their repair crane and kill all the enemies (and ignore the boss). In stage 2 you'll get infinite Breakers, each worth 60XP. It's nice to have a third person so you never have to leave a spawn open when you want to switch sides. You'll get a bunch of loot this way too. I'd caution to only spend 30 min. at a time. We were playing for 40 min. and the game locked up, so we lost everything!
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    BipeFlyerMaybe stupid question, but just bought the DLC and I see no new missions to select. How do I get the DLC missions.
    Posted by BipeFlyer on 05 Dec 13 at 14:16
    BipeFlyerfigured it out. DOH. DLC only shows up after to complete all main missions.
    Posted by BipeFlyer on 10 Dec 13 at 19:09
    Octobot SuperAny tips on the best way to power up after the main game but before the DLC? There's a huge difficulty spike here, making it hard to jump right into the DLC. I'm guessing the devs assumed players replayed main game missions while waiting for the DLC, but of course we're not in that boat anymore... play survival, maybe?
    Posted by Octobot Super on 02 Jan 17 at 19:28
    BackToChorinYes, play survival
    Posted by BackToChorin on 29 Mar 18 at 04:45
    DanTheWhaleJust a bit more helpful info on this:
    1. I equipped my 6 most damaging machine guns for maximum dps and the fortify legs (emplacements won't matter I didn't put any down)
    2. After each phase make sure to press A to fortify again as the cutscene take you out of the fortify state

    As long as you're always fortified you should take extremely minimal damage from everything and will gun the boss down possibly before you're even at half health. Hope this helps!
    Posted by DanTheWhale on 10 Mar 23 at 03:26
    The S bot 9000Some notes for anyone tackling this solo: I was just bearly able to beat the boss by brute forcing the fortify method. I got to him at Level 13 and equipped the following MGs:

    5x Death Drizzlers
    1x Perforator

    Unsure if I'm not understanding a mechanic but the directed lightning took me out 3x before I could do more DPS to the boss than they could to me, even with being fortified in a Karlsson MkV. It's also worth noting that you are limited to either Hamer or Honeychurch Chassis when grinding xp as you will benefit greatly from having Dampeners & Repair Turrets in conjunction. The Boss shoots these annoying orbs that have their own gravity that will pull you and larger projectiles into them as well.
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 05 Jan at 19:17
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