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Masterclass Mover

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How to unlock the Masterclass Mover achievement

  • stevemccaslinstevemccaslin515,506
    23 Apr 2012 01 Apr 2012 23 Apr 2012
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    I unlocked the three achievements for completing long, medium, and short classes in an unconventional way. I started the class, moved a chair around a little bit, then ducked out of frame. The chair was recognized as me, and I got zero stars at the end of the class. However, I unlocked Bronze Class, Silver Class, and Gold Class in this way. At the end of each class, a message was displayed saying that my progress was being saved.
    MY CONCLUSION: You need not score any points on a class for it to be counted as "complete" and the game is keeping track of which classes have been completed.

    I set about "completing" every short, medium, and long class in this manner, an undertaking which took more than 40 hours. I was heartened by the fact that, during this time, the chair was able to unlock many achievements without me, including Total Dancer (despite the fact that it never received any stars). I kept a careful checklist of which classes had been completed (and saved by the system) because there is no way to get information about which classes have been completed with 0 stars from the game. At the end of all of my toil, no achievement.

    Updated 4-22-12: TheHunter II7 has gotten this achievement! It sounds like they used the same method as me. My final conclusion... my checklist was probably not as thorough as I thought. I must have missed one class and will try going back through again at some point in the future.

    Updated 4-23-12: After my chair buddy "completed" the first two long classes for the second time I got the achievement. Maybe I missed one of those my first time through? Just glad to be done with it. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A CAREFUL CHECKLIST AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN AS YOU AND NOT AS "GUEST" AT THE START OF EACH CLASS.

    TheHunter II7 confirms that you need not do any classes in custom playlists, so don't waste your time with those. You only need to complete the short, medium, and long classes.

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    HunterFirst off all: I hope you understand me and i will try to bring light into the darkness. ^^

    I´ve got the achievement today, lets go.

    You can definitly forget the custom playlists. They had nothing to do with that achievement.

    I can also confirm that you have to dance all 45 classes (short 15, mid-Length 15 and full-Length 15) in order to get this achievement.

    You can also strike theories #1 (my chair had never got any stars xD) #2 (the achievement is obtainable) #3 (classes menu is right nothing more nothing less)

    Theorie #4 is possible but my experience is that you only be "losing" your profile after a class not in the meantime. It happens many times but i never repeated any class. So i think you can kick that too.

    I´ve made a list and did a catch after every class that my chair has danced and in the end i had no problems with that achievement.
    Posted by Hunter#8335 on 21 Apr 12 at 19:54
    stevemccaslinCongratulations The Hunter II7. Based on your experience, my only conclusion is that I must have missed one on my checklist. I don't relish the thought of going back through all of those classes, but I will definitely do so at some point. You have shown me that I'm on the right track. Thanks for your input. I have changed my solution significantly.
    Posted by stevemccaslin on 22 Apr 12 at 14:59
    LausDominiI kept a checklist but somehow had missed short class #11 as it finally popped on the second lap.
    Posted by LausDomini on 26 May 13 at 21:21
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  • NickHawkeyeNickHawkeye190,406
    29 Mar 2012 05 Oct 2012
    6 1 6
    Status (6/45 complete)

    This will take 50+ hours to complete. There are 45 "classes" that I know of. very "simple" but as each full length class is 45-60 min long this will take many hours of Zumba-ing! good luck and have fun!!

    There are 3 lengths of classes
    Short Class (4-5 songs)
    Mid Class (5-9 songs)
    Long(Full) Class (10-15 songs)

    There are 15 classes in each category. with various intensities (Low/Med/High)

    You will also get this by completing any one of these classes
    Short Classes
    1 - High
    2 - Med
    3 - High
    4 - High
    5 - Low
    6 - High
    7 - Med
    8 - Low
    9 - High
    10 - High
    11 - Low
    12 - High
    13 - Med
    14 - High
    15 - Med
    You will also get the following by completing any one of these classes above:
    Zumba Fitness: RushBronze ClassThe Bronze Class achievement in Zumba Fitness: Rush worth 22 pointsFinish a Short Class

    Mid Length Classes
    1 - med
    2 - med
    3 - low
    4 - low
    5 - Med
    6 - Med
    7 - Low
    8 - Low
    9 - High
    10 - Med
    11 - Med
    12 - Med
    13 - High
    14 - Med
    15 - High
    You will also get the following by completing any one of these classes above:
    Zumba Fitness: RushSilver ClassThe Silver Class achievement in Zumba Fitness: Rush worth 48 pointsFinish a Mid-Length Class

    Full Length Classes
    1 - Med
    2 - Low
    3 - High
    4 - Low
    5 - Med
    6 - Med
    7 - Med
    8 - High
    9 - High
    10 - Med
    11 - Med
    12 - Low
    13 - Med
    14 - High
    15 - High
    You will also get the following by completing any one of these classes above:
    Zumba Fitness: RushGold ClassThe Gold Class achievement in Zumba Fitness: Rush worth 91 pointsFinish a Full-Length Class

    I'm not sure if the custom classes count but as you need to make some for the other achievements anyway might as well pick some fun songs and knock them out.

    I am currently trying to confirm this but you may have to get at least one move in each song. I am playing though this legit so when I have completed all the classes I will let you know if it unlocks.

    BeetleB99 has confirmed that
    you don't have to get any stars or a % complete as long as your profile sits through the class and you hit continue to receive the saving data screen

    So you do not need to gain any stars to complete the list however I recommend you do what he did and at least do most of them gaining stars as the only way to see what you have already done is the star completions. (alternatively you can try to keep a very detailed written list)

    You can tell which classes you have completed by looking at the "stars" under each class on the selection screen. i.e. If you have gotten at least one star on that class you will see a solid star instead of a hollow one.

    for example looking at this picture you can see I have finished short class 14 but not 13 or 15
    External image

    I am also working on a spreadsheet as I complete each class that will have exactly what songs are in each class and how long they are. If anyone wants to contribute just let me know and I will add your information. also feel free to download and use this sheet as you feel necessary.

    Zumba Rush:Class and Song Spreadsheet
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    NickHawkeyeThanks! I put a note in the solution
    Posted by NickHawkeye on 17 Jul 12 at 12:48
    NickHawkeyeI just completed a class that I actually danced and its not reflected in my stats. I took a phone call in the middle where I stepped off screen so be careful your account stays logged in if you pause or put a stand in.
    Posted by NickHawkeye on 09 Jan 13 at 01:52
    Mr Granstaff^ How do you verify if an account is still logged in? I walked away during the middle of class, but as far as I can tell, my account stayed logged in because at the end results screen, it had my gamer tag listed instead of Guest.
    Posted by Mr Granstaff on 02 Nov 14 at 17:34
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